The Best Keys On Shoreline In Escape From Tarkov

These keys will give you the best loot, and the easiest time doing quests.

Updated on Jul 28, 2023
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The Best Keys On Shoreline In Escape From Tarkov

Shoreline is a map that probably has the biggest variety of good keys. You have good budget keys to expensive rare ones. If you were ever wondering how you can take your Escape from Tarkov knowledge to the next level, we will show you the best Shoreline keys. Before we begin all keys can be found in jackets around Tarkov, and in pockets and bags of Scavs.

It was a bit hard to pick out the very best key on Shoreline, that is going to depend on where you spawn, flea market prices, in-game events, and what you are looking for. Regardless a few of our top picks will be good in almost any scenario, they are just interchangeable depending on the meta and such.

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West Wing Room 301 Key

This is currently the most consistent money-making key on Shoreline. This key is around 200,000 roubles on the flea market, which is expensive. But even with that price, you can potentially make all that money back in a single run. Room 301 has a loose loot spawn, a graphics card spawn, and a LED-X spawn on the white crate. However, the catch is that you can walk to room 304 through the balcony making this key open 2 rooms effectively.


Room 304 has a weapon box, two PCs, more loose loot, two graphics card spawns, an SV-98 spawn, and two LED-X spawns. That is a lot of high-value spawns usually, keys are this expensive if they are needed for a quest, but this key is not, and we cannot recommend it more. Found in raid LED-Xs are needed for many quests, however, and these rooms are pretty good spawns of it, not to mention everything else about this key. One more thing about this key is that it has a static although a rare spawn in the yellow bus by the collapsed tunnel. The key spawns on a seat in the middle of the bus.

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East Wing Room 222/226 Keys

These are two separate keys, but they are basically identical as you can access either room from the other. Similar to our number one key you basically get a two-for-one deal with either. In Room 222 there is a weapon box, a weapon rack, a grenade box, a toolbox, a rare item spawn, three weapon spawns including the RSASS, and a physical bitcoin spawn. The other weapons that spawn are the Mp5, and the SV-98, but the RSASS is one of the rarest weapons in the game and is necessary for the Gunsmith part 6. Room 226 has a weapon box, a gun locker, multiple LED-X spawns, an MP-153 spawn, and loose loot such as money or food.


All of those combined make these keys excellent for loot runs, the best part is that they are not even expensive keys, you can get them for around 50k or 60k on the flea market. The 226 Key has a static spawn in room 218 inside a shelf, and in the second floor of the east wing inside a key rack near the central stairs.

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Health Resort Office Key With A Blue Tape

Also known as the Sanitar tape key, this is an essential key if you are looking for LED-Xs, as it is the most reliable spawn of them in the game, and also the most reliable east wing key. In addition, this room has a PC, medical supplies, rare loose loot such as bitcoins, a plastic suitcase, and a GPU spawn.


This key is also needed for a quest however, it is not very expensive, you can find it for around 70k on the flea market. This key in addition to jackets and Scavs, has a higher chance to spawn on Sanitar himself. A big downside to this key, however, is that if you get any other spawn other than the two closest, somebody has probably either already looted the whole room a minute into the raid, or someone is camping a spot nearby. So just watch out for that.

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West Wing Room 203/205 Keys

Same as some of the other keys on this list these two keys are basically identical. These are one of the best west wing keys. In both of these rooms, we have 2 medcases, a medbag, two LEDX spawns, a weapon spawn, loose loot, a weapon box, two toolboxes, a sports bag, a GPU spawn, and most importantly there is a red keycard spawn in room 203. If you don't know what a red keycard is, read our article on the rarest items in Escape from Tarkov. Plus these keys are really inexpensive, making them a decent pickup.

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West Wing Room 218/221/222 Keys

So as you might have guessed you can access multiple rooms with a single key through the balcony. Between them, there are many weapon spawns, medical supply items, medbags, weapon crates, and high value loot items. In room 218 however, there is an RSASS spawn and the red keycard spawn.


While two of these spawns are extremely rare they are incredible items to get if you do get them, so it does not hurt to check as these keys are all around 50k on the flea market and you will probably get that money back in a single run. Extremely good keys for how little they cost.

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Health Resort Universal Utility Room Key

Just like in our other key-related articles such as the best keys on Lighthouse, and the best keys on Reserve, we like adding reliable budget keys that are not very contested. This key is one of them basically, this key opens up the storage rooms of the resort. All three rooms combined have two industrial shelves, a key rack, a jacket, a rare loot spawn, and access to east wing room 328 through the balcony making this key a four-for-one deal.

In addition room 328 has a sports bag, a LEDX spawn, a GPU spawn, two electronic spawns, loose loot, and one weapon spawn. In summary, this room is pretty good if you need electronics and the utility key gives excellent value by being able to access so many rooms with it.

7 /8

West Wing Room 216 Key

This one is a bit of a wildcard as it is a really expensive key, it costs around 300k on the flea market. The room has two weapon boxes, two grenade boxes, a weapon spawn, loose loot, and a LEDX spawn. It is a good key, but it is not 300k good, as there are way better, and more valuable keys.


The reason it is on this list is that it is also needed for a quest and everything combined with the loot, makes it a necessary key to pick up if you want to progress fast, or if you are going for the Kappa container. If you are enjoying this article so far, check out the best exits on Shoreline.

8 /8

West Wing Room 220 Key

This is the most average key on this list as it does not open multiple rooms or have a super rare spawn, it is just really good at what it does. For about 80k on the flea market you get three weapon boxes, and valuable loose loot spawns such as bitcoins, gold chains, skull rings, etc. This key is used for Spa Tour - Part 4 quest too, overall we recommend picking this key up.

Honorable mentions

There are a few keys we just wanted to mention as they are good keys to have, but they are either too expensive, too inconvenient, or just a bit worse than the keys on this list. The following keys are:

  • Cottage Safe Key
  • Cottage Back Door Key
  • East Wing Room 306/308 Keys
  • HEPS
  • West Wing Room 219 Key
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