Valheim File Size For All Platforms [New Patch]

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Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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Valheim File Size For All Platforms [New Patch]

Valheim is a massive game with so much to offer, yet its download size is negligible, especially when you consider all the textures, assets, and world size. Many players who purchased Valheim were surprised once they got to download it. They were anticipating a few dozen gigabytes, only to discover that they won't need that much available storage space. So how is this possible? Stay with us to find out the secret behind the minimal size and the exact current download size of Valheim.

Where Can I Play Valheim?

You can play Valheim exclusively on a PC (Microsoft Windows and Linux). This game is also playable on a Steam Deck. Iron Gate has stated in the official FAQ that, for now, they don't plan on bringing Valheim to platforms other than PC. However, they might consider making the console version once the PC game leaves early access.

What Is The Download Size Of Valheim?

The download size of Valheim is 1 gigabyte with an additional 300 MB you need for Steam. The main reason for this is that the visual style of Valheim is deliberately pixelated with low-resolution textures. However, this is only noticeable once you're close to the object, while the distant objects don't have the pixelated appearance. Furthermore, Valheim is a procedurally generated game, which is essentially a method of creating worlds from the random seeds using the algorithm rather than creating everything manually.

This method is used in Minecraft as well, making each world unique. Valheim has a relatively small database containing some textures repeated by random calculations. This allows for enormous worlds - a map of 315 square kilometers. Another thing to consider is the lack of voiceovers and dialogues, which can significantly increase the size of a game.

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Where Can I Download Valheim?

You can download Valheim only on Steam. There are no versions for other game launchers.

Pixelated Norse Epic That Took Over The World

Since Valheim was published as an early access game on 2nd February 2021, it has managed to sell over five million copies in just one month, and currently, it stands at the eighth place of most played games on Steam! In addition, it has received overwhelmingly favorable reviews from both critics and players (which doesn't often happen for many games) and received various rewards, including the prestigious one - PC Gamer's Game Of The Year for 2021. But how does such a small early access indie game, made by a team of only five people, become more acknowledged than many AAA titles with a much more considerable workforce and budget?


One of the reasons is that Valheim is an all-consuming game that keeps the players occupied. There's no way it can become monotonous, as there's so much to do, see, and experience in this game. Even though many Minecraft-inspired titles are out there, not many of them have managed to rise above and excel.

Yet, Valheim has accomplished exactly this in a brief period.

Furthermore, it's inspired by the Norse mythology, and we all know how popular these games are (looking at you, God Of War and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla). Another factor to consider is that Valheim is a challenging game. You start half-naked without any tools or items, and you have to pay attention to the hunger and thirst meters unless you want your hero to die. However, once you get some things, you can construct your base, dig ores and collect other materials, stockpile the food, craft improved equipment, fight diverse formidable enemies, etc. But just because the game is challenging doesn't mean it's overwhelming and unmanageable. On the contrary, Valheim will introduce the players to one thing at a time, which is quite rewarding. Because of this, players will always have specific goals which they can choose to complete or focus on something else instead.


Finally, Valheim supports a co-op PvE and PvP modes (LAN and online), making it even more enjoyable. Players can explore the worlds, build the bases, fight, or do anything with friends rather than solo. The co-op mode currently supports up to 10 players, but this may change in future updates. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why Valheim is so respectable in the gaming world, but we only wanted to mention the most significant ones and avoid spoiling the game too much. If you'd like to find out more, buy the game, and you'll discover all those reasons yourself. It's better to do it now because its price will likely increase once it gets to the 1.0 version.

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