The Best Clothing For Shoreline To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

In here, you will find out what is the best tactical clothing to wear on Shoreline.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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The Best Clothing For Shoreline To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

Shoreline is one of the biggest maps in Tarkov, it is a map with many open fields, bushes, and trees, but also a lot of close-quarters combat. This article will show you which tactical clothing to wear, what to avoid, and a few alternative pieces we recommend.

What Is The Best Clothing Combo For Shoreline?

Shoreline is most similar to Lighthouse and Woods where there is both long and short-range combat. Where it differs is the health resort in the middle of the map. So for the best combo, it depends on your playstyle. We have articles on both best clothing on Woods and best clothing on Lighthouse so make sure to check those out.

We recommend the base clothing for both BEAR and USEC unless you are playing PVP at the resort exclusively. Base clothing is good enough for the resort inside and even if you are doing a lot of PVP, you will still need to travel around the map and green camo in a green environment is great. You will easily blend in with open environments like the hills around the gas station, where you can find PVP. Plus you get the added benefit of not spending any money.


If you are playing a lot of PVP at the resort, however, you can get away with USEC VEKTOR upper and USEC K4 for lower for USEC.

For BEAR in that case we would recommend BEAR Black Lynx and BEAR SRVV or FSB Urban Tact.

What Are Good Alternative Clothing Pieces?

There are a few alternatives we suggest and they go as follows:

For USEC uppers we recommend:

  • USEC Aggressor TAC
  • USEC Commando
  • USEC Woodland Infiltrator Upper
  • USEC PCS Multicam
  • USEC Night Patrol

For USEC lowers we recommend:

  • USEC Sage Warrior
  • USEC Commando Lower
  • USEC Woodland Infiltrator Lower
  • USEC Gen.2 Khyber
  • USEC Urban Responder Lower

For BEAR uppers we recommend:

  • BEAR Grizzly
  • BEAR Summer Field Upper
  • BEAR Boreas Upper
  • BEAR Zaslon Upper

For BEAR lowers we recommend:

  • BEAR Striker Infil Ops
  • BEAR Summer Field Lower
  • BEAR Recon
  • BEAR Zaslon Lower

What Clothing Should You Avoid?

Since the Shoreline map has a lot of foliage and big open fields and you naturally stick out, wearing these clothes will make it even harder for you to go unnoticed. The clothing you should avoid for USEC is USEC Chameleon, USEC PSU Ironsight, and all the jeans. At best these clothes will not give you any advantage, but at worst you are at a disadvantage.


If you are enjoying the article so far, make sure to check out our guides on the best keys on Shoreline and the Scav boss location on Shoreline. 

For BEAR there are no clothes that are so bad but BEAR Gorka SSO and BEAR Gorka Kobra are a bit bright so we do not really recommend them.

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