Top 15 Weapons PUBG

The weapons in PUBG that you’ll find scattered across the map have a variety of different attributes. You’ll find weapons that have great range, accuracy, fire rate, reload speeds, magazine sizes, damage ratings and these weapons also come in different classes such as sniper, assault rifles or SMGS to name a few. So we have endured the stress so you don’t have to and compiled a list of the top 15 weapons in PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Take a look.

#1 Pan

The way we would advertise this bad boy is essentially, better than nothing. This melee weapon can save your life when you’re backed into a corner. If there are no guns around, pick this one up and it just might save you from an early death. Here are the stats for this cast iron assassin:

  • Pick up delay: 150ms
  • Ready delay: 500ms
  • Body damage (no armour): 80
  • Headshot (no armour): 200
  • Weapon class: Melee

Basically, what these stats translate to is a blunt object that can take out an opponent in two swings to the body or one to the head. This can be invaluable when you’ve just landed and everyone is scrambling around to find something worth using. We would not advise you using this outside of the first few moments of a game unless you really enjoy a challenge. In short, grab this one until you find anything that shoots bullets.

#2: M416

Now we have the German-engineered assault rifle, the M416. This gun is rather popular within the PUBG community due to the versatility it can provide. This gun can basically take any attachment that you come across, making it a great option for a wide range of players. Here is a list of key stats for the M416:

  • Body damage (no armour): 41
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 101
  • Magazine size: 30
  • Rate of fire: 0.0857 m/s
  • Range: 445m
  • Weapon class: Assault rifle

This weapon has a decent damage rating which will take out any unarmoured opponent with a headshot. Its rate of fire is outstanding, meaning you can get a series of shots in fast if you catch a player out in the open. Plus this one is decent from range too, allowing you to take up good positions and get the drop on enemies. Overall, the M416 is a great choice for beginners and pros alike.

#3 Scar-L

Now we have the American assault rifle, the Scar-L. This gun is a great option for players that want something similar to the M416 and are willing to swap rate of fire for better damage at range and a more favourable recoil rating. Here is a list of stats for the Scar-L:

  • Body damage (no armour): 41
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 101
  • Magazine size: 30
  • Rate of fire: 0.096 m/s
  • Range: 495m
  • Weapon class: Assault rifle

This gun boasts an excellent bullet speed which allows for better results from range, a damage capacity that can take out unarmoured players with one headshot and also has a great rate of fire, even if it is slightly slower than the M416. If you weren’t liking the M416 but want something similar, this may be the one you’re looking for.

#4 AKM

Now we have the AKM, the PUBG version of the Kalashnikov. This one is an assault rifle for players that prefer power over accuracy. The AKM has a real kick to it which can make it perfect for enclosed spaces and close range encounters. Here is a list of stats for the AKM:

  • Body damage (no armour): 47
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 115.1
  • Magazine size: 30
  • Rate of fire: 0.100 m/s
  • Range: 290m
  • Weapon class: Assault rifle

This weapon is admittedly rather poor from long range and doesn’t have the fastest rate of fire either. However, it more than makes up for this with an impact that will take out a fully armoured enemy with just five body shots. This one is all about engaging the enemy in enclosed spaces and making each bullet count.

#5 UMP9

Now we move onto a submachine gun in the form of the UMP9. This spiritual successor to the MP5 is one of the most powerful SMG’s in the whole game and has a surprisingly low recoil rating considering its classification. Here is a list of stats for the UMP9

  • Body damage (no armour): 39
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 70.2
  • Magazine size: 25
  • Rate of fire: 0.085 m/s
  • Range: 200m
  • Weapon class: Submachine gun

This one is perfect for close-range encounters and can handle itself at medium range due to the high accuracy and bullet speed of this gun. Plus, as you would expect, the rate of fire is lightning quick, so expect to rattle off multiple shots with ease. It’ll take six shots to the body to take down a fully armoured enemy but with accuracy and rate of fire like this, that’s not to hard to manage. Be sure to give this one a try.

