How to show your Ping in Valheim in a few clicks

Learn how you can easily display your Ping in Valheim
How to show your Ping in Valheim in a few clicks

Valheim has a lot of useful server commands and cheat commands available to its players. Cheat commands like the dpsdebug that toggles DPS debug print or like the model that switches character model from masculine to feminine without losing your character data.

We'll show you how easily you can use one of these server commands to display your Ping while playing Valheim.

Show Ping in Valheim gameplay

Show Your Ping in Valheim By Using the Server Commands

Show Ping in Valheim demonstration image

The best alternative for displaying your connection latency on all the game servers, even if it's a dedicated server, is enabling the in-game Ping system in Valheim. You can activate this by using one of the console commands in an improvised debug environment. Here's how you can do it:

Show Ping in Valheim launch options
  1. First, open your Steam Library and right-click on the Valheim game.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. Go to the General tab and type -console in the Launch Options field.
  4. Start the Valheim game as usual.
  5. While in Valheim, press F5 to open the console window.
  6. All the admin commands should be in the available server commands list now.
  7. Type ping and press enter to display your current Ping on the entire map.
Show Ping in Valheim console commands

It's good to note that you can also see your Ping by pressing F2 while in the game, although the number displayed on this window is not as reliable as the one displayed using the server commands. Another good tip is to go to the Valheim wiki and see other useful commands, like players that reset difficulty scale based on a given specified skill level or god mode that gives absurd stats for your character.

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