Path Of Exile File Size For Each Platform [Latest Patch]

Find out what’s the download size of Path Of Exile on Xbox, PC, and PS!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Path Of Exile File Size For Each Platform [Latest Patch]

Every single online game that receives regular updates, such as Path Of Exile, doesn't have the established download size for an extended period. So while the install size remains steady, the download size may deviate due to the additional content featured in each update. And because this may seem confusing to many players, we decided to simplify things by writing this article. Today, we'll reveal the present download size of Path Of Exile along with some extras that you may find compelling, so stick with us if you're interested in Path Of Exile.

Where Can I Play Path Of Exile?

You can play Path Of Exile on a PC (Microsoft Windows and macOS), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Additionally, you can play Path Of Exile on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility, but not on iOS or Android like Genshin Impact.

What Is The Download Size Of The Path Of Exile?

The download size of the Path Of Exile ranges from 17 GB to 26.9 GB, depending on the device. Find out how many gigabytes Path Of Exile requires for each specific platform in the table below:

If you're planning on playing POE on a PC, you can choose whether you'll play it on Steam or using the dedicated launcher. If you opt for Steam, you'll need an additional 200 MB, while the dedicated launcher takes only around 20 MB. As for the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5, you can play POE on them through backward compatibility.

Where Can I Download Path Of Exile?

You can download Path Of Exile on the official website or Steam (PC), Microsoft Store (Xbox One), and PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4).

Made By Hardcore Gamers, For Hardcore Gamers

Since the initial founding of Grinding Gear Games in 2006, this New Zealand gaming developer studio has released just one game - Path Of Exile. It started as a minor indie studio until the Chinese giant Tencent recognized its qualities and acquired the company in 2018. Path Of Exile is like a child with no siblings who got all the attention and love from its parents. Was this the reason for its immense success?


Quite possibly, that might be one of the reasons why Path Of Exile is so phenomenal. From its launch date until now, Grinding Gear Games have constantly been pandering to players, with just one goal on their mind - making an ultimate dark fantasy ARPG gameplay experience. Because of that, profit came organically, without forcing the company to implement pay-to-win monetization of any kind. The entire team of Grinding Gear Games consists of veteran gamers who wanted to develop a game that could compete with Diablo III (speaking of which, check out the download size of Diablo III and the download size of New World, as a bonus) rather than emulating it as many other studios did.


Over the years, Path Of Exile has evolved into the game we know today — from a game with only three acts and around 30 hours of gameplay to an immense game with ten acts and infinite possibilities, even the end-game ones. So if you're a fan of dark fantasy ARPG games such as the Diablo series, you can't go wrong with Path Of Exile. Whether you're going solo or you want to play it with up to four friends, you can count on neverending entertainment and lots of hours of gameplay. On the other hand, you can be patient and wait for the Path Of Exile 2 release (which is more of a Path Of Exile update rather than a sequel) if 2024 doesn't seem too distant.

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