How To Get Mobile Legends Heroes For Free [Tried And Tested Methods]

Would you like to get all your favorite Mobile Legends heroes without spending a dime? You will be able to achieve this easily by reading this article!
How To Get Mobile Legends Heroes For Free [Tried And Tested Methods]

Just like in any other MOBA game, owning a wide variety of heroes can certainly allow for more versatility and thus, improve the overall gameplay experience. Unfortunately, Mobile Legends' free heroes roster is very limited, and for the most part, getting the new Mobile Legends heroes requires using the in game shop and investing in in game currency, which can be quite costly.

But this shouldn't concern you any longer because we're about to reveal the best methods of getting Mobile Legends heroes completely free using various methods. So if you'd like to obtain all your favorite heroes before you know it, make sure to read our article to learn all details about how to achieve that!

How To Get Mobile Legends Heroes Cost-Free?

In addition to using Trial Cards, which allow you to use a particular Hero for a set period of time and weekly hero rotation that temporarily unlock selected heroes, there are other ways to obtain your favorite Mobile Legends heroes permanently, namely by buying them with diamonds.

Instead of relying on Mobile Legends Trial Cards or waiting for the next rotation of free heroes, we can help you get any Mobile Legends hero you want right now and keep it forever. If you're curious, keep reading to learn more about how this can be done.


Using Lucky Spin

In Mobile Legends, the Lucky Spin is a mini-game that allows players to spin a wheel and receive multiple rewards each time. Despite the fact that some of these rewards can be quite valuable, players are unlikely to receive high-valued rewards like Mobile Legends heroes from this mini-game.

For example, if you spin the wheel hoping to get a hero, there is a 0.58% chance of winning a hero every time, which essentially means that luck will not be on your side. Every 48 hours, you are allowed one free lucky spin, and every next spin will cost 20 ML Tickets.

However, Lucky Spin can still be useful if you want to collect Mobile Legends currencies from it. With enough currencies, you can purchase heroes.


Through Grinding

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang allows players to earn in-game currencies such as Battle Points, Gold, and Tickets by playing the game through in game events. These currencies can be used for purchasing heroes.

There are two ways to earn currency: grinding and completing missions. The former requires players to play consecutive matches, and the latter rewards the player with a specific amount of currency when completed.

Earning Battle Points can be a slow process, but with the help of our Double BP card, you can earn 3 times more Battle Points per match. And if you want to get all the rewards from in game events - including many currencies - you should aim for Legend rank or higher and complete every daily task available.


Using Hero Fragments

Many players are unaware that they can also get heroes through the use of Hero Fragments, and some even have many unused Fragments on their accounts, not knowing their exact purpose.

Essentially, this is one of the in-game currencies of Mobile Legends that allow buying Heroes.

It should be noted that not all heroes in Mobile Legends are available for purchase using the Hero Fragments, especially the newly released Heroes who require time to become available in the Fragment shop.

In addition, only a certain number of heroes will be available for purchase each month, and those heroes will rotate from month to month. Collecting Hero Fragments in Mobile Legends is as easy as completing tasks, events, and video chests every day. You can also earn them by using the lucky draw.


Using Freecash

As a bonus method of getting free heroes in Mobile Legends, we've included a GPT (Get-Paid-To) service called Freecash - where you can complete tasks and get rewarded with virtual currency (Freecash Coins) that can be exchanged for Google Play and Apple gift cards, which you can use to purchase heroes.

Freecash offers its members a unique, secure, and genuine service. What makes it stand out from other GPT sites is that they have a mobile app available—perfect for completing tasks while taking a break from playing this game.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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USE Code TGG Go to Freecash

Here are the steps you need to take in order to go through Freecash and get your free heroes.

Sign Up On Freecash

To start, you can create an account on Freecash by downloading their mobile app or using their website, as well as signing up for an account by using your Google or Steam accounts.

When you register, make sure to verify your email address. Then, you'll be able to enter a bonus code "TGG" (which stands for The Global Gaming). This will allow you to win up to $250 in real-life currency! Just think of how many heroes in Mobile Legends you could get with that money!

Collect Freecash Coins

When you register a new account, go to the "Earn" page, scroll down to the "Offer Walls" section and start earning.

This section will introduce you to several tasks to complete, which will earn you Freecash Coins.

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Exchange Freecash Coins

To get Freecash Coins, you must complete offers on the Freecash site. Once you have enough coins, you can trade them in for a Google Play or Apple gift card, which can be used to buy heroes (or pretty much anything) in Mobile Legends. To begin, proceed to the "Cashout" page.

Based on a device you’re using to play Mobile Legends, select the adequate gift card. Since most of the Mobile Legends use Android OS, we’ll select a Google Play gift card.

In any case, selecting gift cards will allow you to choose between four different denominations - from $5 to $50, in this case.

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Redeem The Code

Once you've collected enough Freecash Coins, you can exchange them for a Google Play gift card. Just click on "Withdraw," and you'll receive your gift card code immediately.

All that's left to do is redeem your Google Play gift card, which you can do on your mobile or desktop device, and use these funds to buy Mobile Legends items!

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