How to view hours played in Eve Online

Here are the best ways to find how many hours you’ve spent playing Eve Online
How to view hours played in Eve Online

Even though it’s relatively old, Eve Online keeps tens of thousands of players on daily and has a large user base in the millions range. This wast and the ever-expanding universe is a great place to find a second life as a pirate or the be the industrialist you’ve always wanted to be.

You should keep track of your game time so that you won’t spend too much time in the game, which can happen quickly. CCPs sandbox space MMO doesn’t offer an in-game option for it, but the Steam overlay works for this. Here are the steps for getting some extra info:

  1. Open the game via Steam.
  2. When in-game, press Shift+Tab for the Steam overlay.
  3. In the upper-left corner, you can see the current time.
  4. Under the clock, you can see the length of the current gaming session, the minutes played in the past two weeks, and the hours played in total.
EVE Online hours played Steam Overlay

How to view hours played check Eve Online gametime on PC with Steam

Steam grants you access to some game time statistics (including War Thunder). You can easily view your hours played in the library section of the application. Steam shows playtime even if you've uninstalled the game for any reason. The following steps to find how much you've played EVE Online using Steam:

  1. Open the Steam app on your PC.
  2. Go to the Steam Games Library Home page.
  3. Find Eve Online on the list.
  4. The hours played appear in the middle section, where you can see the Install/Play button for the game.

How to view hours played in EVE Online using Epic Games Launcher

Apart from having its launcher (which gives you no info on hours played), EVE is also available in the Epic Games store, providing you with another way to find out how many hours you’ve played. Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher, and wait for it to patch if needed.
  2. From the Store page, go to the Library section.
  3. Find EVE Online from the list, and you can view the time played next to it.

It must be noted that Epic Games only supports game time viewing for games installed on your system. If you’re taking a break from EVE, you can’t view your hours played this way.

There are no other easy ways to find EVE Online hours played for you. There are some tries for running API pages, but they are so complicated that it’s an actual waste of time. And if you are a long-time EVE player, you may not view stats from before 2011. For new players, we recommend using Steam or Epic Games to install and play the game, especially if you want to look back and find out how many hours, days, or even years you’ve spent in the game. Since the game is relatively large, our guide about the different install sizes of EVE Online might help you with information about installing the game.

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