Server Locations for War Thunder

In this article, we will share all the sever locations and why they’re important.
Server Locations for War Thunder

War Thunder is a game that has been around for 10 years. It is a vehicular multiplayer game where you take command of tanks, aircraft, and navy vessels. Like similar titles, it is very important to have a good internet connection as it relies on quick reflexes and fast decision-making.

If you think there are some issues with your server or internet speed, you can always check War Thunder ping (how to fix ping). Ideally, you should choose a server that is close to your location. That way, you won’t have to hassle with nasty lag that can ruin your experience.

Precise War Thunder server location

War Thunder has 7 main server locations (far more than WoW):

  • US West (Northern California, Oregon)
  • US East (Northern Virginia, Ohio) 
  • Canada
  • Europe (Paris, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, 
  • Brazil (Sao Paolo)
  • Australia (Sydney) 
  • Asia (Beijing, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore)

It is really good that there is a game sever on every continent (except for Africa). That way, no matter where you’re located, you can have quite a nice gaming experience. Despite that, there are lots of complaints about their efficiency. People often complain that the game logs out for no reason or that some of the servers tend to be down too frequently.

Disconnects are especially troublesome. Experts recommend that you check the PC speed prior to logging in. If the speed is ok, make sure to check the integrity of game files. Alternatively, the issue might be caused due to offline servers. You can go to websites such as to see if the servers are down.

Importance of War Thunder server location

Server location and sever availability are some of the things that can have the biggest impact on your War Thunder experience. Truth be told, the game is not that demanding in terms of PC memory and graphics. You can play it on just about any old computer. However, the thing that causes most issues to players has to do with server connectivity or internet providers.

Sometimes, the heavy lag is caused by bad providers. You might have outdated internet technology or simply low web speed. Whatever is the case, you can easily fix the issue by getting a better package. The thing that you cannot control is the sever performance.

Aside from the fact that a server might be down, not allowing you to connect at all, you might be too distant from a specific server. So, if you’re located in Australia and you try to log in to Europe, your ping will be off the chart. Luckily, this can easily be remedied by logging into a server closest to you.

War Thunder server providers

Here are the War Thunder server providers as follows:

  • US server is maintained by Leaseweb USA, Inc. The provider is located in the US, Virginia region.
  • EU server is maintained by, Inc. The provider is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • RU server is maintained by Miran Ltd. The provider is located in Sankt Petersburg, Russia.

These are the providers we know of. The list should also include providers for other servers, but we didn’t manage to gather information about them. Anyway, all these companies are rather reliable, and even if there are some hiccups with severs, this might be due to other issues.

How to check server status?

Like for many other games, has a list of all the War Thunder servers. While the data is not extensive, it shows you whether a particular server is active or not. So, if you checked your ping and it looks ok, we suggest that you head out to this site and see if the server is working as intended.

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