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An Average ISK Price in EVE Online

There's no need to slave away at a tedious job in EVE Online when you can simply buy your ISK—just check out this article and find out how much ISK costs.
An Average ISK Price in EVE Online

Interstellar Kredits, or ISK, is one of the currencies in EVE Online. Unlike PLEX, it can't be purchased through conventional means. Still, there are a few ways to get your hands on this in-game currency—such as through third-party websites. If you're looking to buy some ISK, you're probably wondering about the current prices of this in-game currency.

It is not exactly specified what the average price of ISK is, so we must consider several factors and come up with a number. This article will show you how much real money you'll need to spend should you decide to buy any amount of ISK.

What is ISK Used For in EVE Online?

EVE Online's EVE Academy defines ISK as a universal currency used for every market transaction in the game. It's a primary currency, although not considered premium because it cannot be bought with real money. It can be used to buy or sell items and accept contracts between other players for various services, characters, or other assets.

Players can obtain ISK in EVE Online using various methods, including:

  • Piracy

  • Mining

  • Industry

  • Exchanging PLEX for ISK

EVE Online ISK.
EVE Online ISK.

How Much Does ISK Cost At The Moment?

We'll break down the current prices of ISK after taking the average of third-party websites' prices to determine the price of ISK. Keep in mind that each website selling ISK will have unique prices and that these prices will change over time due to the economy of EVE Online.

ISK (in millions)


154 million ISK


462 million ISK


770 million ISK


1541 million ISK


2311 million ISK


3082 million ISK


4622 million ISK


7704 million ISK


15408 million ISK


30817 million ISK


77042 million ISK


Despite the fact that you can buy ISK from third-party resellers, many of these resellers have a minimum purchase amount. For example, in many cases, you will not be able to buy less than 500 million ISK.

However, you are better off purchasing PLEX directly from the game and exchanging it for ISK (or even getting PLEX for free), as it is against the game's terms and conditions to purchase or trade ISK outside of EVE Online.

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