Best Loadouts for Goyo in Rainbow Six: Siege

Mark your territory with one of the best area deniers in Siege. Find the best loadouts you can use alongside your Volcan Canisters to deny Attackers space.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Goyo in Rainbow Six: Siege

Goyo, a graduate from the Heroic Naval Military School, is known for the Amphibious Commando Battalion he's been a part of in Rainbow Six Siege, introduced initially in Operation Ember Rise. More recently though, ever since he got reworked in Year Seven, Operation Voids Edge, he quickly cemented himself as a top-tier area denial Defensive Operator in Rainbow Six Siege. The developers decided to upgrade his fiery Volcan Shields into explosive Volcan canisters, extending their area of effect to 20 seconds.

The fact that he receives four charges on his unique ability (not the Volcan Shields anymore) means that Goyo can deny space for up to 80 seconds in a round Rainbow Six Siege. However, a few caveats with his Volcan Canisters make it, so you have to play very precisely in most scenarios, so tuning your loadout to ease your task of area denial is a must.

Best Goyo Loadouts

If we’re being honest, you don’t have to stick to a rigid script when playing Goyo in Rainbow Six Siege. His entire gameplay is based on setting off his 4 Volcan Canisters on time, so if that’s happening, you’re good to go. Such is the simplicity of being a Heroic Naval Military School graduate who found himself in the Amphibious commando battalion.

Depending on how cooperative your teammates are in making sure that happens, there are a couple of different loadouts you can try out with Goyo.

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Best Goyo Anchor Loadout

Goyo’s primary role is to be a Site Anchor. Adept Goyo players know their own setups better than anyone else, and this removes the hassle of explaining to your teammates the situations in which they should set off your Volcan Canisters.

  • Vector .45 ACP SMG with the HoloGraphic Sight alongside the Flash Hider and the Vertical Grip equipped.
  • P229 Handgun
  • 2x Proximity Alarm/ 2x Nitro Cell depending on preference.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. There are only two situations where I leave the secondary gadgets up to preference: either when they’re both an underwhelming part of the Operator's loadout or when they’re both too powerful to pass up on. Goyo falls in the latter category; in fact, Goyo is probably the only Operator that makes me genuinely wish he could have two secondary gadget slots. Why exactly?

The reason is that there are two problems you run into when trying to trigger your unique ability: figuring out when to explode them and how to explode them. Proximities help you in the former, while C4s aid you in the latter. That should also help you decide what to pick; go for Proximities in case you struggle with the timing of your Canisters, and go for C4 if you require assistance with the detonation bit.

Getting into the choice of gun, we’d like to stick to the Vector because of its flexibility. It boasts an absurd fire rate of 1200 RPM, meaning you can conveniently shoot your Canisters and spray transfer onto Attackers trying to escape its AOE radius. One thing you’ll have to look out for is your bullet magazine. The Vector burns through ammo very quickly, so try to make sure you use your fire with caution. You don’t want to be caught reloading as Attackers rush you down, so use your explosive Volcan Canisters to buy you time as well as cause delay when you’re caught in a pinch.

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Best Goyo Roaming Loadout

While roaming isn’t the desired role on Goyo, one can argue that, given his 2-speed rating and the nature of his gadgets, you can still make it work in certain situations. Certain operators can be better Canister ‘babysitters’ than Goyo simply due to their loadouts. The most prominent example would be R6 Melusi’s loadout, where you can synergize her Banshee Sonication Devices with the Volcan Canisters. In such team compositions, Goyo is better off as a pseudo-roamer.

So if you find yourself free to explore around the map, give this loadout a go.

  • TCSG12 Shotgun with the 2x Scope alongside the Suppressor and the Vertical Grip equipped.
  • P229 Handgun
  • 2x Nitro Cell depending on preference.

What do you do when you want a Defender to have the same firepower as Attacking Operators? Well, you get an Operator like Jager, whose loadouts can keep Attackers at bay. Alas, there are only so many Jagers you can add to a single game, so the next best thing you’ll have to settle with is this imposter in the guise of a shotgun. The TCSG12 is a ‘shotgun’ that fires high-powered slugs instead of pellets. Basically, what that means is that you have a slightly slower firing DMR that you can customize with all the attachments of a DMR. This makes it the ideal weapon for roaming.

The TCSG can perform at all ranges if you can hit your shots. With the ability to two or three-shot enemies when you hit the body, it’s great for swinging and strafing around and taking pop-shots and even better at executing Attackers when your aim’s feeling snappy. So, if you plan on picking up the TCSG, warm up beforehand so you can hit those crispy headshots.

You’re probably wondering what to do with your Volcan Canisters when you’re on the other side of the map. That’s precisely where your C4s will come in handy. As long as your Site Anchor is feeding you information on where the enemies are, you can determine when to trigger your unique ability using a Nitro Cell placed nearby. This way, you can fulfill your duty as an area denier while still being able to perform the role of the lurker.

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Best Loadout for Ranged Gunfights

Goyo’s been a solid pick since the rework, to the point that some players have transitioned to complete Goyo mains. If you’ve found their comfort pick in Goyo but struggle at bigger maps because your Canisters aren’t having as much impact, this ones for you.

Here’s how you can be a potent Defender at ranged duels and spawn peeks.

  • Vector .45 ACP SMG with the HoloGraphic Sight alongside the Extended Barrel and the Vertical Grip equipped.
  • P229 Handgun
  • 2x Proximity Alarm/ 2x Nitro Cell depending on preference.

The key attachment here is the extended barrel on your Vector SMG, which significantly extends its range drop-offs. Compared to the TCSG, it has the advantage of spraying down enemies while being much more punishing if you’re inaccurate. For that reason, we’ve equipped the Vertical Grip to mitigate the upwards recoil as much as possible. However, you still need to practice its particular spray pattern to ensure you hit those follow-up shots after connecting with an enemy.

This loadout has a few gimmicks to it as well. If you prefer to go with the Nitro Cells, you can use them to blow open soft walls and immediately burst down enemies when they're not expecting it. If you want to add to your opponent's suffering, you can set off multiple Volcan Canisters at the same time while your team takes advantage of the chaos.

Goyo General Tips and Tricks

  • Look for potential synergies. You can find a way to slot Goyo into any team composition since so many Operators can take advantage of the AOE your Volcan canisters provide. With that said, operators with stall utility and damaging utility are great companions to Goyo.
  • Place your Canisters wisely. Your Canister placements can often put you in tricky situations if you intend to shoot them to trigger them. Ensure you’re not swinging directly into the enemy's crosshair when shooting at your utility. Look for the angles where you won’t have to expose yourself as much and angles that also give you a chance to fall back in case of heavy fire.
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