How to get a better Ping in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a great mobile game and one of the most popular mobile shooter games around however, this doesn't mean connectivity issues don't exist. Having issues with connections to game servers isn't a new thing or an issue exclusive to PUBG Mobile. Dealing with them can be pretty annoying but it gets frustrating when your ping suffers due to them. Thankfully, there are various methods you can try to reduce this problem and potentially increase your PUBG Mobile ping.

What is Ping?

Ping refers to the time it takes for data to be transmitted between your device and a server on the internet and back to your device again. While the correct term is latency, it's better known as ping when it comes to online gaming. Having a high ping means that it takes a long time for data to be transmitted between your device and the server which causes information delay and game lag. Keeping ping as low as possible is the best option since this means you visually see what's happening on the server when it happens to allow for better reactions and gameplay overall.

Why would my ping be high in PUBG Mobile?

If you have a high ping then you'll probably notice a lot of lag in the game. This is due to the slow connection which could occur for a wide variety of reasons. Usually, if you have high ping this would mean you've connected to a server outside of your region or to a server further away within your region. However, this depends on the game and with PUBG Mobile this isn't a likely cause.Some games allow you to choose which region to search for but this isn't usually the case for online mobile games. Ping can also spike during matches for different reasons which aren't usually a concern unless this happens frequently or at the same point during games. If your PUBG Mobile ping is spiking during matches or as more of the world loads in then you'll need to consider trying some of these methods.Keep in mind however, it might not be caused by your device. They could be due to your network connection and might even be related to the PUBG Mobile game itself. This means that fixing the problem might not so simple.

Method 1: Modify your Wi-Fi Settings

If you're playing the game on a wireless connection then problems are more likely to happen due to a weak connection. Even with a good wi-fi connection however, problems can exist so manually configuring your wi-fi settings can help. Doing this will mean that all network resources are redirected to the application currently running which would help to lower your PUBg mobile ping over time.This method might vary slightly according to the operating system of your phone and the version you're currently running. However, this is the basic walkthrough of this method:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Find and Open the WiFi section
  3. Scroll through it to find “Traffic Mode” options
  4. Modify this to Extreme Mode

This will give the app open in the foreground most of the bandwidth and might stop background processes from connecting to the network. If you use this method then we advise that you change it back to Regular Mode after playing the game to ensure nothing in the background is permanently disconnected.

Method 2: Disable Background Syncing

Applications you have installed on your phone usually sync with the cloud to receiver updated data or send data from your phone. This takes up resources on your phone which can cause problems for some mobile games, including PUBG Mobile. Background syncing and refreshing like this can also be draining on battery life and to your mobile data plan.It's possible to stop apps from background syncing but this is something that needs to be changed manually for each app. Limiting the number of apps that can sync in the background will be beneficial long-term, especially for apps that update frequently. This includes popular apps such as Facebook, Google-owned apps, Twitter, Email and more.

Disable Background Syncing on iOS Devices

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open General
  3. Tap the “Background App Refresh”
  4. From here you can click the slider to turn it off for all apps or turn this off for certain apps

Disable Background Syncing on Android Devices

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap through to Data Usage
  3. For Mobile Data there's an option called “Mobile Data Usage”, tap it
  4. On the screen with a graph, scroll down to see the apps using the most data on your phone
  5. Tap one of them to open their page then press the “Allow Background Data Usage” slider to turn this off
  6. This needs to be done manually for each app you'd like to turn off

On Android, once you've accessed the page for each app to see their data usage there is different information. It displays how much data us being used in the foreground, background and total data being used. This lets you see how much the app is working in the background without it being launched for use. You can also look at how much it uses over different periods which is great for working out which apps to disable.

Method 3: Free up space on the device

This sounds like a very simple solution but a lack of hard drive space is something that can cause problems for any type of device, mobile included. It's not always obvious until you go to download another app and the phone tells you there's not enough space left on the device. Double-checking the apps you have installed every so often will help reduce this issue.Deleting apps on your phone is the best way to free up space but videos can take up a lot as well. It's a good idea to save them to a cloud platform instead if possible so they're not saved directly on your phone.

Method 4: Move Servers

PUBG Mobile ping problems can be caused by a variety of problems and one of the more difficult ones to fix it when it's not related to your device or wi-fi. Servers can struggle during heavy demand or could be having trouble due to other reasons which then gives you a higher ping while playing. If you've tried everything on this list and still can't find a solution then this is what you'll want to do.Keep in mind, however, that this requires a VPN. The free ones you can download from the store usually don't allow people to change what server they get placed into for games. Only a paid version of a VPN would do this. Be sure to read the description fully before downloading any of them to attempt this method.

Method 5: Check your network connection

It sounds obvious but this can be easy to forget about. PUBG Mobile ping problems might be caused by your network connection. There are three things to check and try since they could be the cause of your problems.

