Best Chinese Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here are the mightiest Chinese tanks in WoT to crush your enemies!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Best Chinese Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Initially heavily influenced by Russian tank designs, the People's liberation army only started developing its own tanks in the late 1950s. Something most of them share is good camouflage, great mobility (even for the Chinese heavy tank!), and sloped armor to bounce off enemy shots, especially in heavy tanks. However, these great tanks tend to suffer from poor gun depression. Let's look at the best Chinese tanks, tier by tier.

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Tier X: 121

The 121 is a versatile medium tank that marks the end of this Chinese tech tree; the pinnacle of Chinese medium tanks. It features outstanding alpha damage, great hull traverse speed, and, as usual on Chinese tanks, great camouflage values, and a low profile. Expect excellent turret armor and good agility. On the downside, expect slow aim time, poor hull armor, and the gun depression isn't anything impressive. The acceleration could also be better. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses is necessary in order to play the 121 well.


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Tier IX: WZ-132A

This light tank is an improvement on the WZ-132 series of light tanks. It deals an excellent amount of alpha damage for a light tank of its tier; it has a top speed of 64 km/h while still dealing enough alpha damage to frighten your enemies. Like many other Chinese tanks, it suffers from poor gun depression, and also from subpar accuracy. It has a good specific power, meaning power for its weight. Upgrade your stock gun for more DPM, or take advantage of the high alpha damage if you want to see this light tank in its best light.


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Tier VIII: WZ-132

The WZ-132 light tank lives up to the expectations of its role: mobility, maneuverability, and accuracy while moving are all excellent. It also boasts a high alpha damage value, while its good turret and hull traverse values enable you to quickly re-orient the gun as needed. Keep in mind that the accuracy on the stock 85mm gun is better than that of either of the upgraded 100mm guns. This tank is also lacking in gun depression, like many other Chinese tanks, and the modules will often fail you.


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Tier VII: T-34-2G FT

Another one in the Chinese TD line, the T-34-2G FT tank destroyer has excellent mobility on top of a good traverse speed. Along with the well-sloped armor and good alpha damage, this vehicle can be played as a versatile tank destroyer. The penetration is acceptable, however, it suffers from poor armor and it has only 800 HP, which is not enough against other tier VII vehicles. Would you like to know more about tank destroyers in WoT, and which ones to play? You can check out our list of the best tank destroyers in World of Tanks.


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Tier VI: WZ-131G FT

This Chinese tank destroyer has a short aiming time, and you can also count on the high damage per minute. You can also upgrade from an 85mm to a 100mm gun- making your WZ-131G FT deal even more damage to enemy tanks, while also having good penetration values. This tank destroyer, like many Chinese vehicles, has a good camouflage value. On the downside, it doesn't have a huge health pool; it lacks in armor too, so its survivability is relatively low. It's recommended to take advantage of the good camouflage values and use this vehicle for sniping.


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Tier V: Type T-34

The Type T-34's name might seem familiar, and it's for a good reason: it is a licensed copy of the T-34, the famous Soviet medium tank. This Chinese vehicle is nothing new for the seasoned T-34 player, and it's not as upgradeable as the Soviet tank. Nonetheless, it is a very versatile platform: but it is usually played in a less static manner due to its maneuverability and not-so-thick armor. The gun is relatively accurate; albeit slightly less so than 60G FT's gun, a tier V Chinese tank destroyer. However, it can take more damage with its 560 hit points. Love playing medium tanks? You might like our article on the top 10 medium tanks in WoT.


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Tier IV: SU-76G FT

As you might have noticed, the FT suffix is present among all Chinese tank destroyers. It is a theoretical modification of the SU-76M, the Soviet tank destroyer. This tier IV vehicle has a stock 57mm ZiS 2, just like its Soviet counterpart, and it's upgradeable to a 76 or an 85mm gun, in order to deal even more damage. It also features good camouflage values and a decent power-to-weight ratio. However, it has a longer aiming time than the Soviet SU-76M.


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Tier III: M3G FT

In the first few tiers, there are not many vehicles to choose from. As for the M3G FT tank destroyer, there never was even a prototype built, and this vehicle comes alive only in the game. There are two guns it can be played with: the 57mm ZiS-2 and the 76mm ZiS-3, where the first has great penetration, and the second deals more damage. The hit points of the vehicle aren't impressive, but it has a decent top speed of 55 km/h, which is still not up to level with some of the early-tier Soviet vehicles. (Curious about our choice of the best Russian tanks? Check out our list of the best USSR tanks in World of Tanks.)


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