What Does “Swinging” Mean in Rainbow Six: Siege?

What exactly does “Swinging” mean in R6S? Detailed Explanation Below!
What Does “Swinging” Mean in Rainbow Six: Siege?

While playing a game of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, you might hear one of your teammates use the term "swinging", and if they are asking you to swing, you need to know what it means.

What Does Swinging Mean In Rainbow Six Siege?

Generally, “Swinging” means to swing around a corner while peeking. 

Although, depending on the situation, the term "swinging" can mean one of two things, with one relating to breaching the site and tactics on the attacking team, while the other is all about angles, map positioning, and can apply to both the attacker and defenders.

Swinging While Peeking

This is where a player quickly “swings” around a corner to peek the enemy, and is the most common usage of the term "swinging". 

This is relevant to every game, whether you are a casual player or pro player, hard breacher or defender. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is all about angles, peeks, and line-of-sight, and generally there are two ways to "peek" a corner.

The safe approach is to slowly peek around the corner, scanning for the enemy and hopefully gaining an advantage through seeing the enemy before they see and shoot you. This relies on staying in cover and taking full advantage of every pixel.

The other method is wide peeking, often referred to as "swinging". When coming round the corner, the one thing you want to either keep covered or keep moving is your head, and by wide peeking you can catch the enemy by surprise.

Whether you are a hard breacher or anchor on the defending team, swinging round a door, into gaps in walls, or in front of a window can give you the infamous "peekers advantage". This is where you, your teammates, or anyone else swinging can get line of sight on the enemy, before they can get line of sight on you.

To get the full peekers advantage round corners or a reinforced wall, check our article on showing your FPS in Rainbow Six Siege, and how to increase it.

Swinging while rappelling

Much less commonly used, Swinging can also refer to "swinging" through a window or doorway while rappelling.

Due to the rappel mechanic in the game Rainbow Six Siege, the attackers can bypass reinforced walls and rappel down buildings, then swinging into a window or door found on one of Rainbow Six Siege's many maps.

Armed with this knowledge, you can now shoot the enemy before they shoot you, and burst into the objective site at exactly the right time!