How To Show Fps In Tower Of Fantasy Easily

Show your FPS counter in just 3 steps in Tower of Fantasy PC and Mobile.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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How To Show Fps In Tower Of Fantasy Easily

Whether you run a high end PC or low end hardware, it's important to keep track of your FPS to know what are the Tower of Fantasy best settings on your PC or mobile device.

Luckily, Tower of Fantasy's in game settings features an FPS counter, making it simple for you to optimize graphics settings and display settings for a smoother frame rate. So let's dive into how to display your frame rate in Tower of Fantasy!


Why monitor the FPS?

Though it doesn’t look it, Tower of Fantasy can be a graphically heavy game. Many PVE fights end up with you surrounded by a group of enemies, and there are many animations with lots of particle effects (For instance, Volt and Ice skills).

As a result, slow downs can become noticeable during combat. This is especially true in group PvE or when you unleash a flashy discharge skill animation.


So by monitoring FPS, you'll know if you should tune up or turn off some graphics settings to improve your game's performance (Looking at you, Anti-aliasing). If your FPS is under 30, you should consider changing your display settings to increase your fps in tower of fantasy.

How to add an FPS Counter into Tower Of Fantasy

The FPS counter in Tower of Fantasy is somewhat hidden, but once you know its location, toggling it on or off is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here's how to do it:

  1. Press esc and visit your Settings.


  1. At the basic settings screen, scroll down to find Display Preferences.


  1. Simply toggle on Show FPS to display your frame rate at the Top Left of your screen.


And there you go! Seeing your FPS in Tower of Fantasy is straightforward and simple, and can be done across mobile games and PC versions of the game. The best part is, it's all included in the base game; no need to install addons to your game files.

What's next?

If Tower of Fantasy still lags as you play, this could be a matter of high ping. This is especially true if your FPS counter is actually showing a consistent, and decent frame rate! The higher your ping, the worse the lag gets, so it’s good to check if you’re experiencing lag from ping in ToF.

We also have guides on how to show FPS in other games, including Rainbow Six SiegeDayZ, Path of Exile, and Escape From Tarkov.

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