Best Katars Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Discover the best combos, strings and tactics for the Katars and learn how to really take advantage of this weapon.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Katars Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

With the current state of the meta being focused around stringing together light attacks after bouncing around in neutral for extended periods of time, A lot of the more aggressive weapons are seeing less and less use over time. Katars are one of the exceptions to this rule, due to their exceptional neutral game, in conjunction with their downright broken air moves.

How to Play Katars: Tips and Tricks

Neutral game

Katars have insane neutral game potential. With moves like SLight, DLight, and NAir, you’re truly a monster, especially into other semi-aggressive weapons. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can just throw yourself at the enemy, as an experienced player can punish every missed move in Katars’ kit.


To properly utilize Katars strong neutral, you need to think in a very binary way. Katars are very good at pushing an advantage state, but they cannot handle disadvantage at all, due to their low priority. With Katars, play passively until your opponent blunders, then go all in. Once you’ve done it enough, you get very comfortable with this ‘rubber band’ style of play.

Offstage Game

The offstage capabilities of Katars are pretty standard. You don’t have crazy recovery, so you can’t dogfight that well.


The only really unique traits that Katars can use are in it’s DAir and SAir. Dair is a great tool for dodging near the wall, as it can slide down the edge while refreshing your jumps, recovery and dodge. Sair has a little bit of momentum, so you can use it in niche situations to touch the wall when you normally couldn’t.



Because of its average offstage capacity, you generally don’t want to go for many deep edgeguards with Katars, but you definitely have a lot of wall/stage edgeguarding power. DAir works great for scraping the wall, while Sair can catch approaches to the corner.


If your opponent tries to recover high, use your NAir to juggle them, or your Recovery for a potential kill.

The Katars Moveset in Brawlhalla


NLight is a very versatile move in Katars’ kit. It’s an excellent string extender, has dodge reading capabilities, and works against overly aggressive opponents in neutral.


Katars’ main combo starter. Also moderately safe in neutral, as it’s the highest priority grounded move.


One of the main moves to use in neutral. It’s anti-air prowess, combined with the strings that can come out of DLight, make it a great move for a floaty enemy.


As part of the forcefield group of NAirs, Katars NAir is very powerful. It works as an approach, a juggler, and an edgeguard. It can even be used to edgeguard below the wall, and stuffs out most recoveries, when timed properly.


SAir is mainly a kill and utility move for SAir. It’s sweeping hitbox works well to stuff recoveries, and the small momentum it gives you can be used for recovery. It’s a fixed momentum, so it can also be used to completely stop movement in a direction onstage.


Dair is probably Katars’ weakest move, on its own, but its true capabilities are revealed when in advantage state. It’s useful to keep an opponent towards the ground, which can let you continue a string. It also has use on the wall, functioning similarly to Unarmed DAir

Ground Pound

Katars’s Ground Pound is one of, if not the only, Ground Pounds that can be used in combos. It has decent startup, and can bounce an opponent off the stage into your threat range (with GP>GC NLight, for example).


Katar’s Recovery is very standard. It can be used to recover to the wall, and can also be used as an edgeguard. One strange thing about Recoveries… recovery, is that it’s so low that, at low percentage, Recovery>Recovery is true, but it’s not really a practical combo to fish for.

Best Katars Combos and Strings in Brawlhalla


The bread and butter of Katars. Can be used to catch an enemy landing. Has follow-up potential, including the Halfpipe.


A less commonly used approach from Katars. NAir is extremely safe, so try to mix up neutral with NAir engage

GP>GC NLight

A unique quirk of Katars’ GP is that it is actually a decent combo starter. I’m just showing one combo here, but try experimenting with this in the Training Room to see what you can find!

Chase-dodge-up > Neutral Light > Jump-dash > (Read) Dodge-up away > Gravity Cancel > Side Air
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Down Light > Down Light > Recovery > Neutral Air
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > (Read) Jump > Side Air
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Down Air
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > (Read) Jump > Recovery > Neutral Air
Down Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Light > (Pivot) > Down Air
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > Recovery > (Read) Dodge-out > Recovery
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > Neutral Air > Down Air > Down Light > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > Recovery > Gravity Cancel > (Legend) Neutral (weapon) Sig/Heavy
Down Air > Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > Recovery > (Legend) Neutral (weapon) Sig/Heavy
Side Light > Neutral Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward-up > Ground Pound
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Light > Neutral Light
Side Light > Dash-forward > Down Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Light > Dash-forward > Down Light > Jump > Down Air
Side Light > Neutral Light > Down Light > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light > Recovery > Chase-dodge-up > Down Air >
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > (Read) Spot-dodge > Ground Pound > Neutral Air
Side Light > Neutral Light > Jump > Side Air > Side Air
(Read) Spot-dodge > Neutral Light
Neutral Light > Chase-dodge-forward > Side Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light
Side Light > Chase-dodge-up > Down Air > Neutral Light > Chase-dodge-up

For more specific strings and combos for legends with Katars please check out:

Katars Theory: Light Switch Neutral

Katars have a very strong neutral game, but it’s also janky. Yes, you have strong moves, such as NAir and DLight, but you also have very low priority, so you have to have surgical precision with your attacks. To get used to this, try only attacking the opponent after they have already attacked. You will probably lose for a while because you won’t be making the most of every opportunity, but you will be training yourself to focus more on your opponents mistakes then on your own kit.


You’ll want to pick up Katars if you’re looking for high versatility, fast strings, and an aggressive playstyle. If not then you might want to check out our weapon tier list for brawlhalla. If you don’t know what legend to pick who has a cannon we recommend you to check out the best legends with Katars in Brawlhalla.

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