Who has the highest DPS in Smite?

With over a 100 different characters in Smite, it is very difficult to judge which character aces in damage in each role. We are here to help.
Who has the highest DPS in Smite?

New Gods are continually being added to the game since the launch of Smite. With all of the characters present in Smite, it becomes increasingly difficult to spot the ones that outshine the others. However, after going through a lot of different variables, we determined the Gods that deal the highest damage in Smite according to their roles in the game. These variables were:

  • Itemization
  • Base damage
  • Damage amplifying abilities of God (if any)
  • Magical damage
  • Physical damage
  • Magical protection of enemy God
  • Physical protection of enemy God 

The Highest DPS God present in Smite

Without a doubt, the highest DPS God is Smite is Bellona. We compared more than 100 Gods in Smite and as a surprise, Bellona came on top of the list and was dealing more damage (2522) than Assassins with her hammer after using her bludgeon ability coupled with her Ultimate ability. 

Top 3 highest DPS Junglers 

#1 Ravana 


One of the best Assassin Gods in Smite who specializes in dealing heavy single target damage and persistent damage over time can wear out an opponent's defenses remarkably. His passive grants him a shield and movement speed every time he chains up to 8 basic attacks which makes him a lot tankier and hard to kill as a jungler. His kit comprises slows, heals, roots, debuffs that increase damage taken by other Gods, and finally a much-needed CC immune ability that helps him avoid hard crowd controls. All these skills help him in dealing persistent damage to enemy Gods with a low chance of escape thanks to the movement speed granted by his ultimate and passive abilities.

#2 Nemesis


One of the best characters coupled with a synergizing skill set focused on slowing and chasing the enemy God, Nemesis sure is an opponent not to be messed with. As a jungle, Nemesis has tools for keeping in check with every other role present in-game. For guardians and warriors, she has an ultimate that is a tank killer, stealing a portion of their protections while reducing their health and movement speed. For hunters, mages, and junglers, she has a shield that reflects the high damage these Gods deal to them while healing herself! With her kit coupled with her passive that buffs her basic attacks, she is one of the most devastating jungler present in Smite.

#3 Arachne


The oldest God available in Smite is still one of the best gods up-to-date. Arachne, without fear, can almost always kill an opponent in a 1vs1. Her passive is one of the best passives present in the game, making her more and more powerful as she chunks out the health of her enemies. Her broodlings and high movement speed help in quick and easy farming in the jungle so she always is a step ahead of other opponents in both experience and gold. Her abilities modify her basic attacks that deal tremendous DPS to her opponents. In addition, the amplified attack speed coupled with 1s stun from her cocoon leaves no room for escape for the enemy God.

Top 3 High DPS Warriors

#1 Bellona


A great S-tier warrior with a high survival rate in the solo lane and a diverse kit, Bellona excels in the solo lane. Each of her abilities modifies her basic attacks granting her different buffs that help her in different situations. Her scourge ability allows her to pressurize her opponents early game as it provides a self-heal and sustains. Her shield bash allows her to counter hunters easily. Her bludgeon (Main damage ability) allows her to hit hard dealing massive amounts of damage to other enemy Gods. Her ultimate ability allows her to dive straight into battle and be a great team initiator or to catch fleeing foes.

#2 Erlang Shen

Erlang Shen

A consistent damage dealer and one of the strongest character, Erlang excel at wiping off the fragile enemy gods from the battlefield. He is one of the best Gods who is a warrior but can excel as an assassin.  With abilities that amplify his basic attacks, root enemy God, increase mobility, and basic attack speed or grant shield depending on the situation, Erlang sure performs well. If that wasn't enough, Erlang's ultimate ability consists of a taunt that heals him for 15 percent of his health after 5 sec, putting the enemy God at an immediate disadvantage. His damage is soo strong that he can wipe an enemy God within a maximum of 3 seconds.

#3 Achilles


Hero of the trojan war, Achilles is one of the best gods that deal ability-based physical damage. His passive allows him to either adapt to a damage-dealing bruiser that increases his physical power or a defense-based tank that increases his physical protection and magical protection. His kit includes a much-needed heavy damage dealing stun, a heal, a bullying dodge, and finally a brilliant ultimate ability executing enemy Gods below 30 percent health. What's more is that if he hits his ultimate, he can continue executing enemy Gods but becomes weaker as he does so. 

