The Best Clothing For Factory To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

Here, we will show you the best tactical clothing for Factory.

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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The Best Clothing For Factory To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

Factory is the smallest map in Tarkov, with PVP all but guaranteed you may be wondering which tactical clothes will help you the most. Here we will show you which type of clothes are the best for blending in, some alternatives you can wear, and which clothes to avoid.

What Clothes Are The Best For Factory?

The best clothes on Factory for USEC, without a doubt, are USEC VEKTOR for upper and USEC K4 for lower.

For BEAR we recommend BEAR Black Lynx and BEAR SRVV.

Since Factory is the map with most close quarters, there is no reason to go in anything other than darker clothes, especially at nighttime. If you find yourself playing a lot of PVP-heavy maps, like Customs or Reserve investing in darker tactical clothes does not seem like a bad idea.

Both of the sets we picked will help you blend in no matter what your armor and rigs are, so while it is not a big advantage, we think darker clothes provide an advantage nonetheless. If you are interested in more Factory, check out our article on the best keys for Factory.


Are There Any Alternative Clothing Pieces?

Unlike our other articles on the best clothes, for Factory there aren't that many alternatives to darker clothes. So instead we will list the clothes we recommend and give some explanation as to why we recommend them. Keep in mind that all of the clothing pieces will be inferior to the clothes we recommended above.

Olive Clothes

All the olive clothes are pretty good as you will still blend in and olive is a pretty common color for gear in Tarkov. So stuff like USEC Sage Warrior, USEC Aggressor TAC, BEAR Zaslon Upper, and BEAR Recon are all pretty good. Basically, anything olive will do the job.


Other Darker Clothes

There are other darker clothes that are great, but the reason why we did not recommend them is that they are either more expensive than their better counterparts or they just aren't as good. So, for example, BEAR Grizzly and BEAR Contractor t-shirts are both pretty good but in our opinion not as good as Black Lynx

One thing however is that USEC Gen.2 Khyber, USEC Urban Responder Lower, USEC TIER2 Lower, and FSB Urban Tact are all great, and probably the best alternatives on this list.

Woodland Camo

The last type of clothing is woodland, while not the best or cheapest if you play maps such as Woods a lot, and don't want to invest into a brand new set of clothes these will do just fine. So stuff like USEC Commando Lower clothing and BEAR TIGR lower. If you are interested check out our article on the best clothing on Woods and best keys on Woods.

What Clothes To Avoid On Factory?

There are a few clothing pieces we do not recommend and if you have read our other articles, like best clothing on Interchange you might already know which ones, but just in case here it is.

For USEC we do not recommend USEC Chameleon and USEC PCU Ironsight.

For BEAR we do not recommend BEAR Gorka SSO and BEAR Gorka Kobra.

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