Are There Bots In Escape From Tarkov? Thorough Study

Find out all the info about bots in Escape From Tarkov!

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Are There Bots In Escape From Tarkov? Thorough Study

Being a nonconformist game without millions of active players, Escape From Tarkov has left some questions to potential players open for discussion, such as whether there are bots in this game or not. So today, we'll address this topic and uncover the truth about bots in Escape From Tarkov to everyone interested in playing this game.

Are There Bots In Escape From Tarkov?

Yes, there are bots featured in Escape From Tarkov directed toward playing with or against the human players in both online and offline game modes. Escape From Tarkov bots are AI-controlled, and players can encounter them as Scavengers, AKA "Scavs."


These AI bots are incredibly tough and may get you even from a far distance. Furthermore, their reaction time is much quicker than human players, so you can only hope that you won't face them more often than you should unless you’re playing with Scav.

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Are There Bots Intended For Cheating In Escape From Tarkov?

While most of the other comparable titles have to deal with aimbots, wallhacks, farming bots, and all that jazz, this is not the case for Escape From Tarkov, which is entirely free of them.

Suppose you google something like "Escape From Tarkov cheats," you'll undoubtedly find multiple websites of questionable quality offering to sell you the methods of cheating we previously mentioned, but these are all fake websites that only want to make easy money from wannabe cheaters. Considering Escape From Tarkov is still a relatively new game, let's hope it will remain free of bots forever and ever.

How Does Escape From Tarkov Remain Free Of Cheating Bots?

There are many reasons why there are no cheating bots in this game. First of all, Escape From Tarkov is not a game made for the masses because it's pretty formidable and requires lots of skill, unlike other "run and gun" types of online shooters. This means that the majority of the Escape From Tarkov player base consists of adult players, and let's face it, most cheaters are either kids or immature adults (*coughs* losers).

Another explanation why Escape From Tarkov is free of bots is enforcing the BattlEye anti-cheat system, which isn't immensely admired by gamers considering that it's a third-party software, but it certainly produces results in this case.

How To Distinguish AI Scavs From Human Scavs?

At first, it may seem challenging to distinguish AI-controlled Scavs from player-controlled ones, but there are many ways to achieve that. Here are some of the most evident clues:

  • Movement: If you've ever played an FPS game before, which you probably did, you'll know the difference between the movement of the AI and real players.

AI-controlled players will usually be stiffer than actual players and make more sudden movies, particularly when turning around. On the other hand, real players will make smoother moves, so this is one of the main dissimilarities.

  • Sound: As you already know, producing as little sound as possible is critical in Escape From Tarkov, unless you have a death wish. But AI Scavs don't seem to mind about that, and they will always make a specific sound of dragging their feet each time they sprint and shouting in Russian a moment before they start firing. This is definitely not something that real players do.


  • AI Scavs won't shoot other Scavs: Whenever a real player controls the Scav, the fellow AI Scavs won't shoot them. In contrast, player-controlled Scavs will sometimes attack the other Scavs to get that precious loot from them, so if you notice a Scav opening fire on his other faction member, you can be sure that it's a real human player.
  • Hesitation: If you notice a Scav that hesitates to shoot you, that's 100% a player-controlled character. AI-controlled Scavs are programmed to open fire on sight, while player-controlled Scavs may completely shun you and focus on surviving.
  • Restricted movement: Each time the AI players spawn on a particular map zone, they will remain patroling there the entire raid. But player-controlled Scavs are completely unrestricted and may go wherever they want.

Taking this into the consideration, all you gotta do is look for these clues, and you'll be able to comprehend who's AI and who's not very effortlessly.

Do Bots Make Or Break The Escape From Tarkov Experience?

Bots definitely make the Escape From Tarkov experience vastly superior because these bots are designed by developers to make the game more balanced. This is most notable when there are not enough players for each raid, and that's when bots will spawn so that map doesn't seem completely barren.


Another striking element of bots is that they are pretty versatile, and their goal is not just to fill the empty slots but to collaborate with real players controlling Scav characters. 

To motivate the real players and reward the cooperation between them and AI-controlled Scavs, Battlestate Games has implemented a system called "Scav karma." This system is made to affect you based on how you treat AI Scavs.

For instance, shooting them will decrease your karma level so that AI bots will attack you as soon as they notice you. Conversely, teaming up with bots and increasing your karma level will make them support you by shooting your targets and becoming allies with you.

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