Server Locations for Halo Infinite

Let's check out all the server locations for Halo Infinite!
Server Locations for Halo Infinite

One of the things that were plaguing Halo Infinite on the launch was frequent lagging. In some cases, the game would abruptly discontent. And while there are ways to fix high ping in Halo Infinite, you couldn’t do anything if a server went down.

The only thing you could do is find a server close to your home, which would at least tackle the ping issue. In this guide, we will share server locations for Halo Infinite and how to change your server depending on the platform that you’re using.

Locations of Halo Infinite game servers

Halo Infinite dedicated servers

Xbox game studies did a great job of opening numerous servers across the world that would satisfy the high demand for Halo Infinite.

  •  Australia East (Sydney)
  •  South Africa North (Johannesburg) 
  • West Europe (Amsterdam) 
  • Japan East (Tokyo)
  • Japan West (Osaka)
  • North Europe (Dublin)
  • West US (San Francisco, California)
  • West US 2 (Seattle, Washington) 
  • North Central US (Chicago, Illinois)
  • East US (Boydton, Virginia)
  • East US 2 (Boydton, Virginia)
  • South Central US (San Antonio, Texas)
  •  South East Asia (Singapore) 
  • Central US (West Des Moines, Iowa)
  • Brazil South (Sao Paolo) 
  • East Asia (Hong Kong)

Basically, the company gave us servers on every continent. The US has several locations so no matter where you play from, you should have a good ping. It is also great that the African players have access to the South Africa North server, as many companies do not have dedicated African servers.

Why is server location important for Halo Infinite?

Checking network data in Halo Infinite

Connecting to a server close by is crucial for reducing ping, which is the most common reason for lagging. If you’re struggling with this issue, there are ways to show ping in Halo Infinite, and if it’s really high, you can switch the server to try and alleviate the issue.

Like all new games, Halo Infinite has encountered its fair share of issues, and perhaps the biggest one was connectivity. Servers would go down erratically, which annoyed the players during the first months. Luckily, this has since been fixed, and now, your main focus should be on connecting to a local server.

How to change servers in Halo Infinite?

At this moment, you can’t change the server location within the game. Instead, you need to perform workarounds. Here is how to tackle the issue depending on the platform.

Fixing server location on PC

Fixing server location on a PC isn’t that hard; it involves just a few short steps. However, you need to utilize the right command prompts.

1.      Start by opening Notepad on your computer (as an administrator)

2.      Find “hosts” file at the install location.

3.      In the file type filter, choose “All Files” option.

4.      Add all these command prompts minus the server you want to play on:

Once you’re done, save the progress and close the program. The next time you open Halo Infinite, you will play on the server of your choosing.

Fixing server location on Xbox

Fixing the location on Xbox is much harder:

1.      Go to the router’s “Settings.”

2.      Find the router’s static routing.

3.      If you don’t know the router address, you can check it on Google.

4.      Pick the subnet mask option: or

5.      The IP address needs to remain the same.

6.      Make sure to block all the IP addresses of the servers you don’t want to play on by including the following prompts:

  • southafricanorth -
  • southcentralus -
  • japaneast -
  • japanwest -
  • northeurope -
  • westeurope -
  • northcentralus -
  • westus -
  • australiaeast -
  • westus2 -
  • eastus2 -
  • eastus -
  • centralus -
  • southeastasia -
  • brazilsouth -
  • eastasia -

Is there a simpler way to change server location in Halo Infinite?

Common issue with Halo Infinite

At this moment, the developers are working on some larger issues. Although Halo Infinite is still considered a beta game, this is basically the final version of the product that includes various bugs and problems that still haven’t been dealt with. So, for the time being, this is the only way to change your server location.

Unfortunately, this might not fix the lagging issue. The servers can be unstable at times, even though things have gotten better since the game launch. Alternatively, the problem might lie in your internet provider. Make sure to get a better connection if that’s the problem.

Halo Infinite server providers

The majority of the content for Xbox Live goes through Microsoft’s dedicated servers. Since the first version of the console, back in 2002, the company has invested an enormous amount of money in building its infrastructure. Today, you have major servers that are utilized for all Microsoft Xbox Live games, including Halo Infinite. They are located in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States (two separate servers).

When these servers were introduced, it was speculated that the company had invested $500 in their development. Just so you can better understand, this was one-quarter of the Xbox investment.

How to check server status for Halo Infinite?

At this point, there isn’t a website that analyzes how each of the servers is performing and whether they’re down. Perhaps the best solution is to visit, where you can find the general information regarding the latest outages.

Alternatively, you can head out to Halo Support Twitter and get the latest information there. They are providing information about server status, but also the bugs. So, if you encounter a game-breaking issue, you can contact the team directly via social media.

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