#6 Vector

Now we have another SMG and this time, it’s the Vector. This one plays rather similarly to the UMP9 but has a much more favourable rate of fire and less recoil to boot. However, you will find this one lacking in damage when making this comparison. Here are the stats for the vector:

  • Body damage (no armour): 31
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 55.8
  • Magazine size: 19
  • Rate of fire: 0.055 m/s
  • Range: 150m
  • Weapon class: submachine gun

This gun isn’t as much of a hard hitter as the UMP9 and also doesn’t have the same abilities from medium ranges. However, when up and close with the enemy, this gun will spurt bullets out with amazing speed, meaning that you’ll have your opponent dealt with before they can even blink. One thing to take into account is the magazine size which can be quite limiting, so make every bullet count. So, if you’re looking for something fast and accurate, the Vector is a great choice.

#7 P18C

Moving onto the pistols and here we have the Glock inspired, P18C. This one may have the lowest damage output of any pistol in PUBG. However, due to its fantastic rate of fire which rivals some SMG’s, plus an outstanding level of accuracy, this one is still a very viable option indeed. Here is a list of stats for the P18C:

  • Body damage (no armour): 22.4
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 44.9
  • Magazine size: 17
  • Rate of fire: 0.06 m/s
  • Range: 75m
  • Weapon class : Pistol

This pistol has a decent magazine size to negate the need for constant reloading, it retains accuracy even at medium ranges and that rate of fire is the real showpiece for this weapon. The recoil can be a challenge to control with this pistol but with an attachment to control this issue you’ll hardly notice. Overall, it’s fast, it’s accurate and it’s a great secondary to compliment your main weapon. What more could you ask for?

#8 Kar98k

Looking for a blast from the past? Well, what about our next entry, the bolt action king, the Kar98k. This retro rifle is highly sought after on the battlefield for its ability to one-shot players with even a level two helmet. It’s a master of long-range engagements and packs one hell of a punch. Here is a list of stats for the Kar98k:

  • Body damage (no armour): 102.70
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 197.5
  • Magazine size: 5
  • Rate of fire: 1.9 seconds
  • Range: 500m
  • Weapon class: sniper rifle

This bad boy has enough power to almost kill a player twice over with no ammo. Not to mention that it is impeccably accurate up to ranges of 500m away. Which means you can pick off enemies rather than rushing into battles and engaging to close-quarters combat. The downside to this one is the rate of fire and reload speeds which are both ridiculously slow. In short, this one is for players who like to engage from a distance and are capable of making each shot count.

#9 AWM

Next up is a little beauty produced in Britain, the AWM. This one is the most powerful gun in the entire game, being able to one-shot any player with any level of armour from up to 100 metres away. It has a ridiculous amount of damage that makes it ideal for end game battles. Here is a rundown of the AWM stats:

  • Body damage (no armour): 136.5
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 262.50
  • Magazine size: 5
  • Rate of fire: 1.85 seconds
  • Range: 650m
  • Weapon class: Sniper rifle

This one much like all sniper rifles isn’t quick with reload times and has a slow rate of fire. However, the range of this weapon is sublime, the power of the impact doesn’t drop with distance and the damage is insanely high. However, you can only receive this one is in airdrops so don’t expect to find this in the first house you ransack for loot. Overall, if you’re a fan of sniping in PUBG, there is no substitute for the quality of the AWM.

#10 SG86

Now we move onto the chaotic weapon class, the shotgun. Our first shotgun entry is the SG86, a gun that is commonly associated with hunting. This gun is best known for its burst damage at close range and it’s the ability to fire two shots one after the other rapidly. Here is a rundown of the SG86 stats:

  • Body damage (no armour): 23.1×9
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 34.7×9
  • Magazine size: 2
  • Rate of fire: 0.2 seconds
  • Range: 80m
  • Weapon class: Shotgun

The SG86 does have it’s drawbacks in the form of its double-barrel magazine size and its woeful accuracy from range which is only aided slightly with a choke equipped. However, this is all irrelevant from close range when you have the ability to land to extremely powerful hits which will take out pretty much any opponent you come across from point-blank range. So if you like getting up close and personal, the SG86 is your ideal companion.