Top 3 High DPS Mages

#1 Scylla


Living up to her name (Horror of the Sea), Scylla is one of the best Smite gods ranked S tier in Smite God tier list. Although she is weak early game in the mid-lane, Syclla outpaces other mages in the late game as a result of her passive granting her additional magical power. Apart from dealing massive damage with her abilities, Scylla also has one of the best ultimate abilities to steal enemy objectives and 1-hit enemy Gods late game. She has a powerful escape which also acts as a ward to scout the area for any danger making it very difficult for enemy Gods to kill her.

#2 Thoth


A long-range damage dealer, Thoth excels at dealing high damage while maintaining a safe distance. If in any case he is ambushed or caught off guard, he has a superb dash that also grants him the ability to root enemy Gods at the end of a dash. Thoth is also bestowed with very high damage dealing ultimate ability that can wipe off the enemy Gods caught in his ultimate.

#3 Zeus


This list would be incomplete without mentioning the God of thunder. Zeus excels at dealing high damage to enemy Gods without compromising his safety. His damage output is alone a great threat to enemy Gods who refrain from fighting Zeus in a 1vs1. His detonate charge is one of the best global abilities that deal massive damage. If an enemy God is very near, he can use his ultimate ability to electrify them. However, his high damage output is exchanged for his mobility which he lacks and therefore is slow in catching fleeing opponents or running from other opponents.

Top 3 High DPS Carry

#1 Ullr


An ability-based physical hunter, Ullr can dish out continuous high damage because of his passive reducing his abilities cooldowns. His kit includes stuns, long-range damage, leaps, physical life steal, attack speed, move speed, and physical power. In proper hands, his damage can be so high that an enemy God can be killed in the time frame between when his axe strikes his opponent and when the opponent recovers from this stun which is approximately 1.2 seconds long.

#2 Danzaburou


Although Danza can be built both ability or attack-based, attack-based Danza dishes out more damage. He is one of the hunters with access to taunt where he shines. Once an enemy God is taunted, his basic attack can shred them out. His ultimate with a stun coupled with the taunt makes it impossible for the opponent to escape until he uses a crowd control beads relic.

#3 Medusa


The greek Gorgon is one of the best gods ranked s-tier due to very high damage output and excels in team fights as she has one of the best ultimates in the game (Petrify). A 2s stun duration is just huge in team fights. This hard crowd control can only be prevented by using beads. Viper shots coupled with petrify can kill an enemy God almost in an instant. The acid spray is good for building lane pressure and for scoring early kills with the help of a guardian.

Top 3 High DPS Guardians

#1 Cabrakan


A great damage dealer with numerous crowd control abilities, Cabrakan is ranked s-tier in smite god tier list. Cabrakan has 2 stuns present in his kit that is a part of his normal abilities. He can kill an opponent in the time frame provided by these 2 stuns. His ultimate blocks the path of the opponents leaving no room for retreat and allows him to grant them a swift death.

#2 Cthulhu


The only God and one of the strongest characters from the Lovecraft pantheon, Cthulhu is a great combination of attack and defense coupled with hard crowd control effects. Even as a guardian, he dishes out a lot of damage and is a must-have in ranked games. His ultimate which may be regarded as the best ultimate in all of Smite transforms him into a giant God that is nearly impossible to kill and has other abilities that deal huge damage and hard crowd control effects such as knock-ups. One of these abilities can heal nearby allies at the cost of his health.

#3 Jormungandr


The world serpent is one of the Gods that have a high affinity with any of the hunters present in the entire game of Smite. Jormungandr has a projectile breath attack with 5 basic attacks per second reducing to 2 per second on continuous firing. This deals a lot of damage per second and helps in shredding out the opponent's health combined with a consumed bellow amplified by venomous haze.

There you have it, the top DPS Gods present in Smite. If you liked this article, check out our articles on the best beginner Smite gods for new players and how to get free gods in Smite. For a similar article, check out our guide on how to check your highest damage in Genshin Impact.

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