EVE Online: Omega and Plex Prices [Updated]

The latest price changes and updates in EVE Online are sure to be confusing, but this article will help you understand them!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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EVE Online: Omega and Plex Prices [Updated]

Unfortunately for everyone who plays or plans on playing EVE Online, the prices of subscription and in-game currencies (Omega and PLEX) have skyrocketed. This happened for the first time in 20 years, and the idea of developers is to invest in the growth and advancement of EVE Online with additional funds.

Evidently, this is probably the most expensive MMO title at the moment, which is probably going to deter many players from joining the world of EVE Online. In any case, if you were wondering about the current PLEX prices, as well as the prices of Omega game time subscription, this article will show you how much real money you'll need to invest in playing EVE Online.

What Are Omega and Plex In EVE Online?

It's time to reveal the current prices of Omega game time and PLEX, but let's first see what they are for those who aren't familiar with them. EVE Online is, in fact, a free-to-play title, which means that anyone can download and play it for free, with lots of limitations, though.

However, paying a monthly subscription allows players' characters to learn every possible skill in EVE Online, and this subscription is otherwise known as Omega. Paying for Omega also boosts the training speed two times compared to a free account (Alpha account), which allows two times faster progress.

Furthermore, Omega also unlocks various features that aren't available to free accounts, such as lower taxes on research and manufacturing jobs, Triglavian ship piloting, exporting from planetary colonies, and much more.

Omega monthly subscription comes in 4 different packages, including the one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month.


PLEX, or Pilot's License Extension, is an in-game currency in the form of an item used to obtain a variety of game perks. PLEX is primarily intended to accomplish:

  • Buying Omega game time
  • Getting Multiple character training
  • Buying apparel, services, and skins at the New Eden Store
  • Selling for ISK to other players.


In addition, PLEX can be stored in a secure location called the PLEX Vault - a shared space in your inventory that is accessible to all your account's characters. In addition to purchasing Omega and PLEX officially, you can also get them from third-party resellers, such as the ISKmarket, iGVault, G2G, PlayerAuctions, and so on, or you can even get PLEX for free

Getting Omega and PLEX this way is certainly not endorsed by the CCP games, but it can be an excellent way to save money while fully enjoying EVE Online.

How Much Does Omega Cost At The Moment?

This table gives you an overview of Omega's current prices, including the latest tiers.

1 month$19.99 USD19,99 €
2 months$35.98 USD35,98 €
3 months$47.98 USD47,98 €
6 months$86.95 USD86,95 €
12 months$149.90 USD149,90 €
24 months$270.99 USD270,99 €

How Much Does PLEX Cost At The Moment?

CCP Games have included completely new tier options for purchasing PLEX, allowing players to buy from 50 all up to 20000 PLEX. Below is a table with the current prices.

50 PLEX$2.49 USD2,49 €
100 PLEX$4.99 USD4.99 €
250 PLEX$12.49 USD12.49 €
500 PLEX$24.99 USD24.99 €
1,000 PLEX$44.99 USD44.99 €
1,500 PLEX$64.99 USD64.99 €
3,000 PLEX$124.99 USD124.99 €
6,000 PLEX$239.99 USD239.99 €
12,000 PLEX$419.99 USD419.99 €
20,000 PLEX$649.99 USD649.99 €

The latest price changes of Omega and PLEX introduced by CCP Games have caused a backlash from the EVE Online community, which players have voiced in official forums, subreddits, Discord groups, Steam groups, and social media.

In addition, many players have canceled their subscriptions as a form of protest, not to mention that a large percentage of players who wanted to start playing EVE Online have changed their minds because of the recent price increases.

CCP Games' recent announcement has the potential to affect EVE Online in a variety of ways, but it will remain to be seen if the game can survive this change.

Now that you know the prices of Omega and Plex, you might also be interested in learning the current prices of ISK

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