Best Current DayZ Giveaways Available

Are you looking for DayZ giveaways? We've compiled them for you, so keep reading to discover all available giveaways as of this moment!

Updated on Oct 02, 2022
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Best Current DayZ Giveaways Available

Despite rumors that DayZ might become free-to-play, the title still costs $49 on consoles and $39 on PC (excluding the DLCs), with no plans to change. Many people find that price tag to be too high, so it's not surprising that players are searching for DayZ giveaways in hopes of getting a copy of this game for free.

The good news is that you won't have to search for DayZ giveaways anymore because this article has collected all of them for you.

Our DayZ Giveaway

The easiest way to enter our DayZ giveaway is on this very website! Just click here for a chance to win a copy of the game.

You can increase your chances of winning a copy of DayZ by joining all available giveaways at the moment, so have a look at them in the following sections.

Giveaways On Other Platforms

Current DayZ Giveaways On Twitter

There are many reasons why people use Twitter to enter giveaways. Streamers, YouTubers, and other content creators often run giveaways as a way of increasing their popularity. To join a giveaway on Twitter, you'll have to do something simple, such as retweeting or liking the tweet, then following someone on Twitter.

Here are the current giveaways for DayZ we've found on Twitter:

Twitter Handle

Giveaway Link


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway

Current DayZ Giveaways On Reddit

At the moment of writing this article, we couldn't find any current DayZ giveaways on Reddit. But don't lose hope because there are many subreddits dedicated to hosting DayZ giveaways. Just keep in mind that you'll have to check them out from time to time if you want to find one.

Here are some places to start looking for DayZ giveaways on Reddit:



















Current DayZ Giveaways On Discord

Discord is a place where nearly every gamer is nowadays, especially those who play online games such as DayZ. With that in mind, there are a few DayZ servers with thousands of members, and occasionally, DayZ giveaways can be found on these servers. So here they are:

Discord Server


DayZ (Official server)

Join the server


Join the server

DayZ Console

Join the server

Current DayZ Giveaways From Other Sources

DayZ giveaways are rare, and the competition is huge, so you'll really have to be lucky to win a copy of this game. Furthermore, there are no other sources of DayZ giveaways than those listed in this article; after all, this is a $39+ game.

In any case, perhaps you could check out these Facebook groups for DayZ giveaways:



Facebook group

DayZ Standalone Community

Facebook group


Facebook group

DayZ (Ps4)

Tips & Tricks For Finding The DayZ Giveaways

If you come across a website offering DayZ giveaways, be wary of providing any personal information or other details. These websites are often scams, and such giveaways may contain malware. Be sure only to visit trusted websites that have an established reputation when it comes to giveaways of this nature.

Bonus DayZ tip: If you’re dealing with high ping in this game, you can easily fix your high ping within a couple of steps.

On top of that, as we mentioned before, DayZ giveaways are rare, so you'll have to keep your eyes open if you want to find one. Fortunately, now you know where they always happen.

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