Top Funny Brawlhalla Memes of All Time [Handpicked]

A hand composed compilation of Brawlhalla memes found on the internet, with credits

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Top Funny Brawlhalla Memes of All Time [Handpicked]

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The best feeling while playing 2v2


While 2v2'ing in Brawlhalla, it's always fun to win against the odds. Especially after you get the enemies to hit each other and use that to your advantage!

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Brawlhalla bots hit very different


This meme was made when in Brawlhalla they added new bot difficulties. If you ever played against bots you will know that there are 5 difficulties:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert
  • Chosen

The Expert and Chosen difficulties were added later in the game, and are VERY difficult to face, even for skilled players. If you beat a Chosen bot by yourself, you can probably reach platinum and above in Brawlhalla (without cheesing).

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Can you feel your ears ringing?


A lot of games have high-volume menu screens, and Brawlhalla is one of them. It starts without sound while loading, and the first thing you hear after it's finished it's the loud "WELCOME TO BRAWLHALLA".

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Yellow Man Bad


One of the most iconic and time transcending Brawlhalla memes. "Yellow Man Bad" refers to the Legend Orion, which is known for his annoying sigs. It's one of the older memes for sure.

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Old Brawlhalla players will understand


This is a reference to when Blue Mammoth Games changed the look of some maps. The most notable one was for sure Brawlhaven, one of the original maps and with zero platforms, very liked by players.

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The all-around weapon


The spearis a high skill ceiling weapon, while also having one of the most iconic and easy combos in the game. The combo referenced in the meme is the sLight into dLight, and it works pretty well at every rank below Platinum.

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Closest thing to impending doom in Brawlhalla


The dawning feeling you get when you are getting edgeguarded by a gauntlet player. He is coming right at you with his big groundpound, and he's moving!

You are already dead.

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Brawlhalla banter


If you ever faced a Rayman, you probably know why this meme exists. If not, it's ranting about sig-spamming Raymans, especially the down Sig.

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Admission of weakness


With string weapons such as scythe, one must know how to "read", which refers to reading the opponent next moves, especially where they are going to dodge.

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There is an impostor Among Us


Among Us meme. Find the impostor. If you didn't know, one of Rayman's skins in Brawlhalla is a Bodvar outfit. Why? Because Rayman is a silly guy.

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