Best Loadouts for Sens in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Best Sens Loadouts in Siege. With different loadouts, his Attacking operator brings some of the flashiest and most versatile playstyles available in the game.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Sens in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Sens’s hyped-up release in Operation Vector Glare brought a plethora of creative strategies that Attackers could utilize. Possessing one of the best Unique Abilities in the game, in their R.O.U Projector System, they were quickly accepted as one of the best Attacking Operators in the game. Sens’s ability to split up sites and block off angles is unprecedented. With proper coordination, your Attacking team can easily take over bomb sites.

You can utilize this flashy addition to the Siege roster in several ways. You could choose to wield their fast, bursty POF-9 to shred enemy lines or pack a punch with his HK417 Marksman Rifle, depending on the playstyle you’re going for.


Best Sens Loadouts

We already know Sens has various ways they can be played, so we’ve tried to find the best loadout for each playstyle. This way, you can load into the game knowing exactly what to pick.

Best Sens Support Loadout

In the ideal team environment, Sens is the epitome of a support agent, setting up their teammates for successful entries through his R.O.U. Projector System. When playing the support role, you want an arsenal that allows you to be the second man in after your entry fragger and quickly plant the bomb. Here’s the Loadout we’ve come up with that best complements this playstyle.

  • HK417 Marksman Rifle with Vertical Grip, 1.5x Scope, and Muzzle Brake + Laser

  • SDP 9MM Secondary

  • Claymore


The best way to play this loadout is to go right behind your Entry Fraggers or Hard Breachers and trade them out when they swing onto enemies. Having the claymore in your utility kit gives you that added butturance that you won’t get backstabbed. At the same time, you can strategically set your signature R.O.U. to segregate important defender angles.

Your HK417 will come in handy when holding angles on the retake. Given its high damage per shot, Defenders who’d dare to dry-push your neon smoke wall will be immediately met by a fatal shot to the head or two deadly shots to the body. As long as you make sure to keep your Hard Breachers alive for the site execution, this loadout helps make for a deadly Attacker side round.

Best Sens Stealth Loadout

If you’re the type to lurk, get behind enemy lines, and tend to go for the surprise factor against your opponents, then look no further. This loadout combines suppression with tactical positioning to ensure you get the jump on the enemy.

  • HK417 with a Suppressor and Holographic Sight along with a Vertical Grip

  • SDP9MM with a Suppressor

  • Claymore


When silently roaming the map, you want your primary weapon to be customized for close to mid-range duels, so the Holographic Sight on your HK417 gives you the best range for lurking. With a weapon as deadly accurate as your premier Marksman Rifle, you’ll have all the time in the world to aline your shot before you execute the opponent from behind. All the while, proper Claymore positioning will ensure you don’t get snuck up on yourself.

Let’s not forget Sens’s unique ability here, either. The R.O.U device is just as good at getting you out of sticky situations as it is at dividing bomb sites. So if you’re stuck between Defenders who’ve been alerted to your location, you can set the Projection System in a way that clears your path towards safety… or sets yourself up for an advantageous gunfight against them.

Overall this is a fantastic loadout to gain map control for your teammates slowly and to set the Attackers up in a prime position to win the round.

Best Sens Loadout For Site Rushes

Your average Ranked game will probably have teammates who aren’t keen on waiting around. Well, that shouldn’t be a hindrance to you since Sens also has a loadout for those situations.

  • POF-9 with a Compensator and Holographic sight along with an Angled Grip and Extended Magazine

  • Gonne-6 Hand Cannon

  • Breach Charge


The POF-9 might have a kick to it. Still, it compensates for that through its insane magazine size, which makes it excellent for bursting onto the site and mowing down enemies as a team. If you’re going to go for this loadout, there’s a straightforward set of steps you need to go through. Follow your Hard Breacher, and help them blast open the bomb site with the help of your own Breach Charge. Then, you set up your R.O.U to minimize the angles you need to clear, after which you bombard the site with your team.

Since this loadout is designed to complement a hard-rush playstyle, we’re going with the less accurate, spammier Primary weapon. The POF-9 is perfect for team fights, as you don’t have to prioritize those precise headshots as much with this gun.

Best Sens Loadout for Holding Angles

Adept Sens players can fall into several roles if they properly use their primary utility correctly. Many players prefer not to rush onto the site, so we've come up with a loadout that comes in handy when you want to stay back and post up on an angle while your teammates roam or start breaching the site.

  • HK417 Marksman rifle with a 2.5x/3x Scope and Muzzle Brake along with a Vertical Grip

  • SDP 9MM

  • Claymore


Depending on your preference, you can choose between the 2.5x and 3x scopes, but any of the two do the job, as your primary role will be to take advantageous gunfights from far-off angles.

The main threat of getting backstabbed is nullified by your claymore. Furthermore, suppose your R.O.U device has gaps between it after the microprojectors have been shot. In that case, you can exploit them by peeking through the cracks at unsuspecting enemies.

This loadout greatly relies on the user's accuracy, so make sure you're warmed to hit those shots!

Best Sens Anti-Roamer Loadout

A Defending roamer's job is to find gaps within enemy lines to strike from the back, so this loadout is designed to ensure no one gets the jump on you and your teammates.

  • POF-9 with a Compensator and Red Dot Sight along with an Angled Grip

  • Gonne-6 HandCannon

  • Claymore


Once again, the Claymore plays a crucial role in this loadout by being that extra pair of eyes on any entrance. However, the choice of a gun might be somewhat controversial as the POF-9 is deemed inferior to the HK417 in many aspects. 

The HK417, being a Marksman Rifle, lacks ADS-boosting attachments like the Angled Grip. The ~150ms decrease you get to your ADS time on the POF-9 while equipping the Angled Grip can make all the difference when you spot a roamer creeping on you. Furthermore, the clumsy gunfights that ensue in those surprise engagements favor the guns with better spray capability, which the POF-9 excels in.

General Tips & Tricks For Sens

Now that we’ve gotten the loadouts and their respective playstyles, here are a few general tips you can utilize when playing Sens.

  • You should be incredibly mindful of possible Sens counters on the enemy team. Operators like R6 Maestro and R6 Warden have abilities that can look through Sens’s light screen, making your utility a hindrance to your team rather than an buttet. If you do recognize any of the two Defending Operators, make sure to use your wall accordingly to minimize unfavorable situations.
  • Other than that, always remember that the light screen from your Projection System is not bulletproof. You can use that to your advantage by pre-firing common Defender angles while behind cover, especially when you have a Suppressor equipped.

Overall, Sens’s versatility is highly underrated. Do reconsider if you’ve been doubtful of picking them because you feel their playstyle doesn’t suit you. You can try them out in several different ways and see what style you can incorporate to climb the Ranked ladder.

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