How to make Tower Of Fantasy Fullscreen and Fix the Minimized Bug [Solved]

3 ways to go fullscreen in Tower of Fantasy and fix the weird display bug whenever you go fullscreen.
How to make Tower Of Fantasy Fullscreen and Fix the Minimized Bug [Solved]

Whether you're experiencing a minimized window bug when going full screen or just don't know how to play in full screen display, this is the guide for you!

Learn how to make the Tower of Fantasy fullscreen bug go away, and also just how to activate full screen mode in general. Skip to the end of the guide for the bug fix.

Does Tower of Fantasy have True Fullscreen Mode?

As with most DirectX12 games, Tower of Fantasy does not support exclusive, true fullscreen display. This means it runs at Borderless Windowed mode and you can play a YouTube video over it.

Fortunately, the game runs smoothly on PC and there are many ways to improve your FPS in game, so you don't have to worry!

Solution 1: Use Tower of Fantasy Game Settings to Play Fullscreen

Another easy solution you can try is by toggling [Full Screen Display] option from the display settings. It's really accessible and as an added bonus, ToF auto-detects your monitor resolution and adjusts to it. So don't worry if the resolution says 1280 x 720!

Visit the Display Settings to toggle this button.

Here's how to access Tower of Fantasy's [Full Screen Display] setting:

  1. Hit [Esc] to open up a menu at the top right place.

  2. Click on [Settings].

  3. Navigate to [Display Settings].

  4. Under Screen settings, you can find [Full Screen Display].

  5. Click on the [Off] button next to it to toggle it on.

Solution 2: Use Keyboard Shortcuts to toggle Full Screen Display

On Windows PC, there are universal keyboard shortcuts you can use to toggle fullscreen mode or Borderless Windowed mode. Tower of Fantasy and War Thunder would fit into the latter category.

Tower of Fantasy's fullscreen keyboard shortcuts.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use in Tower of Fantasy:

  • [Alt] [Enter] at the same time.

  • [F11] key.

  • Hold [Fn] then press [F11] if option 2 did not work.

With these shortcuts, you can easily flip between Windowed mode and Fullscreen display in Tower of Fantasy.

Solution 3: Fix Tower of Fantasy Minimized Window Fullscreen Bug

You may run into a Tower of Fantasy full screen error where the game minimizes into just a title bar. Here, there is no way to access the maximize option in this mode. Understandably, this can be pretty frustrating.

The minimized fullscreen bug can be fixed with F11 key.

There's no need to panic however, fixing is literally just a button away. Press [F11] to return Tower of Fantasy to its original state whenever you run into this full screen issue.

Much like its counterpart Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is incredibly easy to get into and play. Check out our comparison of Genshin Impact VS Tower of Fantasy.

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