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How to view hours played, check playtime in Elden Ring!

[Solved] Find out how you can view your hours played in Elden Ring on all platforms
How to view hours played, check playtime in Elden Ring!

Playing Elden Ring can take a lot of time, so it might be useful to learn how much you've played it. There are several ways to do it, and we will cover them in our guide.

How to view how many hours played in Elden Ring using the in-game options for all platforms

The easiest way to find out how many hours an Elden Ring player spends in the game is to use the game's internal clock. Since it's a semi-singleplayer game, it has a savegame feature just like GTA V, where you can view the current playtime when you load the game. To view this statistic, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Select Continue - this loads your most recent save.
  3. Open the menu and try to quit Elden Ring. On this page, you can find the playtime, the level, and the location of the current character.
Elden Ring in-game clock for time played

How to view time played in Elden Ring using Steam

Using Steam is a great way to buy and manage Eldern Ring and other games, and while you are playing Elden Ring, it keeps track of your gametime. This is not the most accurate way to view how many hours you've played, but it's a good overall stat to determine how many hours the game ran on your PC. Here are the steps to view this information:

  1. Launch Steam and visit your game Library.
  2. Find Elden Ring among the games, and click on it.
  3. Next to the Play button, you can find the Time Played information.
Steam infobar with time played

How to view Elden Ring time played on XBox

This Bandai Namco game is available for the newer XBox editions, so if you play on such consoles, you can view your game time following these steps:

  1. Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller
  2. Open Profile&System, and select My Profile
  3. Select the Gaming Tab, and find Elden Ring in the list.
  4. Press A to choose Elden Ring.
  5. On the Progress screen, select Stats from the left sidebar.
Xbox Statistics view

How to view hours played in Elden Ring on PS4 and PS5

As one would expect, Elden Ring is available for the two latest Playstation consoles too. If you want to find out how many hours you played, follow these steps, which are very similar to the ones covered in the guide about how to view hours played for Apex Legends.

  1. Turn on your console
  2. Navigate to the upper right corner and press X on your profile picture on the home screen.
  3. From the menu, select Profile and press X.
  4. On your profile page, select Games. This page shows completion and trophies, along with hours played. However, some games may not have this kind of statistics.
PS Game time view

Elden Ring players tend to spend hundreds of hours in the game. One of them even broke the game clock by reaching the max playtime of 1000 hours on one character. Steam has a leaderboard that shows enormous playtime for some players, reaching up to 5000 hours. The average playtime for the average Elden Ring player is 50-60 hours, but if you aim for 100% completion, the playtime grows significantly.

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