Is Silver Good? | Silver MMR | RB6 Ranks

Find out everything you need to know about the Silver ranking in RB6: Siege.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
Is Silver Good? | Silver MMR | RB6 Ranks

Silver rank is considered to be close to the average rank in Rainbow Six Siege. This means getting a Silver placement puts you close to what's considered the 'average' skill level for ranked Rainbow Six Siege players. Some players can complete their rank placement matches then be immediately placed into a Silver rank however, other players will find this a difficult rank to reach.


What MMR is Silver?

Getting placed into Silver usually requires an MMR between 2100 and 2500. While the MMR for brackets can change, the Silver rank is always between the Bronze rank and the Gold rank. Silver 1 MMR is typically half of the top rank MMR (Champions) in Rainbow Six Siege.

The below table explains the needed MMR for each tier within the Silver rank:

Is Silver Good?

A Silver placement puts you somewhere within the top 88.9% to 72.4% of all players. This then means you should be able to win against up to 36.5% of all players depending on your ranking tier within Silver.


Reaching the top of Silver 1 will make you eligible to be moved up into Gold. Silver is not considered to be a bad rank and some players consider it to be “average” due to it being a good starting point. Silver players are more skilled at the game than Bronze players where a higher percentage of them are more focused on winning and reaching higher ranks compared to Bronze.

How to Improve from Silver

Moving from Silver into the Gold ranking tiers can be tricky. Players in Gold or above all have their own advice according to what works best for them. All of those are worth reading and considering but always remember that what works well for them might not be best for you. Silver players are higher skilled than previous ranks and generally more focused towards getting points, so they can move into Gold. These general tips should be useful for everyone, regardless of your playstyle:

  • Play aggressively. It can sound a bit counter-productive but at the high ranks, you'll need to be playing more aggressively and practising this in Terrorist Hunt is also a good idea. Take the potential kill shots, push more with your team, focus more on Operators who don't require lots of teamwork unless you're playing with friends and remember to work learning when, where and how to engage.
  • If you're losing a lot of games in a row, evaluate what you're doing. There's a good chance you're doing something wrong and that there are always things you could have done much better. Don't just blame the team for the loss, finding the mistakes so you can correct them in the future will improve your gameplay tenfold. There are definitely times when you can't do anything to win because of your team but keeping this mindset is incredibly useful in Rainbow Six Siege and most other competitive games too.
  • Communication. Working on your communication skills is essential for high-level play in Rainbow Six Siege. Being able to give callouts quickly and efficiently is a game-changer and something you'll see a lot of as you rise through the ranks. Expect to see a lot of it in the Silver bracket. If you can't give callouts for whatever reason then learn to be able to listen effectively to them. Listening is a great skill!
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