All PUBG In-Game Currencies Explained [UC, BP, G-Coin, L-Coin, AG, Silver Fragments]

The following article is to guide new players about investing in PUBG currency nd its types and what are they plus how to use them.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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All PUBG In-Game Currencies Explained [UC, BP, G-Coin, L-Coin, AG, Silver Fragments]

The PUBG currencies include different currencies for different platforms each having its unique purpose they include coins such as BP, UC, GC, LC, AG, and silver fragments you will find more about these coins further in the article.

What is the in-game Currency in Pubg?

The in-game currencies in PUBG are used for buying items such as skins, camos emote, etc. but they grant no competitive advantage at all however they might make the opponent fear you by showing how dedicated you are to the game.


What is BP?

BP is the standard currency in PUBG which is earned by playing the game and completing matches. There's a variety of ways to earn BP and some special events too. While there are different methods to collect more of this currency. This also means that you don't need a lot of points in each area every game so you can continue to collect BP regardless of how it goes.


What is L-Coin?

PUBG Lite has an exclusive currency called LC. This currency can only be bought for real money. It works alongside BP, the main currency of PUBG Lite, and works the same as all the other versions. The coin is spent on a few premium items which have no natural effect on the gameplay.


How to Earn Pubg Mobile L-Coin?

The only way to get any PUBG Mobile L-Coin is to buy it. LC can be purchased from the shop using real money using various payment platforms to do so. Here's how to buy more of it

  1. Click the Plus icon next to L-Coins at the top of the screen where the BP is

  2. Select the payment gateway you want to use and the amount you want to add

  3. Add your payment information to complete the transaction

  4. It will take you to a payment complete screen and you will receive an email notification

  5. The PUBG L-Coins will be added to your account but it might be a small delay depending on your network connection


What is G-Coin?

Similar to the one above, a player's G-Coin is a currency that players can use to purchase cosmetics but not during the match. players can also earn g coins by completing challenges or winning them through the lucky spin. This is a console-exclusive credit system for the Xbox and PlayStation ecosystems to monetize the console versions. G-Coin can only be purchased through g coin can also be bought online from the Xbox Store and the PlayStation store websites or on the console stores.


Though the costumes may vary on the type of currencies it requires all costumes certainly require currency and you need to buy them if you in case short on money look at our article on the best gambling sites for pubg and try your luck and if you have money the check the best sites to buy PUBG currency.

What Are the Pubg Mobile Currencies?

The currency systems for PUBG Mobile uses BP as the main currency which is earned through completing games. The other currencies are accessories that allow users to buy cosmetic items and are not a necessity to earn or buy. Ace Gold or AG is the new currency made for PUBG Mobile as an alternative to Unknown credit or UC when making purchases. AG can be used to buy certain cosmetic items and if you don't have enough of this currency then it's possible to use the UC to make up the difference. To get the Unknown currency, users must buy it although there are ways to get UC for free. However, the AG currency can be earned through various free methods. The last currency currently is Silver Fragments which will be discussed later in the article.


PUBG: Battlegrounds PC and Console Currencies

Ace Gold (Ag) and Unknown Cash (Uc)

These two currencies are very similar and they can also be used together to buy items. AG was introduced as an alternative to UC so both digital currencies are rewarded in the same way and through the same means. These are the methods for earning them in the game:

  • Unlocking Achievements

  • Winning games

  • Events

  • Daily and Weekly bonuses for logging in

  • Royale Pbutt offers them when you reach certain levels

playerunknown's battlegrounds Ace Gold coins are harder to earn due to their having special perks and can't be accomplished just by eliminating other players. Seasonal events give players a choice of a prize between AG or UC however, there is a clear exchange rate. Players will be given more AG from rewards than UC if they select that option. It's currently thought that 1 UC is worth 7 Ace Gold so while users will be given more AG as a prize, players need to earn a lot more before it can be spent.


Silver Fragments

This is the special free currency in PUBG which can be used to buy cosmetics to be permanently locked to your profile. There are other uses for it but they are mostly used for skins of weapons and other character skins as well. Earning them free is relatively simple:

  • Open crates

  • Compete in ranked and reach the higher rankings

  • Use battle points to purchase your favorite gun skins and other in-game items

How to Earn Pubg Mobile Currency?

playerunknown's battlegrounds mobile has various currencies to buy new cosmetics: UC, Ace Gold, and Silver Fragments. Each one is earned differently however, they can be slowly earned for free.

Completing Matches

The number of B-Points gained depends on your actions. There are various ways to boost how many BPs you gain during games but becoming more skilled greatly improves your gains. As mentioned above, this is the calculation used by the game to decide your B-Points: Kills + Damage Dealt + Final Rank + Play Time = Reward. Getting kills and dealing damage will give you more B-Points than just surviving for a long time, however. We advise exploiting the bots available in each version as those are easy to kill and perfect for grinding BP.

Daily Bonus

Logging in every day will grant you B-Points just for turning the game on. There's no need to join a match to earn these log-in daily points so this is great to do even if you lack the time to play.

Complete Missions

There are different types of missions in PUBG that come with different prizes. Take a look at the right and bottom parts of the main screen to see which ones are available to you and see what the prizes are. To receive the B-Points for them, remember to click on the “Collect” attached to that mission on the home page once it's completed.

Event Rewards

Different events are developed specifically for all kinds of rewards during them. The specifics can vary for each one though most do offer B-Points as a reward during them. Don't have ant currency but still want to earn rewards here's an article that might help Earn Free Skins in PUBG


Receive BP From Friends

Sending gifts to friends is a possibility and a limited number of gifts can be sent to friends each day. A limited number of gifts It's possible to send and receive 50 B-Points at a time which is great to help out friends.

Connect to Social Media

It's not a necessity but some versions of PUBG allow you to connect your social media accounts. This gives you a one-time BP gain for each profile you link to the game as well.

Open Crates

Some crates in PUBG also include BP and as the crates can turn into a new form fairly often by completing levels, it's a good idea to check which ones are available for your platform. Some events can come with special crates as well which are limited edition and contain different items inside including BP.


Why Do the Console and Mobile Versions Have a Premium Currency?

Unlike the PC version, there is no Steam Marketplace for these versions. So the developers have opted to monetize the game using optional premium currencies designed for each version. This is why they keep the basic BP currency but have unique extra digital monetary options to accommodate the platform. Users on Steam can trade or sell items and selling these items through Steam does give the developers a percentage of the money. This doesn't exist for console or mobile which is why premium currencies exist on these platforms.

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