Best Clothing For Interchange in Escape From Tarkov To Get An Advantage

Here you will find out the best clothing to use for Interchange.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Best Clothing For Interchange in Escape From Tarkov To Get An Advantage

If you have ever wondered what clothing pieces and combos are the best, look no further. This article will tell you which combinations are the best, some budget options, and a few pieces to avoid. This article is specifically for Interchange as every map is different even if there are similarities.

What Is The Best Clothing Combo For Interchange?

The best set of clothes for USEC on Interchange are USEC Vektor for upper and USEC K4 for lower (in our opinion).

For BEAR the best set of clothes are BEAR Black Lynx for upper and FSB Urban Tact for lower.


You may have noticed a pattern, these clothes are really good on every map because they are dark but also easily distinguishable. The reason these are the absolute best is that Interchange is a very dark map in general, sure the outside is not, but you will spend most time inside anyway. Right now the map is a bit too dark, so make sure you use that to your advantage.

If you want to go a bit further as for body armor, a Hexgrid/slick plate carrier and an EXFIL Helmet(Black) with a face shield are the best gear combo with any dark rig and backpack. Also, the reason we chose the USEC K4 over the USEC Urban Responder Lower is the price, they look very similar and USEC K4 is cheaper by exactly 5.5 million rubles.

What Are Some Of The Alternatives?

So the ones we mentioned previously, while still good, work best as a combo. The standard clothing for both BEAR and USEC are pretty good for Interchange as they have decent camouflage and they are completely free. If you do not like our top pick or just want a cheaper or different alternative here are some options:

For USEC Uppers:

  • USEC Adaptive Combat
  • USEC PCS Multicam
  • USEC Aggressor TAC
  • USEC Urban Responder Upper
  • USEC Cereum

For USEC Lowers:

  • USEC Urban Responder
  • USEC Deep Recon
  • USEC Gen.2 Khyber
  • USEC Tier 2 Lower

For BEAR Uppers:

  • BEAR Grizzly
  • BEAR Zaslon Upper
  • BEAR Ghost Marksman
  • BEAR TIGR Upper
  • BEAR G99 Upper

For BEAR Lowers:

  • BEAR Zaslon Lower
  • BEAR Striker Infil Ops
  • BEAR TIGR Lower
  • BEAR G99 Lower


On a side note if you are looking to make some money on Interchange in Escape from Tarkov check out our guide on the best keys for Interchange.

What Clothing Should I Avoid?

Generally, all the clothing in this game is useful in a certain environment however, there are a few that we feel are simply inferior to the ones we previously mentioned. For example, USEC Chameleon is a bit ironic since it's blue. While it's actually pretty good indoors, you really stand out anywhere that's not blue, making it too specific to be useful even on Interchange. Perhaps you can try that clothing on Factory, but even then we do not recommend it.

On maps like Woods or Shoreline it would be almost useless, so better to save your money for something else. USEC PCU Ironsight is completely white and as of now there are no snow maps in Tarkov, so it is not very useful. Speaking of Woods and Shoreline, we have articles on the best clothing for Woods and the best clothing for Shoreline, so make sure to check that out.


BEAR Telnik is another piece of clothing that while you will not stand out completely, is simply inferior to the others. These are the best clothes for Interchange, this list does not include style points however and if you really like a piece of clothing, there is nothing wrong with going a more flashy alternative if you simply like how it looks.

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