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Best Loadouts for Osa in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Looking to master the art of the only Croatian in Siege? Read our article to take a look at the best Osa loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Best Loadouts for Osa in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Osa is known to be one of the best-attacking operators that not only gave birth to a handful of new attacking strategies in Rainbow Six Siege but added some interesting versatility to the operator roster. From watching flanks to pushing sites, she’s got all the moves you need from someone to get a hold of crucial map points if other shield operators like R6 Blitz or R6 Monty are unavailable. To top it all, her guns are overpowered and extremely easy to use.

So if you’re looking to main and utilize her Talon-8 to the fullest, dive into this article to see what combinations of her equipment complement your playstyle.

Best Osa Loadouts

Now that you’ve had a rough idea about their importance, let’s take a look at some Osa loadouts that suit your gameplay:


Best Osa Loadout For Stealthy Gameplay

R6 Osa Stealth Loadout

If you’re someone who loves sneaking up behind enemy lines, then a suppressed loadout can help you take out most players on the map by providing them with minimal intel on you. Your loadout should be:

  • PDW9/556XI with a Suppressor and Holographic Sight along with a Vertical Grip
  • PMM with a Suppressor
  • Smoke Grenades

This loadout is handy if you also have an aggressive playstyle and don’t like to waste much time on the battlefield. Since a suppressor increases the recoil of a weapon in Siege at the luxury of no sound from gunshots, a vertical grip will be able to nullify that to some context, making the gun easier to control.


Best Osa Loadout For Holding Flanks

R6 Osa Flank Loadout

Do you have a relatively conservative approach to the game? Worry not; we’ve got just the loadout for you.

  • PDW9 with the 1.5x Scope, paired alongside a Vertical Grip. Your barrel should be Flash Hider or the Muzzle Brake, whichever you’re more comfortable with
  • PMM with a Muzzle Brake
  • Claymore

This loadout will provide you with super value if you’re looking to hold chokepoints or prevent your team from getting flanked with the help of your Talon-8 shield. The PDW9’s high fire rate will be essential to decimate someone who’s trying to wrap around the map to sneak behind your defenses from any other side.

The 1.5 scope will allow you to take fights more easily at medium to close range. You can place the claymore to cut off entrances from angles you can’t hold all the time or listen to the audio cues if someone shoots it down to get that vital piece of intel.


Best Osa Loadout For Holding Long Angles

R6 Osa Long Range Loadout

Some people have a more patient nature to them, where they excel better at holding long angles rather than charging up into the site. If you’re one of them and love being on the watch out to get those trying to reposition themselves (such as from a hard breached wall), then check out this loadout:

  • 556XI with the 2.0x Scope, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip
  • PMM with Muzzle Brake
  • Claymore

The 2.0x will help you gun down enemies from afar, especially when they’re trying to get out of their sites after your team has initiated a well-planned attack. The vertical grip and the flash hider will provide you with weapon stability and ensure that your gun doesn’t spiral out of control even in a long-range fight.

The claymore can be handy in front of barriers or entrances where the chances of getting run out are pretty imminent.


Best Osa Loadout For Rushing Sites

R6 Osa Rushing Loadout

This loadout will work wonders, especially if you play on good timing and get near the site as quickly as possible. You’ll probably be able to catch many defenders off-guard, getting easy picks and shifting the momentum in your team’s favor.

  • PDW9 with 1.5x Scope, Angled Grip, and Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake
  • Suppressed PMM
  • Claymore

The angled grip will decrease your ADS (aim down sight) time and let you instantly switch to the gun's scope if an enemy appears in front of you out of the blue. While an angled grip will provide you with that at the expense of a higher recoil, a flash hider will be a great addition to your weapon gear, where it will add stability to your gun.

You can use your suppressed PMM handgun to break off those defender cameras without making noise and giving away your location. A claymore won’t provide you with much since you’ll be charging up to the site almost instantly; however, it might be a good help to your teammates.


Best Osa Loadout For Clearing Roam

R6 Osa Clearing Loadout

If your primary role on the team is to take care of the enemy roamer, this loadout is the one for you. A good roamer can be pretty sneaky and usually tries to kill you from locations where you’ll be least expecting him to. The loadout should be as follows:

  • PDW9 with 1.5x Scope, Angled Grip, and Muzzle Brake
  • PMM with Muzzle Brake
  • Claymore

An angled grip will have a vital role to play in taking out the roamer if he catches you off guard, where the decreased ADS time might come in handy to take him out. Since your fight will be close range, a muzzle break will be the better choice due to its low recoil of initial shots fired. However, a flash hider will be a viable option as well.

You can also utilize the claymore by placing it somewhere to cut off the roamer’s rotation and restrict him to a part of the map. Using your Talon 8, you can force him to fight off a disadvantage, especially if you know his location.

Tips and Tricks To Play Osa

If you’re looking to get familiar with Osa and her Talon-8, here are some tips and tricks you can follow whether playing at a party or solo queuing:

Hold Angles

Osa’s Talon-8 is pivotal if you’re looking to hold or pressurize an angle. Use it to keep enemies at bay and prevent them from flanking you. Since you’ll have a clear shield at your side, holding flanks will be relatively easier than with any other operator.

Block Line Of Sights

You can use the Talon-8 to block off the line of sight from windows by setting it there and then shattering it through a melee attack. This will allow you to hold other angles without the worry of getting shot from behind.

For Beginners

If you’re new at using LMGs and haven’t tried Osa PDW9 before, try using the vertical grip and flash hider/muzzle brake to get the lowest vertical recoil. A compensator also works best with LMGs since they shake horizontally as well as upwards.

Use Her As A Shield Operator

You can also use her as an alternate to Montagne or Blitz and push sites with her. However, be aware of other angles since shield heroes need to have eyes on their backs to prevent being killed.

Break Barricades Easily

You can also use her clear shield to break off barricades with ease, which otherwise takes three melee attacks to get taken down. This is a great way to not only save time but make less noise and allow enemies to regroup.

While all these load-outs aren’t guaranteed to help you win the fight, they’re what the Siege community think is right. It is recommended you try and test the attachments yourself and see what complements you best, and then spam it in the game to learn the mechanics of each and every gadget.

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