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Rank Rewards In Rainbow Six: Siege | Explained

Are you waiting to get your rank rewards at the start of the new season? Keep reading in order to find out what rainbow six siege has in store for you.
Rank Rewards In Rainbow Six: Siege | Explained

While achieving your desired rank can be a dream come true for many Rainbow Six Siege players out there, you must wonder if Rainbow Six Siege will give you something for it as well. Well, to your delight, you will be given a reward based on the highest MMR you had in the previous season. Let’s dig into this guide and find out more about it. 

What are Rank Rewards in Rainbow Six Siege

At the start of every new season, Rainbow Six Siege will give you a charm based on the highest MMR you achieved last season. This charm can be equipped on all or selective guns, whichever you prefer. It will then hang on to your weapon throughout Rainbow Six Siege and follow the laws of physics, where it will shift right or left depending on your movement.

R6 Charms

Do Charms Matter?

While it may seem insignificant, the Rainbow Six Siege community grinds day and night to get a hold of these charms. They may also instill fear in the enemy and boost your team’s morale. You must be wondering how? 

Let’s suppose you reached Diamond in Rainbow Six Seige last season but, due to some unfavorable fortune, dropped to Platinum or, even worse, Gold after your ten placement matches. If your teammates are spectating you in one of your ranked matches, they’ll first notice your Diamond charm, given that you’ve equipped it. This may help get their hopes up, knowing that they have a player on their roster who’s touched the upper echelons of Diamond in Siege's ranked mode. 

Similarly, if you got the last kill in a round and Rainbow Six Siege shows your replay to the whole lobby, the enemy team might get thrown off or lose hope seeing an ex-Diamond player in a High Gold- Low Platinum lobby. So it is recommended to equip the charm of the season where you achieved the highest matchmaking rank, just to show off.

Having a rank charm of a really older season equipped on your weapon also makes people wonder about the longevity you’ve played Rainbow Six Siege for, so they just might get impressed about how passionate you are about Rainbow Six Siege. 

Brutal Swarm Charms

Grinding for Ranked Rewards

Since Rainbow Six Siege has a large player base and a well-structured Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Distribution, grinding to get to your desired rank might simply not be easy. You’ll need to play in a five-person stack paired with good chemistry and teamwork, that is, if a hacker doesn’t come and ruin your day. 

For some people, charms matter a lot since it’s a sort of evidence and proof for many that they did reach a specific rank. Many people solely motivate themself to get better in the same so that they can reach the highs of Rainbow Six Siege to get their favorite charms and show them off to others in Rainbow Six Siege. 

But while Charms are loved by the whole community so much, you need to grind almost 24/7 and push yourself to your luck and your team to be better to get that little reward equipped on your weapons as soon as possible. With that said, even though grinding itself takes a lot of time, try to learn the tips and trick in Rainbow Six Siege so you can rank up more quickly.

Can You Purchase Charms Otherwise?

You can't purchase Charms through the game store. So many of you must wonder if you could save yourself the trouble of grinding and just purchase the charms through the game store, whether through renowns or using money out of your pockets. 

That’s what makes charms so unique and valuable. You cannot buy the ones you get as a reward, so the only way is to invest your time and effort into Rainbow Six Siege. If Rainbow Six Siege were to add that option, the charms would lose their credibility among the Rainbow Six Siege community and become totally worthless.

Different Ranks and Different Rewards

Charms Compared

Rainbow Six Siege has seven ranking tiers. And while you’ll get the same type of award no matter what rank you achieve, that is a charm; however, the charm will be a little different in shape and color. Here’s how you can identify what type of charm someone has equipped on their weapons:

  • A Copper charm is the smallest in size and usually has a reddish-brown color. It is pretty easy to identify. 

  • A Bronze charm will be lighter in color than a Copper charm and have a brownish-yellow shade. 

  • A Silver charm will be silver in color, so you won’t face any trouble identifying it.

  • A Gold charm will be gold-yellowish in color. It will be a little brighter than the ones discussed. 

  • A Platinum charm will be a tad bit larger in size than the first four mentioned. It will have a dark teal shade to it and will have its own unique animation. Some seasons give a plat charm with a glowing effect as well.

  • The Diamond charm will be bigger in size compared to the Platinum and will have the same characteristics as a Platinum charm, except that it’ll have a reddish-pink shade. 

  • The Champions charm is the hardest of them all to get and is usually the best-looking in the game. It’s the largest in size and has a maroon shade to it with its animation and glowing effects.

Rewards Across Every Season

Since the start of Rainbow Six Siege , your rank rewards include getting charms only - the only thing that changes is their design. You also only get one charm through the season only. However, Ubisoft has made it different this year.

In Operation Brutal Swarm (Y7S3), the devs have said they’ve changed by giving more rewards now in Siege's ranked mode. For instance, if your highest MMR last season lay between the depths of a Diamond, you were only bound to get a Diamond charm. But this year, you’ll also be getting new player cards that you can equip and will be shown on your Operator Pick Phase screen. 

You’ll also be getting the charms of every rank that lies below. So if you reach Diamond, you’ll get the charms of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Diamond itself. This is because the devs believe that the rewards weren’t ample enough, so they’ve reworked that aspect of the Siege ranking system.

You’ll also be getting alpha packs as rank rewards now. Alpha packs can be opened to get items from it, which include weapon skins or customizable uniforms for your operators. So if you’ve waited long enough for this change, now’s your time, Rainbow Six Siege players! 

Battle Pass

All in all, you won’t be getting any other rewards besides the rank rewards themselves. If you’ve purchased the battle pass, the only reward you’ll get is from then when you level up its tiers/ However, that isn’t considered part of the rank rewards. 

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