Top 20 Tanks in World Of Tanks sorted by Tier

Within World Of Tanks, there is no such thing as a perfect tank. Each machine has its perks and its issues. Granted some of the tanks on offer have a great deal more going for them than others. However, there is always a tank in the roster capable of exploiting it’s weak points and coming out on top. Its the sign of a game that is fair and well balanced and World Of Tanks manages to provide this type of experience to its player base.While there isn’t a tank to rule them all so to speak, there tends to be a few clear favourites for players in each tier. This will be down to varying factors including your playstyle, what you value in a tank and what tier you enjoy playing. Each tier has a couple of real standout tanks that you should really be using if you get the chance but these can often be hard to single out without trying each and every option. Well don’t worry, we have done that hard work for you so you can jump into the game with the best tank possible.We have taken each tier and picked two tanks to represent each. Allowing you to simply find your tier of choice and select one of the finest within the tier. So sit back and relax while we take you through the best tanks by tier in World Of Tanks.

Best Tanks in Tier 1


We begin with the German tier one powerhouse, the leichtraktor. This tank boasts the second-highest health pool of all tier-one tanks in the game. Then on top of this defensive capability, it has brilliant view range, penetration, accuracy, damage and quick reload and aim speed.This tanks main flaw is centred around its poor mobility and lack of speed. Plus the fact that this one has a front-mounted engine, making this area vulnerable in the head-on battles. Though, with the firepower and HP that this tank offers, it is definitely one of, if not the best the first tier has to offer.


Then we have the Soviet produced tier one tank, the MS-1. This one is pretty well armoured for a tier-one vehicle, with decent damage and accuracy too. Though the real perk of this vehicle is it’s penetrative qualities, with the highest penetration rating amongst tier-one tanks. Then into the bargain, this one will be able to hide effectively too due to its great camouflage rating.Although this tank is offensively great, it does suffer defensively with the lowest tier-one HP pool and pretty low top speeds. However, if the player can make the most of their powerful shots and avoid being hit too much then they will see that this tank is one of the best in the tier.

Top Tanks in Tier 2

T2 Medium

Now we have the American tier two tank, the T2 medium. This tank has decent all-around armour, a fantastic view range making it great for spotting. It also has great speed and acceleration for its weight class and in close quarters combat, this tank will take care of lower-tier and some same tier tanks with ease.This tank isn’t without issues, however. These include its rather large silhouette, making it easy to spot. The tank loses its 100% camo rating when moving and also, the T2 medium has poor accuracy meaning that you need to have all encounters at close quarters to stand a chance. If you can make these positives work for you and avoid being clocked at medium to long-range, this tank is a great option within its tier.

Panzerjäger I

Now we have more German machinery in the form of the Panzerjäger I. This tier two tank destroyer packs quite a punch with it’s best qualities being its great accuracy and rate of fire, its excellent view range that makes it a good spotter and it’s decent damage output and penetration.The tank does have poor defensive qualities as is expected of a destroyer. Then, in addition, it also has poor gun elevation. However, as a whole package, the Panzerjäger I offers tier two players the chance to play with a really component tank capable of laying waste to most enemies on the battlefield, provided you stay behind cover and don’t get hit too much.

Best Tanks in Tier 3

Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C

Staying with the German theme, it’s our next entry, the Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C. This light tank is fast in both it’s mobility around the map and with its rate of fire. It delivers phenomenal burst damage of 240-400 per clip which is usually enough to take out any tank within its tier. Plus, thanks to its small frame and view range, it isn’t a half-bad spotter either.The main issues around this one are that it takes a while to accelerate to its top speed. Plus, the penetrative capabilities are slightly lacking too. Overall, it’s a tank that has more positives than negatives and really provides an excellent asset for anyone playing within the third tier.


Now we head back to mother Russia with the Soviet tier-three medium tank, the T-29. This tank offers incredible alpha damage enough to two-shot a lot of tanks within its tier. It is relatively quick and has even faster reload times. Plus, with this speed and the fact that it is the heaviest tank within the tier, it makes this tank incredibly dangerous if used to ram light tanks.The issues with this tank are that it is rather large and easily spotted, has poor gun handling, limited gun depression and it’s HP pool is pretty low too. This tank is defensively very flimsy but when taken on the offensive, you can see why this tank is valued as one of the MVPs within the tier.

Leading Tank in Tier 4


Now we have the tier four British medium tank, the Matilda. This tank is by no means the fastest medium tank in the game. Though, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in sheer firepower and defensive abilities. The armour for this tank is decent, especially the front and the hull. Then the tank packs a punch with up to 145mm of penetration, a great reload and aim time. Plus, this one has great shell velocity, meaning its a sure shot even from range.The Matilda’s biggest downfall is its speed. This one won’t be able to manoeuvre out of tight spots so be sure to act proactively and read the game well. If you can do this, the Matilda will serve you well as one of the best tier four tanks on the roster.


