Best Orb Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Orb is, in a way, comparable to an alteration of sword. Keep reading to see how to use Orb.
Best Orb Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

How to Play Orb: Tips and Tricks

Neutral game

All of Orb’s ground attacks have great speed, which gives you a lot of different ways to approach neutral, all of which are pretty equally viable. SLight is your furthest reaching ground attack, so it's great for obtaining stage control. SLight>DLight, SLight>SAir, and SLight  Nair are all great followups, but feel free to improvise. 

DLight is a great anti-air, and also have excellent strings with DLight>NAir, DLight>SLight, and DLight>SAir. NLight is good for catching and reading, due to it's long active frames, as well as it's sweeping hitboxes. Common combos and strings include NLight>SLight, NLight>DAir, and NLight>SAir. As long as you can perform ground attacks with precise timing, you'll be able to string together some nasty stuff against practically any weapon.


Orbs main damage building technique is juggling. NAir is absolutely insane for this, as it has low damage, low knockback, and an amazing hitbox for the juggling position. You'll mainly look for juggles out of SLight>DLight>NAir, where you just keep your opponent up in the air as long as possible. SLight>DLight>NAir>GC DLight, SLight>DLight>NAir>Recovery, SLight>DLight>NAir>SAir are all amazing followups.

Offstage Game

Orb's air attacks are quick, but they start closer than most other moves, so it's a bit risky to go for late dives, but that doesn't make it a horrible idea. DAir is absolutely fantastic for confirming kills, and the Ground Pound has good priority, if using the release hitbox.

When recovering, be wary of using your Recovery. Though it is highly flexible, it is also very easy to punish on the end of the move, as it leaves you still at one point in the air.


Gravity manipulation is the name of the game for quick aerial skirmishes. Dair and Ground Pound are your main edgeguarding tool, so you mainly want to utilize Dash Jump Fast Fall to hit the corner, then recover to stage. You can also you SAir in a similar way to Sword SAir, where you fall into them

The Orb Moveset in Brawlhalla


Orb’s best attack for catching all sorts of reactions, useful as a string extension, when Gravity Canceled.


Orb’s main grounded combo starter. Follow up with DLight at lower percentages to start juggling with NAir or Recovery, and follow up with Jump SLight for kills.


Amazing anti-air, with NAir as a true option. Use it’s hurtbox manipulation to dodge low sweeps, such as Sword DLight and Hammer DLight. Also a great string extender in the air and on the ground.


Nair is mainly a juggler and string extender. Be careful when using it while the opponent is not directly above you, as it is easily punishable.


The main aerial kill move for Orb. It’s true out of SLight, and is also decent for fast falling, when combined with Fast Fall.


Mainly for edgeguarding/wall scraping, DAir has extremely high priority, and can also be used as a niche approach in neutral. It also has the unique property of bouncing of walls/floors, which can be used to extend the hitbox in a straight direction.

Ground Pound

Orb Ground Pound has some very interesting properties. It’s a command grab like most of the Ground Pounds, meaning it will automatically do the second part of the move when it connects with the opponent, but it can also be used in a similar way to Spear DAir, for poking/toadstooling the opponent. It also stops all vertical momentum when released, so it can be used to delay your fall to wait on dodge cooldown, or for a 2v2 partner to pick you up.


Easily the most flexible Recovery in the game, Orb Recovery has all sorts of purposes. Of course, it’s main use is for recovering to the stage, where it can be heavily microed (bent in and out) to mix up the opponent’s attempt at stuffing it. It’s a standard extension to SLight>DAir>NAir, and can be used in general to catch players who mainly dodge Out or Up. Recovery is probably the hardest move to use correctly, but, once you’ve spent some time with it, you’ll be able to use it very fluidly.

Best Orb Combos and Strings in Brawlhalla


The standard punish for Orb. SLight is a risky move to use, so try to only use this when you’re in advantage. Has endless extensions, including, but not limited to: GC NLight, NAir (NAir>Recovery), GC SLight>DAir (this one always feels good), Recovery, and Jump SAir.


An excellent combo for stuffing aerial approaches. At >Orange percentages, this sets you up for juggles, or a cheeky SAir for a kill.

DLight>GC SLight

A more complicated to the above combo, but with more options for extensions. Only use this when the opponent doesn’t have dodge, or is easily readable.

Side Light > Down Light > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Side Air
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Side Air
Down Light > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Jump > Side Air
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Neutral Air > (Read) Dodge-down > (Read) Dodge-out > Gravity Cancel > Side Light > Side Air
Down Light > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light
Side Light > Side Air > (Read) Dodge-down > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air > Side Air
Side Light > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air > Side Air > (Read) Jump > (Wait) > Side Air
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air
Side Light > Down Light > Neutral Air > Side Air > Down Air > Ground Pound
Side Light > Down Light > Gravity Cancel > (Legend) Neutral (weapon) Sig/Heavy
Down Air > (Land) > Chase-dodge-forward > Neutral Light
Down Light > Gravity Cancel > Side Light > Neutral Air
Side Light > (Legend) Neutral (weapon) Sig/Heavy
Side Light > Down Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Jump > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air
Side Light > Down Air > (Pivot) > Side Air
Jump-dash > Down Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Down Light > Neutral Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Neutral Air > Recovery

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Orb is a weapon with a very high skill floor, which rewards high skill expression, and a deep understanding of the hitboxes/frame data of both your weapon and the opponent’s, so this weapon fits the type of player who spends all day reviewing replays and studying spreadsheets. If that’s not you, then you might want to check out our Orb tier list for brawlhalla. If you don’t know what legend to pick who has a Orb we recommend you to check out the best legends with Orb in Brawlhalla.