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Best Swedish Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here are the best Swedish tanks with which you'll be crushing your opponents!
Best Swedish Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

A nation that is perhaps known for its meatballs, furniture, and being neutral in WW2, Sweden actually has some exceptional tank designs. This shows in World of Tanks too: you can drive many of the Swedish tech tree tanks to see their power for yourself. Sweden is a relatively new nation in the game and there are only three Swedish tank lines, ending with the Strv 103B, Kranvagn, or the UDES 15/16. Let's look at the best Swedish tanks, tier by tier.


Tier X- Strv 103B

Second-highest DPM in the entire game, outstanding accuracy of 0.3 dispersion per 100m, and a high camouflage value make the Strv 103B one of the deadliest vehicles in WoT. It is an excellent sniper tank destroyer: it pairs a deadly gun with invisibility. It also features good mobility, low terrain resistance, and a top speed of 50 km/h.  

strv 103b

Don't be tricked into going for a more forward role, because your armor is not adequate enough, and your health pool is low. Play this tank by taking up a good position and engaging the enemy from afar, and your team will soon see victory!


Tier IX- UDES 16

This tier IX medium tank boasts a low profile, great camouflage values, and a decent specific power- meaning the power for its weight. Its gun will provide adequate alpha damage, but its premium ammunition is of limited use

udes 16

The armor is very thin, but it's well-angled, so you will be able to bounce a few shots. Its role is as a versatile medium tank- one of your strongest advantages will be your high mobility.


Tier VIII- Emil I

A heavy tank with a three-shot autoloader and an unusually small silhouette, the Emil I heavy tank also features good gun depression and penetration values. The turret armor is exceptionally thick. When it comes to disadvantages, this tank still has quite a few: poor mobility, thin side armor, and a below-average view range

emil I

Its main role is as a support heavy tank, and the gun depression values will certainly help in difficult terrain. The armor is likely to bounce a few shots. Love heavy tanks? Check out our list of the best heavy tanks in WoT!


Tier VII- Ikv 90 Typ B

While the Ikv 90 Typ B has never even made it to the prototype phase historically, it is a significant piece of weaponry in World of Tanks. As is already common with Swedish vehicles, it offers great gun depression, and also excellent penetration values

ikv 90 typ b

However, it has a very low amount of HP and a not-so-high alpha damage value. Take advantage of this TD's speed to occupy a good position, but since the survivability is not very high, avoid being shot at by enemy tanks.


Tier VI- Ikv 65 Alt II

This lightweight and quick tank destroyer will prove to be a nightmare for the enemy team with its penetration values. It performs exceptionally well in the role of a sniper, with its good camouflage values and a good reverse speed in case you're still spotted. Keep an eye out on your engine, as it can easily suffer a lot of damage. 


It provides only poor armor protection, so avoid getting spotted and hit by the enemy team if you want to exploit the full potential of the Ikv 65 Alt II. Love playing tank destroyers? Check out this list of the best tank destroyers in WoT!


Tier V- Strv m/42

This tank was developed on the chassis of the Lago tank, and in some ways it's similar: it doesn't excel in a particular category, but it's also not exceptionally bad at any. One thing is certain: it offers a great -15 degrees of gun depression at the top statistics. 

strv m42

One of the biggest disadvantages of this medium tank is its low top speed, at 45 km/h, and its long aiming time. It performs well as a support vehicle, and its gun depression values will give you an advantage on hills.


Tier IV- Lago

The Lago medium tank is a mobile vehicle with a decent gun depression value. While it does not excel particularly in any category, it's a balanced vehicle except for its painfully slow aim time of four seconds. The gun is upgradeable to a 7.5 cm cannon with significantly better damage values. 


In order to make the aiming time better, you can upgrade to a second turret. Are you a big fan of medium tanks? We guessed so! Check out our list of the best medium tanks in WoT.


Tier III- Strv m/40L

This light tank might have an average HP and an average damage value, but it has the most accurate gun for a non-premium tier III vehicle after the Renault UE 57 with a dispersion of 0.38 at 100m! It also boasts decent armor and a gun depression of -15 degrees. 

Strv M40L

Keep in mind that this tank has a higher dispersion when moving and that it plays more like a medium than a light tank. Don't forget to take advantage of your gun depression value when playing on maps with lots of hills!

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