Is Brawlhalla Cross Platform? [Answered]

Find out if you can play with your friends across different platforms

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Is Brawlhalla Cross Platform? [Answered]

What is Cross-play or Cross-platform?

In multiplayer videogames, with the term Cross-play and Cross-platform, we specify whether a game can be played across different platforms, such as pc and consoles. This is a very rampant feature and requested in a lot of multiplayer games, and a lot of new ones come out directly with the feature enabled.

The feature is very popular because it lets you play with friends on different platforms, and cuts down matchmaking and queue wait times since the pool of players is merged together.

In some games, Cross-play may seem unfair between PC and console players, because of different peripherals available; like mouse and keyboard on pc which lets people play in a certain manner, and consoles having some sort of buttist for the disadvantage that comes with playing with a controller.

In Brawlhalla this isn't the case, since the game is played in a similar way on all platforms, and the difference in input between the controller and the keyboard isn't as huge (if you play on mobile, you can play with a controller, playing with touch is not very handy).

Does Brawlhalla have Cross-play?

Yes, Brawlhalla has Cross-play between all platforms, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and mobile.

Cross-play has been a rampant feature in multiplayer games since Rocket League came out for both PS4 and PC.

Brawlhalla didn't come out with cross-play but has been a requested feature for a long time; Blue Mammoth Games has since then worked on it. In 2019 Brawlhalla finally got Cross-play on all platforms!


That means you can play Brawlhalla with your friends on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch all together.

Can you turn Cross Platform off in Brawlhalla?

As of the time of writing this article, you cannot turn off Cross Platform in Brawlhalla, besides on Xbox. On Xbox, players have the option of turning off cross-play from all games from their account settings.

Can you add friends Cross-Platform in Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla does not have a cross-friend system, so no. Each platform has its friends list tied to the platform account. More details about adding friends in Brawlhalla.

Can you have Cross Platform Clans in Brawlhalla?

Unfortunately, Clans are still a feature exclusive to PC Brawlhalla, so for now you cannot join or create clans if you are on other platforms. 

However, Blue Mammoth Games said they are working on it.

Is the rank system depending on the platform?

The rank system of brawlhalla is the same across platforms, and every platform has the same shared leaderboard. The leaderboard however changes based on the region you are playing in.

Cross-progression in Brawlhalla

Cross-progression means that your progress in-game carries from one platform to another (e.g. PS4 to PC and vice versa).

Unfortunately, Brawlhalla still doesn't have cross-progression. This means that you cannot share your brawlhalla in-game content (which can be obtained for free) and rank from one platform to another.

However, Blue Mammoth Games has said that they are working on it, and hopefully, we'll have news in the future.

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