Lost Ark Download Size [Newest Version]

Find out how much storage you'll need to download the Lost Ark on PC!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Lost Ark Download Size [Newest Version]

After a few years of the long wait (which seemed like a lifetime for most of the players) for the NA/EU release of Lost Ark, Amazon Games have finally released it on February 11th, 2023. One can assume that this is one of the most hyped video games ever since it only took Lost Ark 24 hours to become the second most-played Steam game in history, with 1,325,305 concurrent players! Of course, if you were late for the release party and would like to follow the crowd, it's never too late for that. Nevertheless, you'd probably want to know if you have enough available storage space for the Lost Ark, and you'll find that answer right here.

Where Can I Play Lost Ark?

You can play Lost Ark exclusively on PC (Microsoft Windows). There won't be a console or mobile version of the game, which is clearly stated on the official Lost Ark's website FAQ section. In addition, there are no plans for Linux and macOS releases as well.

What Is The Download Size Of Lost Ark?

The download size of Lost Ark is 60.03 gigabytes. However, this number is predisposed to changes, as the game constantly gets updates that include a plethora of additional content. Furthermore, you'll need around 200 extra megabytes for the Steam client required for installing and playing Lost Ark. Considering how humongous the world of Lost Ark is and how much content there is, the size of 60.03 GB is a piddling amount of storage space required.

Wanna know what the download size of other games is? Don’t confuse it with the ARK Survival file size. Also, have a look at the Dead By Daylight download size and the download size of Dying Light 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and World of Tanks.

Where Can I Download Lost Ark?

You can download Lost Ark on Steam only. There is no dedicated launcher or an Epic Games Launcher version of the game.

The Crown Jewel Of MMORPG Games

With so many MMORPG games to choose from, Lost Ark definitely came as one of a kind game that managed to impress even the pickiest players. Whether you're into PvP, PvE, or simply want to indulge in the enchanting world of fantasy in your own style, Lost Ark offers all of that, and much more. Be that as it may, Lost Ark is not a flawless game. Some of its most significant drawbacks are lack of social aspect, out of the ark quest design (bad pun), and mundane grinding. However, on the flip side, what made Lost Ark so widely recognized among gamers is the eye-catching visual quality, enjoyable combat, a massive world to explore, and a tremendous amount of content.


A game whose development began in 2011 and cost $85.4 million is compelled to fit the bill, and Lost Ark has managed to accomplish that by earning over $83.8 million through pre-orders only! Although the hype for Lost Ark is now gone and its player base has been shriveling up since the release date, Lost Ark remains one of the most played games on Steam, and some future updates with the additional content can make Lost Ark number one once again. 

So now that you know how much space you'll need and what kind of a game Lost Ark is, give it a fly - it has a free download option. The worst outcome is that you'll lose some time trying out the game, but conversely, you'll get endless entertainment without spending a dime.

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