Best Loadouts for Mozzie in Rainbow Six: Siege

Want to deny the attacking team intel to rack up your odds of winning the game? Do it in the most annoying way with our Mozzie loadout guide.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Best Loadouts for Mozzie in Rainbow Six: Siege

Trained by the Australian defense force academy, Mozzie is one of the best defending operator in Rainbow Six Siege operator with the ability to capture enemy drones and make them his own. Introduced in Operation Burnt Horizon, not only can you frag with him, but are also able to provide your allies with intel to throw enemies off guard.

So if you’re browsing the internet for ways to make the best out of him, you’ve come to the right place.


Best Mozzie Loadouts Rainbow Six Siege

Looking to master Mozzie to capture some drones and turn the tide of the game in your favor? Here are some loadouts you could take advantage of:

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Best Mozzie Loadout For Holding Site Rainbow Six Siege

If you want to stand firm on the site all the time, this loadout will do wonders for you:

  • Commando 9 with Holographic Sight, Vertical Grip, and Flash Hider

  • SDP 9mm with Muzzle Brake

  • Nitro Cell


The Commando 9 is a great gun with low recoil that helps you outgun enemies in no time. Since you’re going to be inside the site all the time, you’d want maximum stability on your gun to ensure it doesn’t spiral out of control. The Vertical Grip and Flash Hider will help you exactly with that.

If the Commando runs out of ammo, having SDP as your secondary is a great relief since it’ll give you a good fighting chance against the enemy if you decide to swing in Rainbow Six Siege.

The Nitro Cell is also a tremendous lethal tool if you’re looking to deny the enemy from planting or if someone is hiding in a corner you cannot reach. Tossing the Nitro Cell will make them run out of positions or, even better, kill them upon explosion.

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Best Mozzie Loadout For Roaming Rainbow Six Siege

Love roaming in Rainbow Six Siege? Try this loadout to get on top of your opponents:

  • P10 Roni with Angled Grip, Flash Hider, and Holographic Sight

  • SDP 9MM

  • Nitro Cell


You’ll need to be quite sneaky if you’re looking to go toe-to-toe with your opponents. That is because P10 Roni has a pretty small magazine. So you’ll have to be precise and effective with how you approach your enemies. If you want, you can always take the Commando on roam as well in place of the P10 Roni; however, the P10 Roni can provide you with a better fire rate.

If you want, you can also tweak it a little and go with an extended barrel on the P10 Roni. The extended barrel will be able to maximize your gun’s damage from long range, which otherwise decreases due to the concept of bullet drop.

The Angled Grip comes in handy if an enemy appears in front of you out of the blue. With the decreased aim down sight time, those extra set of seconds will help you crack their heads before they crack yours. The Flash Hider will be there to compensate for the recoil that increases by equipping an Angled Grip.

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Best Mozzie Loadout For Being Aggressive Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re a naturally aggressive Rainbow Six Siege player, then this loadout would perfectly pair up with you:

  • Commando 9 with Angled Grip, Holographic Sight, and Flash Hider

  • SDP 9MM

  • Barbed Wire


While the Commando 9 seems a better fit, if you’re more comfortable with the recoil pattern of the P10 Roni, then go with it. The idea is pretty much the same as roaming, but you’ll have a larger magazine with the Commando, which leaves more room for error.

The Angled Grip is great if you’re looking to make aggressive plays and take out a couple of enemies on the go. You also want something to provide you stability in your gunfight, and that is why the Flash Hider is equally essential in this loadout.

You can place the Barbed Wire in the site for intel since you’ll be mostly out of it. It will be a great helping hand for your allies, who’ll know if an enemy is trying to sneak in.

Rainbow Six Siege Mozzie Guide

If you feel Mozzie is the right Rainbow Six Siege operator for you to invest your time in, here are some of the tips and tricks we’d like to throw in that will help you learn how to play mozzie and top the scoreboard in almost every game:

Using Pest Launcher

You can use all your pests in the prep phase or even try to save them from denying enemy drones later in the defending phase. However, make sure to use all your pests since it does impede enemy plans where they’ll have to first get rid of them and then use their attacker drones for intel.

Drone Placement

Controlling all three drones at once can be quite overwhelming to do. The idea is to place at least two of them in strategic positions like a default camera or how you would use Valkyrie loadout’s black eye and maybe use the third one to either drone for your roamer or annoy the attacking team. You can do many things with his drones, and the more you play Mozzie, the better you will know what to do at a specific time in the game.

A Counter To Twitch’s Shock Drones

You can also use your pest launcher to place a pest or two near Mira’s Black Mirror or at drone holes, such as Chalet’s Snowmobile site in the basement. This is helpful to deny Twitch’s Shock Drone from entering the site and break off valuable anti-breach gadgets such as Bandit’s Batteries, Kaid’s Electroclaw, and Mute’s Jammers. This will also prevent the Shock Drone from doing any other damage. Even better, with the help of some luck, you can get yourself a Shock Drone rather than a normal enemy drone which you can use to clear out and destroy any strategically placed enemy drones.


Hiding Drones And Drone Attackers Light

You also need to hide your captured drones since your opponents can identify them even if you do not access them. If you ping a Mozzie Drone as an attacker, you’ll get a red outline which otherwise is blue, letting you know it's not yours. For the attacker drones, a drone usually gives a yellow light when someone is watching through it. However, in the case of the Mozzie drone, it is able to emit blue light, which is a giveaway for the attackers. So make sure to hide it in places where it can’t be easily detected.

Break Drones If Dokkaebi Hacks

Make sure to break your drones if Dokkaebi hacks them. Since they’re cameras as well, the Attackers will be able to see through all of them, especially if they’re placed inside the site. This can be detrimental for you and maybe even cost you the round since Rainbow Six Siege is a game of intel.

We hope that with our extensive mozzie guide, you’ll have more than a good idea of how to play mozzie. He’s an essential part of Rainbow Six Siege defending roster and can turn the tide of the game in your favor, given you know how to use his pest launcher properly.

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