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How To Get Gold For Free in World of Tanks Blitz (Safe Ways)

Discover all the different ways we tested where you can earn gold in World of Tanks Blitz!
How To Get Gold For Free in World of Tanks Blitz (Safe Ways)

Though World of Tanks Blitz can be enjoyed without spending a dime on it, purchasing gold will significantly improve your game playing experience. The issue is that many players either don't have the money to purchase gold or simply don't want to spend real cash on a mobile game. Luckily, there is a way to acquire World Of Tanks Blitz gold for free, legally, and safely, and this article will show you everything you need to know about how to accomplish that!

What Is Gold Used For In World Of Tanks Blitz?

Gold is the main World Of Tanks Blitz currency (the second one is called Credits, AKA silver), and it can't be earned through the game. It's used for giving the player various exclusive options which aren't available to "free" players, such as:

  • Upgrading to a World Of Tanks Blitz premium account 
  • Purchasing premium tanks
  • Buying premium ammo
  • Exchanging for credits/silver
  • Expanding the garage size
  • Changing username
All this free gold can be yours!

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How To Get Free Gold In World Of Tanks Blitz?

If you're sick of earning only silver and experience points in World Of Tanks Blitz, you're not alone. However, there are ways to earn free gold in the game if you know where to look. Below, we'll show you all available approaches that will help you earn free gold in World Of Tanks Blitz as we guide you in a step-by-step manner.

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Method #1: World Of Tanks Blitz Codes And Invite Codes

The first available approach to getting WOT Blitz free rewards, which also include free gold, is through bonus codes. In essence, periodically, Wargaming will give away World Of Tanks Blitz codes for free through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord server, subreddit, and much more. 

These bonus codes are used to promote the game and reward the current players, but it's worth mentioning that World Of Tanks Blitz codes are geo-locked, meaning specific codes can only be activated in particular regions. 

This is where you can enter World Of Tanks codes.

In other words, even if you get a code from an Asian server and play on a European one, you won't be able to redeem it. 

With that being said, these official World Of Tanks codes may give various rewards, such as a combat experience boost, a few days of WOT Blitz premium account, increased personal reserves, and most importantly - free gold. 

This is the quickest and easiest method of getting gold in WOT Blitz without spending any money, but unfortunately, these giveaways only happen occasionally.

In any case, this is how you can redeem World Of Tanks Blitz code:

  1. Head to the WOT Official website
  2. Sign in with your account, and tap on the username tab
  3. Select the "Activate The Wargaming Code" option
  4. Copy and paste the code you've previously received and confirm it.

Once you do, the rewards will be automatically added to your account! Last but not least, make sure to activate Wargaming code as soon as possible since they have an expiration date.

Method #2: Freecash

If you're tired of searching for the working World Of Tanks Blitz codes and wasting your time, don't worry because the method we're about to show you is a guaranteed way to obtain free gold! 

Essentially, you can use a reward-based service called Freecash to complete online tasks, get awarded with their virtual currency called Freecash Coins, and exchange them for a gift card that you can use to purchase World Of Tanks Blitz gold.

Freecash is a completely safe and reliable GPT service that also has an official mobile app, allowing anyone to complete tasks with ease. 

If you are intrigued by the prospect of getting your hands on World Of Tanks Blitz gold, read on to learn how to do it in a few simple steps!

Sign Up on Freecash

To get started, you'll need to set up an account on Freecash. You can do so via the Freecash website or by downloading the app on your smartphone. If you'd like, you can also sign up using your Steam or Google account.

A great way to get free stuff, including the World Of Tanks codes.

After registering and verifying your email address, feel free to use our bonus code "TGG" to potentially win up to $250! Converted to World Of Tanks Blitz gold, that's 75000—quite a lot!

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Collect Freecash Coins

Once you have registered on Freecash, your next goal is to accumulate some virtual currency—Freecash Coins. You can do this by completing tasks on the site and then exchanging these coins for rewards that you can use to get free gold in World of Tanks Blitz. To continue, choose “Earn” from the menu.

These offers will be different than shown here, as they are location-based.

Once you reach that page, you will notice several available offers listed below the "Offer Walls" section. Each one contains a vast assortment of online tasks you can choose from, which range from easy to hard.

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Exchange Freecash Coins

Once you've amassed enough Freecash Coins, visit the "Cashout" page, where you'll find over 20 available rewards to select from.

A list of all available rewards on Freecash.

Then choose the rewards based on a device you play World Of Tanks Blitz on. For instance, we'll choose the Apple gift card option.

Once you click on the denomination, the Coin Price will be shown in the bottom left corner.

Regardless of whether you'll choose Apple or Google Play gift card, they will both have one thing in common - you'll be able to pick between four different denominations, from $5 to $50 in this case.

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Redeem Code And Get WOT Blitz Gold

Finally, choose the amount of money you wish to withdraw (based on the amount of Freecash Coins you currently have) and click on "Withdraw."

Redeem your Apple gift card code on a mobile or a desktop device.

You'll instantly get an Apple Gift Card code, which you can redeem and top up your account to buy gold in World of Tanks Blitz!

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