How To Build Overpowered Assassin Gods in Smite

I'll be the first to say it, creating the right item build for assassins in Smite isn't easy. But here's how you can go about that.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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How To Build Overpowered Assassin Gods in Smite

It's important to mention that no two gods are the same (pretty obvious, duh!). But this heavily impacts how you build out the different gods in the end. Our article on the best assassin gods in Smite goes into detail on some of the choices available to you.

What the main difference comes down to usually is. "Is this god a basic attack assassin?" or "Is this god, an ability-casting assassin?" Let's explain how to build the assassin class with some examples.

Basic Attack Assassins

Basic attack assassins are assassins that deal most of their damage through their basic attacks. I.e, with their auto attacks.


Bakasura is an excellent example of a basic attack assassin. His third ability "Butcher Blades" even further enhances this aspect, by making his auto attacks a force to be reckoned with.

The main point of basic attack assassins is to build them with the consideration that most of their damage will come from their basic attacks. This means you should build them with items that increase their attack speed, power, penetration, and most importantly - lifesteal. We talked about the different items that can do this in the Smite items guide article, go check it out to learn more.

Ability Caster Assassins

Ability caster assassins in Smite are the gods that deal most of their damage through their abilities. An alternative name for them is ability based assassins. This is then further divided into physical power and magical power.


Susanoo is a good example of the latter kind. He deals most of his damage through his abilities. And that's the main difference between basic attack assassins and their ability-casting counterparts.

The philosophy behind building these assassins is the following. Build items that are geared towards giving you either more physical power or magical power. And build items that give you ability cooldowns. As caster assassins tend to be glass cannons. They nuke the enemy with all their spells in a short time span and are then left without steam until their get their abilities back. So it's in your best interest to build items that give you a cooldown for those abilities.

How to Build Assassins in Smite

And finally, we reach the most important question. How do we build out an assassin god in Smite?

Well, I presume so far that you've already chosen which assassin you want to build, so let's look at just some of the general builds available to you. And more importantly - the things you have to look out for and take into consideration.

And remember. Your best bet is to play to your strengths. Don't just mess around, as your damage output might suffer as you won't be able to deal enough damage. In the end, your team will hate you for it.

Which Starter Items to Take as an Assassin in Smite

As an assassin, you're pretty limited at the start. Most if not all assassins really start to shine into the mid and late game, at the start you'll probably have to be babysat by your teammates for a bit. That is if you're going in a lane. If you chose to be a jungle then you're on your own. So prepare in advance.


A Mace and a Katana are pretty universal as far as starter items go for assassins. The Mace gives you the most physical power, while the Katana gives you physical power and movement speed to boost. Something that all the gods that fall in the assassin category need, and something that is essential if you chose to go jungle. Caster assassins should opt out of the Mace for a Morningstar though, as the Morningstar gives you MP5 as well as physical power.

In this early stage, refrain from probing the enemy backline too much - as you might encounter the enemy jungler... and the rest of his team behind him. No sense to start a 1 v 5 team fight that early now is there?

Other than those items it's really situational. With the gold you have remaining you can choose whatever you may need. Health potions, mana potions, whatever.

Core Items for Basic Attack Assassins in Smite

We mentioned earlier some of the things that every basic attack assassin needs in Smite, so let's elaborate on that.


As we've already established. Most of your damage is going to come from your basic attacks. It's the simplest equation possible, more attacks = more damage. So with that in mind, building attack speed items that also give you physical power, as well as an extra effect, are essential to dealing damage in team fights and in general.

What's more, you need to reach your enemies fast, and the Witchblade will go a long way in helping you accomplish that, by giving you movement speed as well as reducing the enemy's attack speed. And items like the Brawler's Beat Stick will not only give you pen and physical power but also hamper the enemy's ability to heal themselves.

Seeing as you're an assassin, you should target the squishy gods first. And if you manage to score a kill while owning Atlanta's Bow, that gives you an effect that increases your attack speed further, as well as lifesteal. Which paired with Asi's lifesteal, means that you will be a very annoying assassin to deal with.

Keep in mind that this is just an example. As we've mentioned previously, build to your strengths and read the situation. If the situation requires that you build another item, then go for it. At its core, Smite is a glorified rock-paper-scissors game.

Core Items for Ability Caster Assassins in Smite

Things are a bit different for the ability based assassin though.


As mentioned previously, caster assassins get most of their damage from their abilities. So, build items that increase their ability power and decrease their cooldowns.

As with the other type of assassins, ability based assassins need their movement speed as well. But unlike basic attack assassins who need it for catching up with their enemies - casters need movement speed for getting in the right position to do their combos.

When it comes to universal items, you probably won't find a more useful item than Jotunn's Wrath. We may even consider adding Hydra's Lament to this list, as its effects are just too good to pass up. That extra 35% damage to the next basic attack really goes well with the nuke you've just dropped on your victim - and what's better than adding insult to injury?

Heartseeker is also an interesting item to consider. Kind of like cryptocurrency, its value increases the longer you hold it (if you're lucky, that is). It gives you bonus damage based on your physical power stat. Starting at 3% of the target's max health pool, up to 6% if you have 400 physical power.

The same advice can be given here as in the previous section. Build in regards to what the situation requires. If you need magical lifesteal, build those kinds of items. If you need utility items to help you stay in the fight longer - build that. And remember, rock-paper-scissors.

Defensive Builds for Assassins in Smite

The best offense is a good defense, am I right? So why not grab a few items that help with that?


And in the end, it's important to have at least one defensive item built. 

Void Shield is probably the "go-to" defensive item for most assassins. Not only does it increase your survivability by a decent amount, but it decreases the enemy's survivability as well. Two birds with one stone. And we have to give praise to Magi's as well (for those moments when purification beads just don't get the job done). We've all been in that situation where we're about to pull off an incredible play and ace the enemy team... just for it to be cut short by a stun that ends our assassin career short. So, the ability to negate that is a true game-changer. The Executioner as well as stone cutting sword are also good picks if you're an assassin and looking for more survivability.

Again. Build to what the situation requires. And accommodate your play style accordingly. 

And speaking of builds. Smite's god builder feature can go a long way in helping you prepare before the match. Lucky for you, we've already written on how to use Smite's god builder in the past, so go read up and be prepared. 

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