We head off to France for our next entry, this time it’s the B1. This tier four heavy tank has preferential matchmaking, meaning you’ll never encounter higher than a tier five tank. Then it also has great aiming times, a large health pool of 420HP. Then additionally this one has great frontal armour and decent mobility for a heavy.Where this one falls down is its penetrative capabilities that are virtually useless unless against tanks in its tier. Plus it has a terrible view range making it very reliant on spotters. Aside from these criticisms though, this tank is a great one for face to face encounters and can take a real beating in these situations. So if you want to be the bullet sponge of the team and draw enemy fire your way, the B1 is a good asset to have.

Best tanks in Tier 5


Now we have an American joining the party in the form of the T67. This tier five tank has an incredible rate of fire and has great alpha damage to compliment this. It also comes with a 360° traversable turret, ten degrees of gun depression and a reasonable top speed of 61Kmph, making it reasonably mobile too.The common issues with this tank are its flimsy armour, making it vulnerable to pretty much any tank, plus a low HP pool and limited ammo capacity. It’s about making shots count and avoiding enemy fire in than vehicle. If you can do this, then you are sure to reap the rewards of this powerhouse. See if this one is a good fit for you.

M10 Wolverine

Now we have a tier five tank destroyer in the form of the M10 wolverine. This tank has great mantlet armour and gun depression, making it formidable in hull-down combat. It has a reasonable acceleration and decent speed and has a 370m view range, making this tank a decent spotter as well.Downsides are that this one has poor alpha damage and penetration, making it hard to destroy enemies unless you get the jump on them. Plus the tank has poor armour which is expected of a destroyer. If you can use this one effectively and avoid detection, it can be a valuable asset within the fifth tier.

Best Tanks in Tier 6


The Cromwell is a tier 6, British medium tank that is perfect for zipping around the map and brawling with lightweight opponents. This tank offers mobility combined with a decent armament that makes this tank a competent assassin of light tanks. It also has a decent HP pool of 750 into the bargain. Allowing players to play with a certain level of freedom that similar tanks within the tier can’t offer.The downsides to this vehicle are its rather flat and thin armour, its poor shell velocity meaning that it has poor range. Plus, it has laughable gun handling as well, so if you aren’t getting up close and personal with opponents, expect to miss a lot of shots. Overall, it’s a good close combat brawler that can hold its own within its tier and makes for an excellent choice to take out a fleet of light tanks.

40TP Habicha

Now we have the first Polish tank on the list, the 40TP Habicha. This tank offers excellent alpha damage, great gun depression of minus 8°. Plus, it has good reverse speed, making it adept at getting out of sticky situations quickly.Where this one fall down is based on its poor gun handling and accuracy. Plus it’s DPM is pretty low. This tank is all about making its powerful shots count and planning your next move. So if you can get past the sometimes tricky to tame accuracy of the cannon, this one will offer a great tool for destruction on the battlefield.

Best Tanks in Tier 7


We return to Germany with the tier seven medium the Panther/M10. This tank has great accuracy even on the move with the ability to snapshot comfortably. It also has a great top speed, will never encounter higher than a tier eight in matches. Plus, the armour on this tank is pretty formidable too which is complemented by the highest HP pool in the tier seven class.Problems with this tank lie with its low penetration capabilities and poor view range. Essentially this tank excels in no particular category, its the epitome of the term Jack of all trades. Though, this allows for a certain versatility that a lot of other tanks can’t offer. If this sounds like something you can get behind then it might be worth giving the Panther/M10 a try.


Next is the T29, an American tier seven heavy tank that packs a punch. This is due to the quite well-rounded nature of the vehicle. This one has decent damage against tanks of the same tier, reasonable mobility, a very fast reload time of 4.99 seconds if at 100% crew capacity. Plus, this tank can work a much better ridge line than almost any tank in its weight class thanks to its 10° of gun depression.It does fall down in terms of overall accuracy and its armour isn’t up to the standard of some tanks within the same tier. Though with others covering you and some clever angled shooting as you peer over ridges, this one is a great choice to have, so if you are playing within tier seven, consider this one for your next match.

Best Tanks in Tier 8

Rheinmetall Skorpion G

Now we have some German-engineered brilliance with the Rheinmetall Skorpion G. This tier eight tank has one of the best alpha damage ratings in its tier, with the second-highest amongst tier eight tanks. Not only this but the tank also boasts an excellent shot accuracy and good penetration as well. This with the addition of the Skorpion G’s decent top speed and acceleration makes it quite the formidable destroyer indeed.The issues with this tank tend to be its dispersal when moving, making it unable to pull off snapshots. It’s vulnerability due to poor armour ratings and low camouflage ratings. Plus this tank does have a long aim time as well. Though, if you are able to look past these issues, the speed and power of this vehicle make it a high risk but high reward vehicle. Making it a quite specific but very rewarding asset within the eighth tier.


