How To Leave A Clan In World of Tanks

The clan you joined might not have fulfilled all the expectations, so here’s a quick and easy way to leave it!
How To Leave A Clan In World of Tanks

Clans are a great option if you want to collaborate with other players and take the game a step up from Random Battle mode. Like many other options in the game, joining and leaving a clan means you have to log into your WoT account on the Wargaming website. Keep reading to find out how.

What Is A Clan In WoT, And Why Would I Join One In The First Place?

A clan is a group of up to 100 players who go into battles supporting one another. Aside from being more likely to win as there’s always someone to cover you and help out, you open up new game modes.

Clans are an opportunity for novel rewards such as in-game gold (here’s how you can earn it for free!) and exclusive vehicles! You can make your clan on the Clan Portal of World of Tanks or join an existing one. Each one has its CR (Clan Rating) according to which it gets its rank on each server’s list.

When you make your own clan, you can recruit or kick members from it.

How To Leave A Clan In World Of Tanks

Step 1: Log into your Wargaming account

Go to and click “Log in.” Then, type in your email address and password, or choose one of the social profile login options.

Step 2: Click On Your Username In The Upper Right Corner

Clicking on your username will open a drop-down menu showing all of your Wargaming profiles. You will see a World of Tanks section.

Step 3: Go to “My Clan”

In the lower-left corner, below your gold count, there’s a button saying “My Clan.” Pressing it will open a page with statistics and options for your clan.

Step 4: Leave The Clan

In the menu on the right, you will see in the bottom left corner small letters saying “Leave Clan” Pressing these letters will open a confirmation dialogue.

Step 5: Confirm Your Decision

The site will ask you to confirm whether you really want to leave the clan. When you click “Leave Clan” once again, there should be a brief loading screen and a message saying that you have left.

If you have left successfully, you should see the “Find clan” option in your profile’s drop-down menu.

Keep in mind that after leaving a clan, you won’t be able to join a new one in the next 24 hours. If you are the Clan Commander, you must delegate the position to someone else before leaving in the “Military Personnel” tab. If the clan moderation has removed you from a clan, there will be a cooldown period before you can apply to another one again. Only privileged Military Personnel can remove members, and only the Commander can disband their clan.

Reasons For Leaving

You might want to leave a clan if other members are inactive, if their level of playing doesn’t nearly match yours, or if you feel like you don’t fit into the dynamics of the group. Or maybe you’d like to focus on World Of Tanks as eSports, but your current clan cannot allow you to accomplish that.

There are many other clans you can join and where you can make friends with other players.

Clans might as well be one of the most fun aspects of playing World of Tanks, and if you haven’t joined one yet, you might end up loving it. However, now you know how to leave one!

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