What's The Average Match Length Of Brawlhalla?

Discover the average match length of Brawlhalla and other interesting facts about how long a match lasts.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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What's The Average Match Length Of Brawlhalla?

Being a fighting game, you're probably aware that Brawlhalla doesn't take that much time, making it perfect for casual players who simply want to unwind and relax after a long day. But if you've been wondering what the average match length of Brawlhalla is, you are at the right place! This article will uncover that, as well as what factors may influence the match length of Brawlhalla.

What Influences The Match Length of Brawlhalla?

Unlike other fighting games where the goal is to defeat the opponent by reducing its character's health points, Brawlhalla is oriented (in most of the game modes) towards knocking the opponent's characters off the stage by dealing damage.

Once the characters get knocked out of the stage, players lose a life, and the match winner is a player with at least one life or the one with the highest points.

Although this concept may seem simple, there are some factors that may determine match length in Brawlhalla, such as:

  • Game mode: There are several multiplayer game modes in Brawlhalla, and most have a preset default time limit. For instance, the standard game mode like Brawl has a time limit set of 4 minutes, Stock Match is set to 8 minutes, while Ranked matches may last up to 6 minutes.

Once the timer runs out, the match automatically enters Sudden Death mode. Furthermore, some special modes available in Brawl-of-the-week or custom lobbies may last from 2 to even 20 minutes, which is why the choice of the game mode is a crucial factor in how long a Brawlhalla match lasts.

  • Number of bots: In case you didn't realize, there are bots in Brawlhalla that appear instead of players who get disconnected or leave the game. Since this happens frequently, you'll recognize these bots by "pattern" type of moves or if you pay attention to the player's name.

These bots aren't so advanced, and pretty much any decent Brawlhalla player won't have a hard time fighting them, making the match much shorter in turn.

So if you notice bots instead of actual human players, you can count on that match length being reduced, compared to those played against real human opponents.

  • The choice of Legend: Every legend in Brawlhalla has unique stats, which are attributes that include strength, dexterity, defense, and speed, displayed on a scale from 1 to 10. Theoretically, the match length may vary based on the choice of legend, as some of them may deal more damage which can make opponents fly further, or receive less damage, making matches last accordingly.

What’s The Average Match Length Of Brawlhalla?

The average match length of Brawlhalla is 3 minutes, depending on the game mode. As we previously mentioned, some game modes have a preset time limit, but players rarely reach that limit, since they get to finish the match much sooner than that.


In some cases, when players are equally good at Brawlhalla, matches may last much longer and even go into Sudden Death mode, in which each player has an increased amount of damage set, and the last player standing wins the match. 

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