Best French Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here are some of the mightiest French vehicles to win every battle!

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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Best French Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

The French tech tree offers a great variety of exceptional tanks, and their characteristics vary a lot based on their tier, time period, and role. Lower-tier French tanks tend to focus on armor more than higher-tier vehicles, but higher-tier tanks have significantly better guns and mobility. While most of them are geared towards offensive action, these tanks are very individual and each one has special strengths and weaknesses. Let's take a look at the vehicles, tier by tier.

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Tier X- AMX 30 B

With an impressive 3,000 DPM, -8 degrees of gun depression, and a top speed of 65km/h, the AMX 30 B poses a real threat to your enemies. This DPM-blasting machine also has a view range of 410m, some of the best in the entire game.


On the downside, it has horrible penetration values, poor armor, and subpar accuracy. The AMX 30 B is a great support tank, and its mobility is its main strength. The good gun depression value will also give you an advantage on sloped terrain.

2 /8

Tier IX- Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP

This tank, whose development was canceled in the design stage, proves to be an excellent medium support tank in the game. It has a great top speed for a medium at 65 km/h, good acceleration, and a small silhouette with good camo.


The armor is negligible and the gun handling could be improved. Use your ammo wisely by unloading your full clip onto the enemy, trading it for one shot. Avoid getting hit, as your survivability is low and your modules are vulnerable.

3 /8

Tier VIII- AMX AC mle. 48

The AMX AC mle. 48 is a tank destroyer with tough frontal armor, good gun accuracy and alpha damage, and a top speed of 50 km/h. It also provides an exceptional 2,285 DPM. However, this TD isn't without downsides. They include thin rear and side armor, a large profile, and low HP.


The best way to play this vehicle is as a support tank destroyer: try to avoid being spotted and shot, and don't expose your sides. Love tank destroyers? You'll also love our article about the best TDs in WoT!

4 /8

Tier VII- AMX M4 mle. 45

This heavy tank shares many of its characteristics with its predecessor, the ARL 44. There are four guns to choose from, with varying accuracy, aiming time, and penetration. The grind to it is easy, and it offers -10 degrees of gun depression.


The armor might be poor, but the mobility is good for a heavy. It performs great in a supporting sniping role. Try to avoid being hit, as your armor won't be enough, and deal damage from a safe position.

5 /8

Tier VI- ARL 44

The ARL 44 features extreme penetration, while also offering a top speed of 37 km/h, which isn't bad for a heavy tank. The upper glacis is thick and angled, but the rest of the armor is lacking. The DPM of the ARL 44 is also low, but the good news is that you can upgrade to the 90mm F3 gun with improved stats.


Another advantage of this tank is its good view and signal range. If you like this list so far, you might also want to find out what are the best heavy tanks in WoT!

6 /8

Tier V- AMX ELC bis

This small, stealthy light tank is going to surprise your enemy in a dangerous way; it's the complete opposite of the previous French vehicles in the game. Once upgraded to the 90mm D. 915 gun, the tank will spew even more damage, but at the cost of a slower reload and aim time.


The gun depression, at -5 degrees, isn't great either. But a low silhouette, good camouflage, and a powerful gun make the AMX ELC bis a fun tank to play.

7 /8

Tier IV- Somua SAu 40

This tank destroyer was first designed as an SPG, and only later got converted to its main role. It also offers a 105mm howitzer- in case you want to change up the gameplay. You can count on its -10 degrees of gun depression to help you in a terrain full of hills, and on its 430HP when facing the enemy.


It's pretty high on the list of tier IV TDs when it comes to Damage Per Minute. Its drawbacks include poor mobility and weak spots on the armor.

8 /8

Tier III- Lorraine 39L AM

This French self-propelled gun pairs a huge amount of damage with a short aiming time for its class (5.5s), all while keeping the DPM high. It also has a small silhouette, making it a difficult target to hit. Some of the problems it encounters are a narrow gun arc, slow top speed, and a long reload time.


The Lorraine 39L AM also has great camouflage values, which, when combined with its deadly gun, will make a great impression on your team. Love playing SPGs? You'll also love our list of the best SPGs in WoT

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