#11 Mini 14

Now we have a semi-automatic rifle in the form of the Mini-14. This miniature version of the M14 battle rifle. This one deals a reasonable level of damage, has great bullet speed which translates to a gun that is competent from range and has a decent magazine size which can come in handy if luck isn’t on your side when searching for loot. Here is a look at the stats for the mini-14:

  • Body damage (no armour): 48.30
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 108.1
  • Magazine size: 20
  • Rate of fire: 0.13333 seconds
  • Range: 400m
  • Weapon class: Designated Marksman rifle

For its classification, this gun also has a rather favourable rate of fire, making it great for picking off-targets with multiple accurate ranged shots. This helps to account for the slightly underwhelming damage but overall, this is a gun has a lot to offer to players that like the option of player offensively and from all ranges.

#12 SKS

Another designated marksman rifle joins the party in the form of the SKS. This gun acts sort of like a hybrid between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. It lacks the same abilities from long range as fully-fledged snipers. However, from medium ranges, you can be quite a nuisance with this in your hands. Here are the stats for the SKS:

  • Body damage (no armour): 55.6
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 124.5
  • Magazine size: 10
  • Rate of fire: 0.09 seconds
  • Range: 400m
  • Weapon class: designated marksman rifle

Very few guns within PUBG can offer a high rate of fire, long-range capabilities and high damage capacity, so this makes the SKS one hell of an option. The downsides include a high level of recoil and a quite small magazine size but as a whole, this gun offers one of the best options to players you love going about their business from medium ranges. If this is you, be sure to try this one out.

#13 M249

Moving into the realm of light machine guns this time with the M249. This bulky gun that you may recognise from COD4 really excels in clearing a packed room with a large magazine size, damage output that rivals most assault rifles and a rate of fire so fast that you’ll rip through enemy squads before they even know what hit them. Here are the stats belonging to the M249:

  • Body damage (no armour): 45
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 103.4
  • Magazine size: 100
  • Rate of fire: 0.075 m/s
  • Range: 450m
  • Weapon class: Light Machine Gun

Admittedly, this gun does have some downsides. It has a very long reload time when you finally exhaust the large magazine. In fact, it’s the longest of any gun in the game. Plus, this one does have low recoil but with the excessive bullets you’ll be firing, it can be hard to keep this gun’s fire accurate. Overall, it’s a very situational weapon but one that is unparalleled when the situation arises.

#14 QBZ95

We move back to assault rifles for our fourteenth entry, the QBZ95. This Chinese assault rifle maintains its power even at range and has a decent damage output to accommodate this. Here are the stats for the QBZ95:

  • Body damage (no armour): 41
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 101
  • Magazine size: 30
  • Rate of fire: 0.092 m/s
  • Range: 350m
  • Weapon class: Assault rifle

This weapon is very similar to both the M416 and the Scar-L. This one is perhaps slightly less favourable than both of these weapons but this one is more commonly found and isn’t too much of a drop in performance. In short, if you like assault rifles, pick this one up until you come across the others on this list.


Then lastly, we have a semi-automatic shotgun in the form of the S12K. This one is brilliant from close range, does devastating damage and thanks to its larger magazine, you can take out multiple enemies without worrying about reloading as you would do with a double-barrel shotgun. Here are the stats for the S12K:

  • Body damage (no armour): 17×9
  • Headshot damage (no armour): 25.7×9
  • Magazine size: 5
  • Rate of fire: 0.25 seconds
  • Range: 65m
  • Weapon class: Shotgun

The high points for this weapon include its rate of fire, larger magazine but does suffer in terms of accuracy. Unless used at close range, this gun will offer very little even with a choke equipped. Plus landing consecutive shots can be tricky due to a large amount of recoil. Overall, it’s a high risk for a high reward kind of weapon and if that’s how you like to play, this one could be of real use to you.

Gear up and get going!

Now that you have all the info you need to pick the best weapon for you, when you drop into battle you must have to think twice about what loot you need. You can bomb into the closest room, grab the best, leave the rest and get going. Let’s just hope you don’t get stuck with the frying pan. Ironically, not the best way to cook yourself up some chicken dinners.