Best Loadouts for Amaru in Rainbow Six: Siege

Learn how to perform with one of the most thrilling Operators in the game of Siege with the best loadouts you can pair with Amaru and her unique ability.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Amaru in Rainbow Six: Siege

Amaru, a graduate of the Heroic Naval Military School, formerly known for her Amphibious Commando battalion, is undeniably the most fun Operator to play in Rainbow Six Siege. But with that, the Attacking Operator who made her debut in Operation Ember Rise also brings a steep learning curve. Trying to rank up can be a hard task with Amaru, so in-depth knowledge of her strengths and abilities' best uses is a must when you’re playing her.

If you want to ensure you’re not throwing your Rainbow Six Siege games by grappling with death every round, you must understand how your Operators playstyle helps you win matches as much as it lets you have fun. And for that, we’ve listed down some of the best loadouts you can apply to Amaru and her kit according to all the different playstyles she brings with her.

Best Amaru Loadouts

Amaru’s Garra grappling hook allows her to operate on a completely different wavelength from other Operators. Hence, her loadouts have to stray from the traditional style of gameplay.

So without further ado, here are the widely approved best loadouts for Amaru.

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Best Loadout for Close Quarters

Amaru’s unique ability gives you the luxury of choosing your gunfights, which is why she was so popular during Operation Ember Rise amongst Siege community members. That means that if you’re equipped with the right weapons in your weapon loadout, you can easily take unfair gunfights to put your team at a numbers advantage.

  • Supernova shotgun with the Laser equipped.
  • SMG-11 with the Holographic sight alongside the Flash Hider and the Angled Grip
  • 2x Stun Grenade

The Supernova shotgun has an outrageously high damage output per shot amongst Amaru guns, dealing a whopping 48 damage per pellet at close range (8 in total). To balance it out, the Supernova also has one of the slowest pump actions in the Rainbow Six Siege. The strengths of this weapon should be clear then; it’s excellent at deleting isolated Defenders in a single shot at close range but puts you in a dangerous spot when you run into multiple enemies.

Now you might be wondering how to set Amaru up for close-quarters engagements in the first place. While your Garra hook is a fantastic tool for that purpose, finding the right situation can take some work. One consistently effective strategy is to develop solid intel during the prep phase. First, fish out Defenders' locations and mentally map the spots you think they may be setting up in. Then, use your Garra hook to elevate yourself to a window and complement your dramatic entry with your stun grenades and shotgun.

Defenders are usually isolated at the beginning of the round since roamers go out to …. well, roam while trappers are busy setting up traps and deployable shields. This means you’ll have the perfect timing to pick them off with your shotgun and use your Garra hook to make your great escape. It’s not just practical; it’s pretty adrenaline-inducing as well and makes you feel as if you’ve pulled off some crazy Mission Impossible stunt with your weapons!

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Best Loadout for Secondary Entry

While Amara’s widely known as an entry fragger, her ability to come in from unconventional angles also makes her well-suited as a secondary entry.

  • G8A1 LMG with the Holographic Sight alongside the Compensator and the Vertical Grip
  • SMG-11 with the Holographic sight alongside the Suppressor and the Vertical Grip
  • 2x Hard Breach

Here’s a loadout that flourishes when you already have a dedicated entry fragger like Rainbow Six Siege's Iana or Ash on your team. With proper communication, you can set up a two-pronged attack where you take advantage of the commotion caused by your other entry fragger and their support.

The idea is to strike from an unconventional angle with the help of your Garra Hook while the Defenders are distracted by holding off the attack from the other side. Amaru is a remarkable operator for solo pushing since she can quickly move around the map. Once you tear onto a site, either by using your grappling hook to break through a barricade or by using a hard breach charge on a pivotal reinforced wall, you can start mowing down enemies with your G8A1 Light machine gun. So much for cowering behind deployable shields, right? We’ve customized it for minimal vertical recoil, so you can easily hold down the trigger and leave no room for Defenders to breathe in that barrage of bullets.

The SMG-11 is also almost as good as any primary SMG, and you can utilize it in different scenarios with Amaru. One underrated aspect is breaking open upward hatches so you can grapple through since Defenders are usually conditioned to focus on attacks from above only. With this ability, you hold the element of surprise against your opponents.

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Best Loadout for Long Range

Being able to harbutt enemies from a long range is a fundamental advantage Attackers have over Defending Operators, and we intend to utilize that to the fullest with this loadout.

  • G8A1 LMG with the 2.5x Scope alongside the Compensator and the Vertical Grip
  • SMG-11 with the Holographic sight alongside the Flash Hider and the Angled Grip
  • 2x Stun Grenades

LMGs are already the best weapon clbutt in Rainbow Six Siege right now. Due to their high magazine capacity and exclusivity across operators, operators carrying LMGs and using them correctly are like precious gold dust.

With this Amaru loadout, you should utilize the G8A1s incredible magazine capacity to hold long angles while your team pushes in. It’s also pretty potent at breaking down soft walls to create pixel angles - you’ll be able to abuse these far more often than your opponents simply due to the sheer range advantage you have over them. So make sure to utilize the bullet holes to deliver some nasty headshots!

You might be wondering where the Garra hook falls in this loadout. Honestly….. this isn’t really a loadout that takes Amaru's unique ability (Garra hook) into account, so feel free to play around with it as you please. The Garra has many practical functions besides creating other angles of attack, so use it as a repositioning tool to change position periodically, if not anything.

Amaru General Tips and Tricks

  • Intel is always better than no intel. You might have the itch to set a grapple point on the first surface you see and break into enemy territory. Still, it’s always better to have teammates use intel-based utility to first give you some information on the enemy position in Rainbow Six Siege. That way, you won’t be counter-strated as hard after coming prepared.
  • Use the hatches. Once again, Amaru’s and Oryx’s loadouts, are the only loadouts in Rainbow Six Siege that have the ability to climb hatches upwards. Use that to your advantage to reposition and attack enemies from all angles when they least expect it.
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