Now we have the tier eight Soviet heavy, the IS-3. This one has particularly well-rounded armour, with strong frontal and side armour making it excellent for side scraping. It also boasts high alpha damage and penetration, great mobility and spaced 20mm hull armour allowing for hull-down tactics too.Where issues arise with the IS-3 centre around its poor view range, making it reliant on spotters. Plus this tank does have quite a prominent weak spot just above the gun that makes the great frontal armour almost pointless. Overall, this tank is a powerful one that is perfect for someone that relies heavily on side scraping to come out on top. If playing in the eighth tier, there are few better tanks than the IS-3.

Best Tanks in Tier 9

Leopard Prototyp A

Now we have the German-engineered, tier nine medium tank, the Leopard Prototyp A. This one is brilliant when used offensively, with outstanding damage output, penetration, aim time, accuracy and shell velocity. Then on top of this, the tank has superb gun depression, a good view range and decent camouflage capabilities too. With these assets, it’s easily one of the most offensively versatile tanks within the whole game.The Leopard Prototyp A only has one real pitfall and that is its absence of any defensive qualities. If caught in a desperate situation where you don’t fire first, except to go up in flames pretty fast. It’s another high risk vehicle that has the potential to deliver high rewards within the ninth tier.

Object 430

Now we have the Soviet juggernaut that is the Object 430. This tier nine medium tank offers excellent turret and hull armour, making hull-down tactics very accessible in this machine. It also has a decent HP pool and camouflage ratings meaning that it can hide and take a few hits even if you are spotted.The downfall of this one is it’s poor accuracy and shell velocity, meaning that it’s virtually impossible to snipe with this tank. Plus, characteristically of Soviet tanks, this one follows the trend with very weak gun depression. Overall, this tank makes for a bulky and quite evasive option within tier nine that in the right hands, can deliver excellent results.

Top Tanks in Tier 10


We move back to the land of stars and stripes with the tier 10 destroyer, the T110E3. This powerhouse has a formidable DPM, shot accuracy and has decent penetration. This coupled with the abnormally strong gun mantlet, cupola and frontal armour. It makes this tank an incredible asset when face to face with enemy tanks. In addition, it also has -8° of gun depression, making hull-down tactics viable as well.The problems that can arise with this tank stem from its weak side and rear armour, plus its sluggish traversal speed, making this tank susceptible to ranking tactics. Then in addition to this, gun handling is pretty poor as well. Overall though, this tank has a lot to offer through its strong front armour and devastating DPM. So if taking enemies face on is your go-to tactic, try the T110E3.

Super Conqueror

Then we finish in old Blighty with the tier ten heavy, the Super Conqueror, a British engineered Goliath. This tank is bolstered with armour and has an excellent rate of fire and alpha damage. The turret of This tank is phenomenally well protected and this armour is not just at the front. The armour is spaced all the way around the vehicle, giving good coverage if flanked from the sides too. The Super Conqueror is also one of the more accurate tanks on offer with great gun depression and fast aim times.Downsides are that this side armour is still flimsy if hit straight on with most of its protection being from an angle. Plus gun elevation is pretty poor on this tank, plus it’s also not the quickest tank in the game but far from the slowest either. Overall, this will suit the player who favors a head-on approach with little movement required and can land frequent, accurate shots consistently. If this sounds like you, try out this

And the winner is...

Ok, so let's be clear before we crown a winner.Due to the complexities and nuances of this game, no one tank rules them all. Each has situations where it will succumb to a tank that exploits its weakness. After all, if that didn't happen then the game would be an unbalanced mess. However, if we were pressed to pick a winner out of all the tanks. We would simply have to go for personal preference out of all the tanks included in this list.

What’s the best Tank in World of Tanks?

For us, it is the tier 5 medium tank from Britain, the Matilda.What we admire about this above all others on the list, is its versatility and penetrative qualities. Sure it’s not the most mobile tank around. Yet it makes up for this with its excellent defensive qualities and horsepower that will rip through enemy lines practically on its own if given half a chance. It’s a matter of preference and playstyle of course but as a whole, we believe this one has the most to offer within its tier.So that’s our list of the best tanks by tier in World of Tanks. Are there any that you think we should have included? Are any of these selections your go-to tank? What do you think is the most fun tank to play on this list? Let us know in the comments and as always thank you for reading.