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How To Easily Record World Of Warcraft Gameplay And Clips

Here are top-tier quick methods of recording World Of Warcraft gameplay videos and clips without FPS Drops!
How To Easily Record World Of Warcraft Gameplay And Clips

Is there any better way to preserve all the cherished memories from World Of Warcraft than to record its gameplay? We don't think so. Screenshots are alright, but they can't even come close to videos or clips. Just think of all the raids, arena battles, and guild gatherings you never wish to forget. 

And that's why we wrote this article — to show you how to always keep those wonderful World Of Warcraft memories by recording its gameplay in the form of videos and clips. 

We'll show you the breeziest and choicest programs to accomplish that and a guide to using them.

What’s The Best Way To Record World Of Warcraft Gameplay and Clips?

Derived from our personal experience, the best way to record World Of Warcraft gameplay and clips is by using Powder and Gazoom. The firstly mentioned program, Powder, uses artificial intelligence to automatically captures WoW clips for you, so you won't be distracted by recording the gameplay yourself. Our second suggestion, Gazoom, supports auto-capturing clips and has a multitude of advanced editing features, making it perfect for those who like to add effects or filters to their gameplay clips. 

How To Record World Of Warcraft Clips In A Few Clicks?

If you don't care about any of this and just want to start recording World Of Warcraft gameplay this very moment, we've got you covered. But for that, you will need to have at least Windows 10 installed on your PC; otherwise, this won't work. 

If you meet this simple requirement, you have an Xbox Game Bar installed on your PC, which you can use to record World Of Warcraft videos or clips instantly. 

Using an Xbox Game Bar is as easy as falling off a log.

So if you'd like to record World Of Warcraft clips for up to 30 seconds, press down the Windows button + Alt + G hotkey, or if you wish to record videos, press down the Windows button + Alt + R. 

As you can see, this is quite easily grasped. Plus, you won't need to download or set everything up since everything is already configured and set.

The Best Methods Of Recording Gameplay and Clips In World Of Warcraft

For this article to be credible, we had to download and sample each available gameplay recording software ourselves, rather than relying on internet reviews. 

After doing so, we eliminated most of them and came down in favor of three programs which you'll see below. In our opinion, these are the best programs you can use to record World Of Warcraft gameplay.

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Method #1: Nvidia GeForce Experience

Our first choice is GeForce Experience, and here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Before using this program, you'll need to register an Nvidia account.
  1. Make sure you download the latest version of GeForce Experience from the official source, and after installing it, this program will automatically run.
  2. Select the settings cog icon in the upper corner of the main menu.
  3. Click the gray button to enable the "In-game overlay."
  4. Choose "Settings" under the "In-game overlay."
Some of the preset profiles for video capture.

There's no need to adjust anything here, as these settings are pre-configured based on your graphic card. However, if you still wish to do it, you'll be able to change everything from audio and video options to the default video storage folder. 

Then once you're ready to record World Of Warcraft using the GeForce Experience, just press down Alt + F9 to record videos (of any length) or Alt + F9 to record clips, and you'll be able to find these World Of Warcraft videos and clips in C:\Users\<Username>\Videos folder.

Method #2: Radeon ReLive

Our second choice is AMD's Radeon ReLive software, which you can learn how to use by following these steps:

ReLive is turned off by default, for some reason.
  1. Download the latest version of the Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition from the official AMD website, and restart your PC after installing the program.
  2. Then, open the AMD Radeon Settings and select the ReLive tab.
  3. Click on the button to enable the ReLive function, which is off by default.
You can also stream World Of Warcraft using Radeon ReLive.

When you previously restarted your PC, Radeon ReLive configured all the settings after scanning your graphic card, so you won't need to change anything in the settings. 

What you should do, however, is enable the "Instant Replay," "Instant Gif," and "In-game Replay" options which can be very useful in recording World Of Warcraft clips or creating gifs that you can easily share wherever you want. 

To begin recording WoW gameplay using the Radeon ReLive, press Ctrl + Shift + R keyboard hotkey, and you'll find these videos and clips in the C:\Users\<Username>\Videos\Radeon ReLive folder.

Method #3: Open Broadcaster Software

Our third and final choice is the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), so here's how you can use it:

Don't skip the auto-configuration wizard, or you'll need to configure everything manually.
  1. Download the OBS program, and once you run it initially, you'll receive an auto-configuration wizard prompt that can allow you to configure everything within a few clicks. 
  2. From the main menu of OBS, select the + icon under the "Sources" tab.
  3. Lastly, select the "Game Capture" and write anything you wish into the field, then confirm it.
It looks very complicated, and it can be, to beginners.

In case you didn't know, OBS isn't just a game recording program, and it's mainly used for streaming so that you can stream World Of Warcraft on every possible platform utilizing this program.

If you need to change settings at any moment, just head to the "File" in the upper left corner and then choose "Settings." 

We suggest you configure the keyboard hotkey, so you won't have to return to the main menu of OBS every time you wish to start recording. 

Once you wish to record World Of Warcraft via OBS, just use the keyboard hotkey or click on the "Start Recording" from the main menu. 

The default videos and clips storage folder is C:\Users\<Username>\Videos, and that's where you'll find your World Of Warcraft videos and clips. 

Other Mentionable Ways Of Recording World Of Warcraft Gameplay

Lastly, here's our honorable mentions list of programs you can use to record World Of Warcraft, in case you aren't satisfied with our top three choices:

  • Fraps (Stable and reliable game recording software that hasn't been updated since 2013)
  • Action! (Low CPU usage while recording, but you can't set the custom frame rate or bit rate)
  • Gamecaster (An excellent choice for newbies who don't know how to set anything up, but comes with limited options)
  • Adobe Captivate (Ideal for content creators who make walkthroughs and guides, but comes with a costly monthly subscription)
  • Shadowplay (Superb quality of recorded videos and clips, but doesn't support AMD graphic cards)

So we hope you found your screen recorder favorites among our top three programs and honorable mentions. If you didn't, either you have a particular choice, or your favorite wasn't worth mentioning.

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