Are There Bots In Lost Ark? Everything you need to know

Find out all the info about bots in Lost Ark!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Are There Bots In Lost Ark? Everything you need to know

If you somehow missed all of the Lost Ark hype and would like to start playing now, you'd surely want to know if this game is free of bots, so you can fully immerse yourself in it. We'll answer that question for you, and give you lots of additional bot-related information, so keep scrolling to find out more.

Are There Bots In Lost Ark?

Yes, there are bots in Lost Ark, used solely for gaining an advantage through automatic actions, like auto gathering, looting, combat, and more.

Most importantly, they are used for farming gold in massive amounts, but an update has changed quest rewards from gold to silver, which discouraged many players who used bots for gold farming.

Nevertheless, they have been part of Lost Ark since its release, and Smilegate RPG has removed over a million accounts aiming to punish the players and enforce bot bans.


Despite this ban wave, the bots kept emerging in Lost Ark, forcing the Lost Ark devs to enforce additional features that hopefully will restrain the bots. Unfortunately, these features mean that all Lost Ark players who spent less than $5 on Steam will have limited accounts, and they won't be able to make P2P trades, send gifts in the game, or exchange Royal Crystals for gold. On top of this, these limited players won't be able to send mails with attachments in the game to prevent spam, which is also a massive issue in Lost Ark.

To discover if other games have a similar issue, find out if there are bots in Crossfire Apex Legends, and World of Tanks.

Do Bots Make Or Break The Lost Ark Experience?

Bots definitely break the Lost Ark experience; there's no doubt about it. There have been cases of players running hundreds of multiple clients to gather various in-game resources, including the Chaos Dungeons, reputations, and Chaos Portals. It’s like a bot farm when you think of it. And don’t even get us started about bots used for spamming in Lost Ark.


These players remain undetected for a long time, even if they get reported because there are too many requests and too many players (more like bots). Apparently, there is almost the same number of bots as the players, which can permanently ruin the game, by making players leave, and discouraging new players from starting to play.

But even if we take this inequity aside, one of the most destructive things about bots in Lost Ark is that they are entirely accountable for the Auction House inflation. Instead of regular players defining the prices at the AH, it’s bots that are responsible for that.

This has wholly hampered the in-game economy, which is a huge part of the game. Although F2P MMO game such as Lost Ark is basically an open invitation to bots, the developers of Lost Ark need to step up if they want the game to prevail, unless they want Lost Ark's player base to consist exclusively of bots. If that's their goal, then they are totally going to reach it sooner than they believe.

How Can Developers Stop Bots From Appearing In Lost Ark?

There are many additional features that developers can implement into the game to prevent new bots from appearing. Although there's no perfect way to completely eradicate them, these implementations could make the game far more enjoyable.


For instance, developers could add a phone number-based two-factor authentication bound to each account, a captcha system when creating characters, and active game masters like World Of Warcraft has. Theoretically, this could improve the gameplay remarkably, so let's hope that Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games employees will read this article and take these suggestions.

How To Identify Bots In Lost Ark?

Identifying bots in Lost Ark is a piece of cake, particularly because they come in swarms, and they have absurd randomized usernames.


Furthermore, they will keep doing repetitious actions for a long time or may even disappear through the solid objects, form a "train" and walk in one line, and do other non-human actions. So if you ever passed the tutorial in the Lost Ark, there is a big chance you've seen bots. Not one, but too many of them.

What Classifies As A Bot In Gaming?

Not all bots are used for misdeeds, for those of you who might not know. On the contrary, developers implement bots in many games to make that game a cut above. These bots are much different from those mentioned above because they are actually quite valuable. For instance, they can assist the players in many ways, such as playing in their teams, filling out the space of a disconnected player, or simply used for practicing. One of the most notable examples is bots in CS2 (CSGO), which fill out the empty slots so that both teams have an equal number of players, but they can also be taken control of by dead players. 

As a rule, bots in FPS or MOBA titles are valuable, and in many cases, it's far more useful having a bot by your side than a horrible human teammate. In fact, bots in contemporary FPS games can be pretty intelligent, so if you give them commands, they will follow them, unlike the majority of the human players.

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