Best Petra combos, strings, and combat tactics in Brawlhalla

Discover the best combos, strings and tactics for Petra and learn how to really take advantage of her Orb and Gauntlets.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best Petra combos, strings, and combat tactics in Brawlhalla

Petra the Darkheart joined the eternal tournament after a life of crime, as the head of a criminal organization dedicated to smuggling the ultimate cosmic contraband: Darkheart ore. A lifetime of violence is reflected in her aggressive playstyle and powerful signatures, which coupled with her high strength can dispose of enemies quickly.

If you want to know specific combos about Petra weapons, check out our orb combos and strings and gauntlets combos and strings guide.

Petra stats and best stance


Petra favors greatly strength, with a slightly higher speed than most to the expense of dexterity and defense, both sitting at 4. Her best stance is probably defense.

Petra special tactics

Neutral game

Gauntlets and orb reward an aggressive gameplay, using short combos or gimping to kill the enemy. Try to gain the advantage by exploiting an error of the opponent, baiting him into a combo or by proactive measures such as looking for hits or using signature attacks to force the enemy in an awkward position.You can also perform ground attacks to achieve the same thing.


Petra is especially good at whittling health down and throwing the opponent offstage due to the high strength stat so capitalize on these kinds of opportunities to get a position of advantage. Playing floaty is suggested as much of the strength of Petra’s weapons rely on juggling the enemy around and the ground pound.

Offstage Game

Petra’s offstage can be very effective, mostly because of her weapons. Orb and gauntlet are particularly suited for playing aerial, and signature attacks can be used in a short combo with gc rather easily.


Extreme aggression is the keyword. When using the gauntlets use them to grapple an enemy and throw him around with dangerous combos. The orb can be used in a similar manner, although the threat is located in the extreme high force value of the attacks. Both weapons also have long attacks that can be used to return to stage in case you want to play more grounded and with less danger.


Edgeguarding with Petra is quite good. She has powerful signatures and her two weapons have great capabilities when it comes to catching a returning to stage player. Play heavily with dodge reads, as both weapons are great at killing an offstage enemy.


Ground pounds can also be used to quickly kill an enemy, as they got an huge force factor that will push an enemy out of bounds easily. Quick combos are also quite useful at getting the enemy in position for a knockout. Playing aerial is suggested.

About the Petra combos

In this article we will refer to Brawlhalla’s standard vocabulary to teach you about the combos, you can find the meaning of each term here:


Light AttacksNeutral LightnLight
Side LightsLight
Down LightdLight
Air AttacksNeutral AirnAir
Side AirsAir
Down AirdAir
Signature Attacks (Heavy on the ground)Neutral SignaturenSig
Side SignaturesSig
Down SignaturedSig
RecoveryHeavy in the airRec
Ground PoundDown Heavy while in the airGP
Gravity CancelPress Dodge while in the airGC
EndingThe next attacks start closer to the ende

Petra Best Combos, Strings and Signature Moves

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Petra Signature Moves and special tactics

Orb nSig

Petra shoots a barrage of energy blasts diagonally upwards. If an enemy is hit an additional powerful kinetic blast will throw the opponent away. Hard hitting and fast, can be used to edgeguard or to catch a player playing floaty.

Orb sSig

Petra charges up a powerful energy sphere from her hands, and releases it to make the sphere travel horizontally. If an enemy is hit the sphere will explode and send the opponent horizontally. Useful signature for dealing with grounded enemies.

Orb dSig

Petra leaps in the air and prepares to unleash a powerful sphere of pure energy. The sphere is then thrown downward and blasts away the opponent. Useful in edgeguarding situations, especially when thrown against the wall on a struggling enemy or directly on the edge.

Gauntlets nSig

Petra executes a powerful uppercut enhanced by energy. The blow will throw the enemy upwards with high speed. Strong signature, very likely to lead to a knockout. Use it in short combos or when playing offstage.

Gauntlets sSig

Petra rushes forward and releases a flurry of punches on the enemy. She then can throw the opponent either horizontally or upwards. Fast and relatively long, can lead to a kill. Use it when playing on the ground.

Gauntlets dSig

Petra teleports a short horizontal distance and punches laterally. If an enemy is located in the arrival point of the signature and is it she will follow up with another short teleport behind the opponent and then throw him horizontally with an energy blast. Very quick but kind of hard to hit, use it when sure to connect.

Best Petra Orb combos and strings

The orb is a string based, medium range weapon.It has great air attacks juggle capabilities like hammer and gauntlets, while also having a recovery that can make you travel great diagonal distance. This combination makes them one of the best edgeguarding weapons.

sLight > nSig

Use the sLight and follow up with a nSig for a devastating combo that can knockout easily. Can be used on enemies on the ground or to catch someone returning to stage.

sLight > dLight > gc > nSig

A variation of the first combo, brings the enemy higher up before the throw. Useful at lower damage level.

nLight > sSig

Use the nLight to put the enemy in position for receiving a sphere of energy. Clean and simple, use it when playing on the ground.

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Best Petra Gauntlets combos and strings

The gauntlets are a string based, low range weapon. They have great aerial juggle capabilities like scythe and hammer, while also having a sAir that keeps you floating like rocket lance. This combination makes them one of the best offstage weapons.

sLight > gc > nSig

Use the dLight, follow with a gc and a devastating nSig for a powerful blow that will send the enemy upwards. Useful to catch an enemy playing on the ground.

dLight > dSig

A quick dLight will send the opponent just far enough to make a dSig connect. Use it like the first combo, mix and match the two to have a better chance of catching the enemy. Great speed and power makes it useful to catch the enemy after a dodge.

dLight > sLight > nAir > gc > sSig

A long and hard combo to pull off that will pretty much guarantee a knockout. Use it to surprise an enemy with speed of aggression. Must be done on an enemy near the ground as the nAir must bounce off the ground for the combo to work. Use training mode to learn the movements correctly.

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Petra is an aggressive legend, with powerful signatures and more than a few quick tricks up her sleeves thanks to her great duo of weapons.

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