Is Gold Good? | Gold MMR | RB6 Ranks

Find out everything you need to know about the Gold ranking in RB6: Siege.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Is Gold Good? | Gold MMR | RB6 Ranks

Gold rank is considered to be a decent rank for the Rainbow Six Siege ranked system. Unlike the ranks before this one, Gold is only split into three tiers.


What MMR is Gold?

Achieving a Gold rank means you need to have between 2600 and 3000 MMR points. This is a much smaller bracket than the lower ranks in the game. This also means that there is less of an MMR gap between the Gold rank tiers making it look easier to move up to Platinum but also easier to drop out of Gold into Silver.

The below table explains the needed MMR for each tier within the Gold rank:

Is Gold Good?

Having a Gold placement means that you're in the top 66.9% to 41.6% of all ranked players in the game.


In addition to this, placing within the Gold tiers means that you can beat somewhere between 33.1% to 58.4% of all ranked players in Rainbow Six Siege.

How to Improve from Gold

If you win all or almost all of your placement matches, there's a good chance you'll be immediately placed into the Gold rank. Fighting up the ladder into Platinum also becomes more difficult later in the season. Players in the Gold rank are considered to be around average skill level which can seem like a big jump up from the lower ranks. These players are often more serious about the game and use callouts frequently.

This advice will help you improve your game and improve your MMR move up from the Gold Rank:

  • Improve your map awareness. Learn the maps and actively dedicate time to this outside of playing ranked or casual games. The best way to do this is to learn the maps from the top down including the fastest routes to different places, the best places to put kill holes/ where the kill holes are most likely to be, where players are likely to position themselves, how to bounce utility such as grenades to reach certain areas and more. Exploring by yourself in Terrorist Hunt will also help a lot but looking at maps is the best way to start studying up before practicing in the game.
  • Tactical and Situational Awareness Improvement. Learning how best to deal with different situations is key so that you don't panic at the moment. Improving your general awareness can also mean learning where people are most likely to spawn peek you or snag a kill on you when you're still outside. Tactics and approaches cannot be rigid, you need to be able to adapt on the fly.
  • Always be ready to run into the enemy. This sounds obvious but at higher levels of play, more players will be roaming and moving position constantly. Letting your guard down for a moment is a fast way to die. This also means you need to consider your position and how exposed you are at any time.
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