The Worst Gods in SMITE You Want to Avoid

God giveth and God taketh, but the worst gods in Smite tend to taketh more than they giveth, so maybe try avoiding them at least for now.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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The Worst Gods in SMITE You Want to Avoid

Seeing that Smite is a MOBA, it’s no surprise that a meta develops each time there’s a new patch or something significant gets changed. The gods we’ll be taking a look at today may have been good at one point, but are far from optimal in their current state. Poor cc ability, low damage, difficult to play, or requiring additional buffs to be effective. All of these things should probably make you consider other gods instead.

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Loki used to be good once. “Used to”, not anymore. Now he’s mediocre at best. What was once a pretty good SMITE buttbuttin now gets thrown around like a wet towel.


The reason for this is that, whichever path Loki chooses to take, he will eventually hamstring himself. And if you play him as a jungle, you will have to make the tough decision “Do you invest points into his third ability or his second ability?” The reason this is a tough decision to make is that, if you chose the second ability, he will be able to clear the jungle more easily, but ganking will be much harder. If on the other hand, you chose his third ability, you’ll be able to gank much easier, but good luck getting any farming done then.

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There’s a reason you don’t see Anubis much in professional games. It takes a lot of time and farm to see him develop his full potential, something that just isn’t available at higher level play, where every second is important.


Plus, he’s easy to counter if you purchase a Magi’s Cloak or Purification Beads. So, there go his crowd control effects. Another downfall of his is that he relies too much upon his nearby allies to make the perfect plays, as he really doesn’t do too well in 1 v 1s.

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The main problem with Bastet is her learning curve, of course, if you’re a pro - this is kinda negated. What can’t be negated on the other hand is the obscene amount of farm she requires to reach her full potential. And even then, she is subpar compared to other buttbuttins.


Her pbuttive is cool I guess, but it really doesn’t help much more than a common ward does. Bastet has always been a bit of a D-tier god, I’d even go as far as to say that she is an F-tier, but hey, that’s just cause I don’t like crazy cat ladies.

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There’s a recurring theme among all of the gods we’ve mentioned so far, that is the fact that they are all somewhat decent in the late game, but struggle greatly during the early and mid game. The same can be said about Amaterasu.


If you play her as a solo lane in SMITE, then you’ll probably be hugging the tower for most of the game and staying away from the bushes. And when you aren’t doing that, you’ll probably just be spamming your third ability and your ultimate, as those are the only abilities that are of any note. A mediocre god that has only situational utility.

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The main issue with Nox is that she relies heavily on her cc abilities to get anything done, and just like with Anubis mentioned previously, a Magi’s and Beads are all it takes to counter her.


And because most of her spells are support oriented, her damage-dealing potential as a caster is almost nonexistent. So if you’re gonna play Nox, you better pray that the enemy takes mercy on you and doesn’t buy any of those two items - or you’re gonna have a bad time.

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Maybe it’s best if we don’t wake up Kumbhakarna after all. On the surface, he looks like a god who can get in there and wreak havoc amongst the enemy team… But in reality, he’s pretty easy to counter. Just stun and slow him down and he’ll practically fall asleep without having to kill him in the first place.


His main issue is that he lacks the mobility and utility of the other guardians. His farming capabilities are alright, but that’s about the only good thing he has going for himself.

The Importance of Game Modes in Determining the Worst Gods

Now, it should go without saying but this list applies mainly to conquest. The reason for this is that different game modes have different circumstances that can either bring out the potential in a god - or strip him of it.

If a god does poorly in conquest, he might not do so poorly in a joust and vice-versa. Let’s take Mercury as an example. Mercury usually does great in conquest as shown by his win rate of 51.28%. This is the complete opposite in Joust as he has the lowest win rate of any god, sitting at a laughable 14.29%.

That’s it for our pick of the worst gods in Smite. As Hi-Rez updates the game and adds new content in, things might change. Or as Heraclitus might say “panta rei”. What’s more, this list is based on personal experiences and popular opinions among players. You might not agree with it, and that’s ok, we’d like to hear what you think on the topic. 

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