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[Top 13] All Lighthouse Keys Ranked Escape From Tarkov

In here you will find out which keys are the most important for Lighthouse, use them to get a major advantage.
[Top 13] All Lighthouse Keys Ranked Escape From Tarkov

In the last wipe, Lighthouse has gotten a small expansion which changed the meta ever so slightly. There are some new keys, and some old ones went through changes. In this article, we will rank all Lighthouse keys. In general Tarkov keys were always some of the best-valued items in the game, and we will show you what every key does and what we recommend. All keys on this list are found in jackets, bags, and pockets of Scavs. Just as with other marked keys, the room in which it opens is in a risky spot. The main strength of this key is that it's one of the high priority keys for a relatively low price.


Shared Bedroom Marked Key

While not as good as some of the other marked keys, this particular key is still an excellent one and it probably holds the best loot on the map other than the water treatment plant. The room that the key unlocks only holds a med case, a jacket, and a sports bag on paper, however, the room is full of rare loose loot spawns. Stuff like bitcoins, prokill medallions, and vases. 

Lighthouse sign

The key itself is extremely rare currently, it cannot be bought for cash on the flea market, but you should be able to find some good barter trades for it.


Conference Room Key

This is another great key for Lighthouse, it is in the same area as the marked key, so convenient if you have both. The room has a filing cabinet, a PC, a weapon box, loose loot spawns, a rare loot spawn, and an intelligence spawn on the desk. The frequency of spawns is not as good as the marked key, but still a great key to have nonetheless. This key is needed for a quest, so it is necessary if you are going for Kappa. One downside of this key is its rarity, it is as rare as the marked key, and it's necessary for a quest making it really frustrating if you cannot find it.


Radar Station Commandant Room Key

This key is really similar to the conference room key. The room holds loose loot spawns, a jacket, a weapon box, rare loot spawns, a PC, and attachment spawns. This key is also needed for a quest in Tarkov. 

The Lighthouse

All that being said, it does not have significant loot, but this is a very nice key to have. Currently, you can get it as a barter trade, and it is not that expensive.


Convenience Store Storage Room Key

Taking a break from high-value keys that are hard to obtain, this key is only about 20,000 roubles on the flea market and it has many rare loot spawns, a food spawn, a lootable Scav, and a medcase. This is our personal favorite key on this list because it is really cheap and it is not in a high PVP area. Anyone reading this article that plays Lighthouse should pick it up and give it a try. What you can do is, if you spawn near the village or you are extracting, loot the convenience store, then loot the storage room and just go about your day.


Hillside House Key

This key is really similar to the Conference room key and the Radar Station Commandant Room Key in that it is a key required for a quest and the house it unlocks has many rare loot, and loose loot spawns. It also holds a jacket and a sports bag. It is used for a house in the village so, it is not in a highly contested PVP area, and it is a pretty rare key to have as it can only be found or bartered on the flea market. 


Merin Car Trunk Key

You might recognize this name even if you do not play Lighthouse, it used to be one of the best EfT keys for loot in the entire game, but the loot on Lighthouse overall got nerfed, and the key went from one of the best to a key that costs around a 100,000 roubles on the flea market. Do not be mistaken, finding this key is still great as it has 40 uses and you can still get some high-value loot, even picking it up so it can be sold is incredible for a one-slot item. The Car it unlocks is also in somewhat of a contested spot in the open too, making it hard to recommend using it over some of the other keys. It is unfortunately nowhere as good as it once was, so while still good, it is a bit lower on the list. If you are enjoying the article and what to know more about Lighthouse, check out our articles on the best clothing for Lighthouse and the best exits for Lighthouse.


Operating Room Key

The Operating Room holds rare medical spawns, stim spawns, a med bag, a dead Scav, and a few electronics and currency spawns. Overall it is nothing special, but the key is needed for yet another quest, making the key pretty rare, and unfortunately necessary if you are going for Kappa. You should be able to get it for some barter trades, or you could find it in Jackets and dead Scavs around Tarkov. 

Lighthouse store blue light

However, if you get it you should hold onto it because this key is pretty hard to find. This room is close to a few other unlockable rooms making it convenient to get a docs case and just loot the entire facility.


Rogue USEC Barrack Key

This key is actually pretty good, there are a few weapon boxes that spawn inside. You can also find a toolbox, an ammo box, and some weapon mods. It is near a lot of other locked rooms making it pretty convenient. Overall a solid key.


Rogue USEC Stash Key

This room holds three weapon boxes in total, some loose loot, and attachments, so this room has pretty good military loot spots. Pretty good loot for a pretty underrated key. It is basically a shack that you can loot and you can easily miss it. It is a pretty solid key.


USEC First Safe Key/USEC Second Safe Key

We listed these together because they are pretty much the same key. They unlock two safes in the same house on the north side of the map. The keys are inexpensive and the safes hold rare loot. There is not much to say, they are okay keys as you can just loot quickly and get out, but it is nothing great that is why they are near the bottom of the list.


Rogue USEC Workshop Key

With a really inexpensive key, the unlocked room holds two toolboxes, a jacket, some weapon mods, and most importantly a possible military battery spawn. If a military battery is something you need, this could be a good place to look. 

Lighthouse road

Overall a pretty average key.


Water Treatment Plant Storage Room Key

This one is another in the line of pretty average keys, it is storage so not too much to say other than a toolbox, rare loot spawns, and a tech crate. This room is a bit lackluster. There is also an intel spawn on the table.


Police Truck Cabin Key

This is probably the worst key on Lighthouse, this key unlocks doors to a truck. There is an AK spawn in the truck and an intelligence folder spawn that normally you cannot reach unless you have a friend with you. 

That was all of the keys on Lighthouse, check out our other key guides like the best keys on Customs, and the best Reserve keys. Hopefully, this article helped you know which keys to look out for as Lighthouse can be a pretty overwhelming map, and do not forget that game knowledge in Escape from Tarkov is the most important skill to have.

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