  • Make sure you're using Wi-Fi: Disconnect from Mobile Data and connect to the wi-fi instead of a more stable connection. Using wi-fi should help to bring your ping down assuming your network isn't experiencing problems at the time. Mobile Data is not as reliable so games such as PUBG Mobile can have trouble when trying to use it.
  • Confirm your internet is working: If your ping is bad then there's a chance there's an issue with your network. Check you can open a web browser on your phone and if so, do a Speed Test to see what your internet speeds look like. If it's very slow then this is the cause of your problems. Afterwards, it's a good idea to check your Internet Service Providers (ISP) website to see if there are any known issue in your area.
  • Restart the router: This is a good option for any internet problem across all devices. Sometimes routers just start having problems which can slow the speed, results in video buffering and high ping in online games. Turning it off and on again might bring the internet down for a few minutes but when it returns the problem should be fixed. Depending on your router, it might take a while for your device to have an internet connection again.

If you need to restart the router then remember to ask other members of your household to ensure this is a good time to do it. If they're also experiencing network issues then this is a likely cause for your PUBG Mobile troubles. Even if they're not, make sure it's a good time to do this since it will bring the internet down for everyone in the house.

Method 6: Repair the PUBG Mobile app

Updates don't always install properly and if you're suddenly having problems after a recent change to the game, this could be the problem. Sadly, there is no easy way to repair the app on mobile devices at the moment. To fix this, you'll want to reinstall the PUBG Mobile app but it will also uninstall your configs and custom controls or settings. We advise you back up the information so you can re-apply them easier once the game has been reinstalled.

Method 7: Upgrade your router

This is as “last hope” option for if you're unable to find any other possible solution. There's a possibility that your router is either too weak or is congested due to the number of wireless devices in the house. You would most likely be experiencing problems in other games and viewing online videos as well if the router is weak due to age or a hardware problem.

Have the ISP check the device

If you're noticing long-term problems with the internet then the account holder will need to contact the ISP to see if they can check the connection or the device and replace or fix it if they confirm it's broken. If it's a very old device then you might want to consider getting a new one or potentially upgrading to a new plan for a better internet connection.

Get a new router

Most smart devices operate on the 2.4GHz range which provides wireless internet to a larger area but it sacrifices speed to do so. A 5GHz router, however, provides high speeds for smaller distance coverage instead. There's a bit more to it but this is the idea. If the account holder decides to upgrade to a new router then this page from CenturyLink ( provides more information about how it works and with some real-world range comparisons.Getting a 5GHz router would help stop congestion due to the number of active devices attached and increase your ping. This is obviously dependant on other factors as well such as range since being further away from the device will still give you poor ping.

What to do if the above doesn't work?

Check the official game pages

Before doing anything, we do advise checking the official PUBG Mobile website and social media accounts. The game may be having some temporary issues caused by a limited number of servers placing players in further away servers, some kind of DDoS attack making servers slow and other such reasons. When issues occur, the developer will usually confirm there's a problem and announce they're working to fix it. If there's no message then the user will be posting about problems on the Reddit page or PUBG Mobile Discord groups as well.

Restart the game and device

While this is a bit of a joke, restarting the device is a classic problem fix for many technical issues relating to both hardware and software. This is something you should always do when you encounter a problem with a mobile device or otherwise. Sometimes software and hardware can have trouble which might not be that obvious but a reboot allows the device to turn itself back on correctly. If a software or hardware has been online for quite some time then this can sometimes result in them becoming slow or having other issues, especially if the device is older.Restarting PUBG Mobile or the device after implementing other methods also ensure they take effect. This can be especially true for network problems depending on the device you're using or for problems relating to other software installed on the device. Sometimes fixes will work but they don't always show this until the next time the game is launched. Restarting the game will confirm if the method fixed the problem or not and if you need to continue applying potential fixes.

Uninstall new apps

If you notice a PUBG Mobile ping problem consistently after making any changes to the game or after downloading a new application, remove them. Some applications or configs might be reacting badly to the game or something else on your device. The result is ping problems or slower hardware even. Removing them and testing the game for a time again will let you see if this was the issue.Mobile devices come with a built-in antivirus which should protect you from anything nasty looking to infect the hardware. Viruses can cause problems if your in-built security isn't regularly updated for some reason. While this software does update and scan by itself, you can do this manually too if you want to be certain this isn't a problem. This can be located through the Settings and Security tabs though the exact pathway varies according to the device.PUBG Mobile ping isn't something that's always a consistent problem. We all experience lag and ping problems in online games at some point and it's always annoying when we do. When it does become a consistent problem however, there are various solutions to help reduce the ping you see in the game to give you a better gameplay experience. Restarting the device and the game is a great start for troubleshooting but if this doesn't work then there are a lot more methods to test.However, you do need to remember that there are a variety of reasons why you might be getting ping problems. Not all of these are easy to solve and they might not be fixable at all depending on what the cause is. If the problem is coming from the game servers then there's not much you can do other than wait and try again later. When the router is the issue then this is a harder fix since your household either needs to get the device repaired or purchase a brand new one which might not be within the budget. It might not always be possible to fix the problem permanently but these methods will help you locate the problem and reduce it enough to make PUBG Mobile enjoyable again.