How to check Your playtime in Valheim

Find out how you can easily view how many hours you played Valheim on PC!

How to check Your playtime in Valheim
How to check Your playtime in Valheim

View hours played check playtime Valheim

Valheim hit the stores back in 2021 and was an immediate success. This survival game pumps up the whole idea by placing the scenario in Valheim, a kind of limbo between Midgard and Valhalla, where the player's character has to survive to cross the rainbow bridge. The game time can get high, just like in other survival games like Ark: Survival Evolved or Minecraft. In this guide, we cover the ways you can use to find out how many hours you've spent in Valheim.

How to view hours played in Valheim on PC

Valheim is a PC-exclusive, early access title you can buy and download from Steam. This makes it very easy to find out how many hours it took for you to unlock all the achievements, although we know Steam's counter is a bit tricky, and it's not that good for measuring actual game time. Here are two ways to view hours played in Valheim using Steam.

View total hours played using Steam Launcher

The first method we cover is the simple one, which doesn't require you to launch the game and enter that procedurally generated purgatory inspired by Norse mythology and viking culture. Here are the steps to view hours played on Steam:

  1. Open Steam and go to your Library.
  2. Select Valheim from the list.
  3. You can find the hours played stats in the middle, next to the Play button on the game's info page. It is similar to all Steam games, like checking playtime for Runescape for example.
Valheim check gametime in Steam Launcher

How to view time spent in Valheim using Steam Overlay on PC

This solution is designed to help you access the Steam community features while in the game, but it is also a good way to find out the time spent with this brutal exploration and survival game. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Valheim.
  2. Once you are in the game, press Shift+Tab to open the Steam Overlay. If it doesn't work, you can try Shift+1 which brings up the same overlay.
  3. Find the information in the upper right corner of the overlay page to find how much time you played.
Valheim Check gametime in Steam Overlay

How to calculate number of days in Valheim

At the moment, Valheim doesn't show you how many days you have spent in the game, but if you know the hours played, you can get an approximate number. To do so, we must consider that a day is 21 minutes, and a night is 9 minutes, so a whole day lasts 30 minutes

The math is really simple: you take the number showing how much time you played the game in minutes, and then divide it by 30. For example: you have played for 15 hours, which is 900 minutes, dividing it by 30, the result is 30 in-game days. This is the course you should follow, so that can use your hours played to determine how many days your Viking was stranded in Valheim. Since the game is still developing, we are hoping for a console command or other ways to track the in-game time, which would be useful for players and fans with several characters.